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Where do you guys get FX sounds?


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It all depends on which sound effects you need.


Some general sound effects sources are:

http://www.superflashbros.net/as3sfxr/  is nice for 8  bit sounds

http://audiojungle.net/ offers some really cheap sound effects, my game "Find the Difference" uses some sounds from  this soundpack


If it's just a "small time" game or project you could always take some sound effects from another game or record it from a movie on DVD or from some tv show. In theory the original creator (EA, Warner Bros etc.) could contact you and sue for copyright infringement, but this seems highly unlikely. Especially when it's just general foley sound effects, like a door closing or a car engine starting etc. Something like a voice from The Simpsons is a different story because it's more recognisable.


Of course, you could always just record some sound effects yourself from around the house and just edit with Audacity or something. The sound effects in my Snake Slider game are (I think all of them) just recorded using an ipod touch; biting into an apple, dragging a stone, turning a key etc. I'm currently working on a small project with all the sound effects recorded with an Android phone using one of the many WAVE recorder apps.

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