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Found 67 results

  1. Hello ! I'm working on a game and I need to the GUI extension. So, as needed, I added this line after including the babylon.js file, I made run my script but I get this error It's been yesterday I was looking for the answer but I did'nt find any Please help me, Thanks !
  2. Phaser Combobox

    Hi all: I'm trying to integrate a register form into my phaser game. I have no problem with text input, radio or checkbox, but i have no idea of how implementing a combobox. Someone has implemented this succesfully? I need to show a country combobox. Thanks all!
  3. Dynamic HUD

    Hello guys, So I keep progressing with my game. I freezed the new features development until this week to consolidate networking ( which is the hardest part ), now that I feel I am in a good point I am continuing. I am about to implement the inventory system which is this weeks plan, however I believe I will have some difficulties with the GUI elements positioning. For the health bar and mana bar I have done a temporary positioning using margin and padding but definitely it doesn't feel as the correct solution. How would I approach adding and removing skills for example from the skill bar. It must be responsive, also I am using babylon gui library. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated, thanks! Best Regards, RelativeNull.
  4. ArcRotareVRCamera

    Hi.I have a little problem with the VRDeviceOrientationArcRotateCamera and GUI. Here is the situation: Please click the check button to change camera. Now comes the problems 1. Gui seems to respond only on left camera, and I don't know why, but here seems to be the checkbox button. Please let me know why this is happening. Thank you.
  5. Hi @Deltakosh and @royibernthal ! Are you any plan support Bitmap font for TextBlock?
  6. Hi, Is it normal that declaring a second AdvancedDynamicTexture disable the isPointerBlocker on the controls of the first one ? Playground here Thanks
  7. GUI "Viewport"

    I want to show a "viewport" of a target camera in a corner of the canvas that will work in VR. Surely there is a better way, but this PG shows my visual goal: Basically I have a TargetCamera and I take screenshots and set to source of GUI image. I'm just making sure there is not a well known better way before I get more creative. My goal is for this to work well in VR. I already had it working quite well with this code - but I am trying to move away from a second viewport as I'm assuming that won't work in VR: var viewport = new BABYLON.Viewport(0.79, 0.79, 0.2, 0.2); this.secondCamera.viewport = viewport; scene.activeCameras.push(secondCamera);
  8. Best way to create tooltip

    Hi, yesterday i was start develop gui tooltips. Tooltips are show using events onPointerEnterObservable and onPointerOutObservable. Now I try to set container above base control (for example button). Creating tooltips as parent of button I can't make my tooltip bigger than parent -> I think good way is creating tooltips as parent of main stack panel, but i have problem with absolute position of tooltip. It is shown below button, I can create tooltip before button and then it show above button, but then position of button has been changed. Tom
  9. Hello, I have a mesh that is clickable and i would like to prevent it being clicked if there is a GUI element in front of it. Playground: In this example i made the GUI clickable as well, but i would like the GUI to stop mesh from being clicked even if there wasn't click function assigned to it. Is this possible? I can almost do this with my own input handler, but it only works like 90% of the time. And it's a bit funky involving global cooldown on clicks. It also requires me assigning an empty click function to the GUI.
  10. A leading Blockchain exchange headed up by one of the founders of Crypto is looking for a HTML5 Games Designer to provide a game ( roulette preferred) and tweak the GUI for crazy idea we would like to test. You would be joining a tight community of crypto nerds, building out your network & you would be paid in a Crypto this Founder invented. If this sounds appealing, you like bleeding edge stuff, please get in touch. Thanks.
  11. Ever wanted to be on the bleeding edge of iGaming ? Interested in Blockchain & Crypto. A leading exchange in the blockchain space, led by one of the top names in Crypto, is looking for a HTML5 Games Designer, willing to adapt one of his games, to test a crazy idea. We are ideally looking for a roulette game. But we are open to ideas. Part of this side project will be tweaking your GUI for the test. Rewards paid out in a Cryto currency trading very well. You would be joining a open source community full of nerds, geeks, crypto weirdos. If this sound like your bag, please get in touch.
  12. Create React App + BabylonJS

    With the recently added NPM support added in 3.1.0alpha3.4 and some popular React ES6/Typescript starter kits being deprecated in favour of CRA (, I wanted to finally try out importing GUI with CRA + TypeScript. Thought I would put up a repo for anybody interested. Here is the demo: Source: Source for page with BabylonJS: So, it's pretty straightforward from the docs (, but also in practice turned out quite fast to get started.
  13. Hi, I'm currently trying to convert some input code to observer/observables. Here's a playground : When clicking in the scene, the ground color is randomly changed. Is there a built-in way in the observable design to avoid triggering the scene pointer observer when triggering the gui pointer observer ? (ie : the ground should not change color when the clic hits the gui button) If not, can we pick which observer we want to be triggered first ? So we can share some data accross the observer to abort (like skipNextObserver, but on a wider scope) If not, it seems the GUI observer is triggered first. Can we rely on this ? Thanks a lot for your inputs ! Have a nice day, Note : As well... It seems "scene pickObservable" already performs some picking in the scene. Is there a way to avoid this behaviour ? (in the case we want to do the picking with another predicate). Thanks !
  14. I am getting the following error when trying to explore the GUI extension. I think that I might be cross-pollinating between the new modular approach that just came out, and maybe old instructions for pre-alpha docs? From (I am showing my requires at the top, and line 61 from map.js): var BABYLON = require('babylonjs') var GUI = require('babylonjs-gui') ... var gui = BABYLON.GUI.AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateFullscreenUI('UI') // var gui = GUI.AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateFullscreenUI('UI') Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of undefined at new r (/home/rook/Documents/Projects/babylon-testing/node_modules/babylonjs-gui/babylon.gui.mi…:1) at Function.r.CreateFullscreenUI (/home/rook/Documents/Projects/babylon-testing/node_modules/babylonjs-gui/babylon.gui.mi…:1) at createScene (map.js:61) at map.js:68 I have tried both using GUI.AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateFullscreenUI() and BABYLON.GUI.AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateFullscreenUI() as you can see from the commented-out line. Both error out. What am I doing wrong?
  15. Car Configurator

    Hello guys. I'm extremely happy to share with you my last challange for Please feel free to play with it, test it, report bugs, come with suggestions. Object customization : Augmented Reality: Thank Babylonjs for making this possible. PS: It works pretty well on mobile device too, but there i have a problem with the GUI, and I'll expose it on Questions section.
  16. Hello, Second post about the new GUI :). Strangely the text displayed is blurry. I have no idea why. I made a PG with the code but the result is good : You can check the result I have in app : Any idea why it would become blurry ?
  17. @Deltakosh GUI.InputText remove focus when clicking outside not working with BABYLON.GUI.AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateForMesh(plane); PG
  18. Hello everyone, I'm migrating a script from canvas2d to the new gui. So far so good but I still get some questions. For the first question, I made a basic PG. I would like to know if it's possible to have a rectangle that will adjust width and height based on a textblock text size and margins. For the second question, I had a button to disable Canvas2D like this : canvasUI.levelVisible = 0; I understand that's not possible with the AdvancedDynamicTexture but is there something I can use to hide everything with one command ? Thanks !
  19. Hi. I'm back in bussines , and I have a little question for you. Can I take a scene screenshot without the new GUI? Can I disable it before print and enable it again or something like this? Here is a playground: Make width and height 0, or scale each elements it's not a solution. Thank you
  20. Hi, anyone can help me please! I'm using GUI inputText in my project. I can type in letters on PC and everything seems ok. But when I operate it on my ios mobile, nothing happens when I touch on the text area. Neither can I type directly in the textarea, nor there is a prop window for me to type. But I use the playground demo : on my mobile, it works. so strange. So anyone can tell me why ,and how I can solve this problem? Many thanks!
  21. Babylon GUI

    Hello, any examples availabe which shows how to use GUI in Babylon? From reading through the forum, it seems that Canvas2D is deprecated.
  22. So I have noticed quite a large drop in FPS when I enable a GUI element to animate for a visual of the step/tick percentage of the block drop. Im assuming it is because it is updating the 2d context of an entire canvas and not just a small section that is needed for this bar. <- with animation holds 49 fps; <- without holds 60 fps; Im sure there is a simple fix for this performance issue, any ideas?
  23. So, I am having an issue with GUI controls / click through events when attaching to mesh. I'm not sure if this is technically a bug, or if there is a built in way to accomplish what I am trying to do which I am missing, so figured I'd ask here first before going to GH. Use case is: I have a card plane. When you hover the card plane, I have an actions plane (with advancedDynamicTexture) which appears above the card plane slightly, which contains multiple action buttons (which do not fill the plane, parts of the card are still visible) - Basically trying to make it so when the actions buttons are visible, you can click the button, without triggering the card planes action manager click actions, but if you click inbetween the actions, you are able to trigger the cards action manager. Example is here: Basically, if I set the actions plane to isPickable, can't click the plane behind it. If I set it to false, can't click the buttons. Is there an easy way to achieve this and or is this a bug? I am thinking maybe it would make sense to have a property on the dynamic texture itself which would default to the parent mesh, but then could be overwritten, to allow us to have: mesh.isPickable = false texture.isPickable = true and that distinction could allow click through on areas which are empty, while still allowing the buttons to be clicked? (unless there is some easy property setting I am missing or whatever).
  24. Bug in GUI causes crash

    Hi, I run into trouble when trying to clear a scene. The scene contains objects which have Babylon.GUI labels linked on them. Something is not getting updated properly? I can make it work using a timer delay between consecutive mesh.dispose() commands, but running them in a loop crashes the program. Here is the same problem in a PG. You can dispose one or the other mesh, but not both -- without a delay.
  25. Hi There is bug when BABYLON.GUI buttons that has been created with custom viewport on camera: buttons can be clicked even if mouse is out of button playground: