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Found 16 results

  1. WebGL is all about online. It seems quite natural that some tools for creating 3D Web content are offered as web services. But is it safe to rely on them? https://www.soft8soft.com/webgl-cloud-based-or-self-hosted/
  2. Hello, im Nikola, aka Poison Games. I have over 40 games on google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Poison+Games and also i have publish few games on gamedistribution http://gamedistribution.com/games?company=danygames.com Also working with few popular websites like crazygames, y8, pacogames etc... I can make and reskin a game ( unity webgl ) for affordable price. If you are interested, please contact me, Thanks
  3. Hi everybody, i want to know what Babylon can do what Unity can't do and vice versa. This is not about which tool is better like "babylon is for web-development and using less ressources and unity is programmed with C#", but more about the functionality of the tools. Are there special functions that can be mentioned? For example: Unity has the function NavMeshObstacle for objects to avoid by AI agents. Does Babylon has a similar function? I ask this with the background thoughts of a multi-agent system which should be built, which I already mentioned in a thread: http://www.html5g
  4. Hi devs, This is my first post in this forum, because i am new on HTML5, but have a huge experience on mobile gamedev industry. So i need you advice, is that UI good for Web game? or i need to change something? I will appreciate any advice! Thanks!
  5. The article explaining the differences between the Unity WebGL engine port and native JavaScript implementation called Verge3D. https://www.soft8soft.com/verge3d-versus-unity-webgl/
  6. Hi! This is a tutorial series on how to convert an existing Unity project to PlayCanvas. I saw the need for something like this, as I have been contracted several times to convert Unity codebases to WebGL/PlayCanvas to support HTML 5/mobile deployment. Let me know if you find this useful! http://pirron.one/playingincanvas/converting-unity3d-project-playcanvas-part-1
  7. I converted an obj file to an animated fbx with mixamo. I imported it into Unity then exported it using the Babylonjs export utility. While the animation seems intact the model did not fair well. See images. Are there any special considerations or settings I may have missed? I successfully imported a box exported from Unity and a more complex model exported from Clara.io with the same code.
  8. Does anyone know how I can edit the .CS files for the current Unity3D exporter and the changes applied? When I edit the .CS files it doesn't make any difference within Unity3D. It looks like I have to compile them into something. The package does not convert prefabs into instances which is a big deal if you have 1,000 trees in your Unity3D scene so I want to add these changes to it. I've tried contacting the original author of this package @MackeyK24 via forum post and private message but he seems to have disappeared
  9. Hi, I'm using Unity 5.5.0 f3 and I have many bugs with the exporter. #1 : backed lightmap : - I have started a new scene with a plan, box, directional light and a camera. - My light use backed light only - My meshes use static lightmap - one standard material for my objects with a texture - In the exporter window I have checked "export lightmap", synchronous backing enabled, embed shader files. ==> but all my objects are black in the babylonjs preview when I use backed light. #2 : objects export : - I have tested with this model : https://www.assetstore
  10. Hello,we are looking for webgl games to buy,games like Racing,FPS,multiplayer action games are ideal for us,iff you have any games ready then please give me links to test. regards, nandakumar
  11. environment: Unity 5.3.4f1 (64-bit) system: win7 X64 I want to export the unity3d component "Animation", in this component contain a skeletion anim. below is my unity3d package. ttscene.zip
  12. Hi Guys, I wonder why my Unity3D exported animation doesn't work while my Blender does. I used this ""autoAnimate": true,"autoAnimateFrom": 1,"autoAnimateTo": 170,"autoAnimateLoop": true," on the Blender.babylon file and trying to use it also to the Unity3D. BLENDER {"producer":{"name":"Blender","version":"2.72 (sub 0)","exporter_version":"4.5.0","file":"animation.babylon"}, "autoClear":true,"clearColor":[0.0509,0.0509,0.0509],"ambientColor":[0,0,0],"gravity":[0,-9.81,0], "materials":[{"name":"animation.Material","id":"animation.Material","ambient":[0.8,0.8,0.8],"diffuse":[0.64,0.64,
  13. Hi Guys, Is it possible to export at terrain with material in Unity3D or any 3D Studio to babylonjs? I already tried it but it export the .babylon file but without the terrain textures. then I try to add a cube with a material it works but the terrain still not visible. Cheers!
  14. We're an italian consulting company and we're looking for an HTML5 game developer. We work for the b2b market in 2 different ways: - Learning games for enterprises - Consumer games to grow our clients' projects or our own ones We appreciate the knowledge of JS, Construct 2, Unity3D, php. Our office is in Milan. We're looking both for hiring and/or for freelance collaborations, but we're looking for someone who can work with us minimum 2 days/week. You can apply sending an email to info@whitemanager.it
  15. Counter Strike's legendary de_dust2 map is now online! Anthro-Media, a Berlin-based studio producing documentaries, research and educational films, demonstrates a nice interactive cachalot model. Australian design studio Character Mill made a mockup of an interactive visualization for Bridgestone - the world's largest manufacturer of tire and rubber products. Shared by James Neale And finally, as it was promised by Google, the latest Chrome 42 disables plug-ins based on the deprecated NPAPI technology. Amazed Java, Unity and Silverlight users still may play their favorite games in F
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