[phaser] Snake Slider, puzzle game now in JS

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I've finished porting my Snake Slider puzzle game using Phaser. :)

>> Snake Slider playable demo <<

It's a unique sliding puzzle game. The goal is to move the green snake to the exit. You can slide any snake by dragging them by their head or tail. Use as few moves as possible to earn all three coins. There also are apples and mushrooms that will make the snakes longer or shorter, blocks to push around and locks to unlock. The game also features hand-drawn graphics and multi-language support.

It's based on an older iPhone/Android game, this is the JavaScript version which is completely re-written. It's powered by Phaser and it's slightly improved compared to the older version; it has an animated tutorial hand, a visible cursor, sound effect when moving, and overall more animations (menus, buttons etc).

Let me know what you think. Can you can solve all levels? ;)



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23 minutes ago, Goblet Ed said:

I think you forgot to add a link.

Oops, you're right, I've added the link to the playable demo just now.

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Love this game. Excellent puzzles, excellent art and excellent music! Definitely one of my favs.

Too bad it is not responsive if I put it in landscape orientation. 

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I really like all kinds of Snake-game and this is well done. I only played to level 6 but I may continue later. I did a Nibbler-with-puzzles in Flash many years ago: It is very different from your game but one day I will make a sequel and I may find some inspiration in your game.

Your game reminded me a lot about certain levels from Chocolate Castle - a PC-downloadable that I played about ten years ago.



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