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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have built a mini games app in Adobe Air (in iOS and Android). It features lots of swf animations and lots of games. Now since the future of Adobe Air is circumspect. I want to hedge my bets by rebuilding the games in another platform which has a better future outlook. I had a few questions: 1) Which platform is better for building an app- OpenFL or Phaser ? I found OpenFL online which seems to be the best way to port flash games into html5. 2) Can I have a multi platform app in which suppose 100 games are there - 50 made in Phaser and 50 made in OpenFL? 3) I had read in one website that Phaser is not good for resolutions above 600x400 px. Is this true? 4) Since we want to support all resolutions in Android and iOS- we need vector graphics (the core strength of AIR). Do Phaser/CoreFL support Vector? Thanks, Nish
  2. Hello everyone, Is there any way to adjust the drag of a sprite in the air (I know you can do it on the ground)? Right now, when the character in my game jumps into the air off of the ground, it can move horizontally very easily. In other words, the horizontal movement sensitivity is extremely high. Is there any way to reduce this sensitivity and add some sort of drag to the sprite's body when it is in NO contact with any obstacles (i.e. no collisions)? Thanks in advance, srig99
  3. I have a game that uses pixijs as an engine. And when I try to load it trough adobe air web view the game doesn't show. In the logs it would appear like the javascript and everything is working. But the canvas is not displayed. Did anyone experience issue like this or tried to run games in webview. I tried running bunny example and it didn't work as well. Thank you all.