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Found 5 results

  1. I have a sidescroller world in which the camera always moves to the right at the same pace. It forces the user to move along with it, because the player cannot move outside of the camera bounds. I have tried doing it like this: this.game.world.setBounds(this.game.camera.x, 0, this.game.camera.x + this.camera.width, this.game.height - 60); in my update function and this works well enough for the left side of the camera but not the right. WHen I set the world width to game.camera.width - 1, the camera can no longer move but the bounds do work. Does anybody have an idea of what I am doin
  2. Desktop HTML5 demo{a phone at the level of iphone6 can handle the game flawlessly though, anything less, not so much} http://www.rayburst.net/125testing/RB07/index.html These are the controls:(in asdw, hjkl, and uiop groups) ASDW = Movement H = Special Attack J= Normal Attack K= Signature Movement (Propulsion, hovering, and flying.) L= Power Up (All the others) / Reload (Phreit Nor's gun) U = Angle Control / Tech Powerup {Grafto} I = SKILL switch {Gotta be over lv.1, Max level is 6 for 7 skills per character at lv6. You buy books from the turtle under Adventure&g
  3. Hi everybody, I followed a tutorial for a side scroller game and I tried it on two different android devices. It works but on my phone the background becomes white after like half a second of the game start, only the player sprite remains and goes on moving, while on browser and on the other device the background is fine. I noticed that if I set the player x velocity to 0 (thus not moving and all is still) the background has no problems. I'm using AUTO for the graphics, is it a matter? I tried WebGL but my phone doesn't support it. The background is on a layer of its own.
  4. Destroyer Type: Side-scroller, Written in: HTML5 / javascript, Version: 1.0 Destroyer is a retro style side-scrolling bomber with neon colored vector graphics. The player's task is to fight through thirty procedurally generated levels with gradually increasing difficulty, destroying as many ground objects as possible. The first three levels are ship control training and tips, and every level have a minimum score you have to beat to unlock the next one. The game features centrally stored leaderboard with login option and graphic help / tutorial. Icons on the scorebar allow you to
  5. Marty the Martian Maintenance Man is an HTL5 keyboard or touch based browser game that works on any device. A word of warning to those IPad and IPhone users, as the game works fine the music doesn't play because as far as I can gather Apple is a bugger about browser games that play music. I am a bit new to the Game Development HTML5 arena, so any advice is welcome. I have developed a couple of games over the course of about six months and the latest I am especially fond of. Marty tMM is a game that I have been wanting to make since I first played Mario Brothers in 1989. It is in a bit of Bet
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