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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone, firstly I am new to Phaser, but I would really like to create a typing/educational game ! (like moon-type : http://www.wordgames.com/moon-type-2.html) I have already created a background and a caracter (the simplest stuff), but I have no idea how to create moving text blocks containing a dictionnary (although I have a .txt file with a list of all existing words), progressive difficulty and a scoring system.. I know, I'm asking a lot, but i really need help, I'm more on the actual look of the game. Please help me ! Thank you in advance.
  2. I teach 1st grade. I like making educational games. (Using Gamemaker Studio) All the games on this webpage are HTML 5 games I've made. https://k1school.weebly.com/games.html Feel free to hotlink any of my games if you have your own website. I plan to update a lot of stuff over the Christmas break...starting today... Youtube Videos of some of my games : LINK
  3. Hi fellas, Play MyMelody ABC Tracing Recently our team has a great opportunity to create an educational game with characters from widely known Hello Kitty universe. Please check the game and let me know what do you think!
  4. Hi, We are developing a platform to teach children a foreign language using animation, activities and games. Our first MVP was built using Unity WebGL for the games and now we're looking to go the HTML5+js route. The first set of games have been pretty simple - ranging from simple interactive click/audio to learn words to tracing an outline to form letters. Now we need to take things up a notch as we move onto Level 2 and above. The intention is to have a gaming element that goes with each of the animations/videos we producing, which is about 50 per level. Obviously many of the game (mechanics) will be scripted and re-used with different assets (which we will be creating as part of the animation process). What we're looking for is a developer to work with us initially here in Dubai for a month or so to help develop a framework for out games going forward (scoring, rewards, libs, etc), convert the Unity games to native and plan/start the next set of games going forwards. Then remote working after that would be a viable option. We're not extremely opinionated on which platform, but we're been impressed with PIXI and Phaser so far - everything is 2D today but that's not to say we won't be introducing 3D in the future, along with AR content for things like card games etc. Please PM if you would be interested Thanks Davie
  5. GoldenQuest is an educational game for learning the principles of coding while having fun. Play online: https://app.codingpark.io/goldenquest The game canvas is made with Phaser. The code editor is made with dslforge.org and integrated in the game. Here you can see screenshots of one level, the level selector and the level editor. GoldenQuest is a much more advanced version of "the adventures of the pirate robot" that we already showcased here some months ago! Enjoy! Comments and feedback will be appreciated!
  6. Hi all, I’ve been working on a mobile game that teaches you basic vocabulary. I released 2 languages a few months back and have got a lot of positive feedback, so I have just recently added more languages, including Chinese! What this game does that separates it from other educational games is that it’s built from the ground up as a game first, meaning that it plays just like a fun and quick mobile game. Another goal I had is that when you close it, you will actually remember the words that you learned outside of it’s context. It seems obvious that an educational app would have this “feature” but I’ve had issues with a lot of apps that I’ve used before where if someone quizzes me on the content within the app when I’m not playing it, I can barely recall anything. Check it out and let me know what you think! Chinese: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.zho Spanish: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.spa French: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.fra German: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.deu iOS versions will be released next month
  7. Coding for Fun with The adventures of the Pirate Robot Click here to Play the game The Pirate Robot can walk, jump, fight... but what the Pirate Robot like the most is to dig and find incredible treasures! Write the actions and join this programming adventure. 20 levels of increasing complexity to learn the principles of programming or just for having fun. Development notes: The game canvas is made with HTML5 and Phaser, and other technologies from the Eclipse IDE ecosystem are used to create the pirate robot language editor. Mainly provided by DSLForge . Some implementation details about the editor can be found in this post
  8. Game - https://robowhale.com/games/drawing-letters/ Drawing Letters is our latest HTML5 game. It is the educational game for kids. The game teaches how to draw and pronounce letters. It is fully localized in 5 languages - English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The game was developed with Phaser 2.4.4 Please let me know what do you think! Any feedback will be appreciated. Shameless plug - this game was exclusively licensed so is not available for licensing. But we have a lot of other great HTML5 games which are available! Feel free to contact me at [email protected]
  9. My third timeline game is finished. http://www.athleticarcade.com/educational/timeline/greece/ I have posted about the two previous ones here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/23445-timeline-ancient-rome-createjs/ http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/25493-timeline-first-states-empires-createjs/ This time I have made more illustrations than ever but unfortunately I have not had much time to work on the 'engine' itself. In other words: if you have tried the previous ones, you won't find much you haven't seen before. That said, I think this is the best one yet
  10. My second timeline game is finished. http://athleticarcade.com/educational/timeline/firststates/ The first game about ancient Rome was also posted here http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/23445-timeline-ancient-rome-createjs/ This time I use more pictures & photos. I have attempted to make it more accessible, but it may not have the same depth as the Rome game. I learn with each game and hopefully the next (classical Greek) will be even better. I also aim to add slick effects for each game. To this I added 'parallax' scrolling background. Hopefully subtle enough to not be distracting..
  11. Hi guys, I need to show you my new game called Linuxer (educational game). the aim of game is to teach persons how to use linux commands to control your linux-based operating system. It has simulated keyboard that contains linux commands can be used for each task, 4 stages based on learning levels on the game, tried to implement learning by doing methodology using basic documentation view and tried many times if it’s failed to pass each task. Download links: https://smalldigits.itch.io/linuxer Screenshots: Related links: [Blog post] Linuxer: explore Linux behind the scenes http://smalldigits.com/blog/linuxer-explore-linux-behind-the-scenes macOS promo codes (it’s not free): LNKPTJ43LMWY LPL67KLPPP7J RH3E63HNKXXN 63J7AJKRR7TF L3PE36XLMAY9 What do you think about the idea and is there any suggestions to improve the game more? this is my first time to use Phaser.js to create a hybrid game and I like it!
  12. Hello everyone! The Spritted team has realized that there is a big lack of HTML5 games for the little ones at home, and that’s why we have created kidmons.com. We have used Phaser for the video game development because of its great efficiency on mobile devices, which is perfect for your kids to have fun and learn with your tablet. Selfie Stickers Let your craziest creativity flow with Selfie Stickers. In this game you can upload a photo or choose one of the default photos. Once you have made your choice you will be able to decorate the face with the funniest and more ridiculous stickers ever. And once your masterpiece is done you can download it or print it and show off your creative skills with your friends. Put some stickers here. Tiny Sketch Release your inner artist! Grab your paint brush, crayon or whatever other painting tool you wish to choose and let your creativity fly away. It works perfectly on any device, but if you try it on your tablet you will feel just as if you were Da Vinci. Do some sketches here. Puzzle Safari Take a walk through Nature’s most impressive landscapes and learn how these cool animals are called. The first levels have less puzzle pieces, but as you progress it gets more complicated. Bring some order in here. Coloring Game Painting and coloring blank drawings is the best way to let your son’s creativity flow. A green cat? Why not? Color your cat here.
  13. Hello, http://www.happynote.com/en/read-music-notes-hn/read-music-notes-hn.html This is a free educational game to learn to read music in G (Treble) Clef, from 2 to 17 musical notes. There is an Highscore : the more musical notes you know and the faster you play, the more points you can win. For example, with 2 notes, the maximum points is 100, with 3 notes, 200, etc. There is also a Championship mode with the 17 musical notes : the maximum score is 10 000 points and 1 wrong note = Game Over. The game should be stable, but I'm facing with a sound problem : when you win, below the Highscore, there is a link to go to a musical reading with the same music notes used in the game. The link opens in a new tab, with the musical reading. This is a musical reading with sound. If you play the sound then come back to the game tab, in IOS (Safari) and ANDROID (Chrome) the game sounds don't work anymore. If somebody have an idea...? Site : happynote.com It's about games to learn music, but except the present game, there are only Windows games. Some are free, some are not free. Thank you !
  14. Hi Vibrant Recycling is an educational arcade game for HTML5 compatible browsers where the player will help fun bins to collect and recycle properly wastes thrown during various levels of the game. Earn bonus by preventing contact of the residue thrown with the water and avoid collect the waste in the bin incorrect, otherwise paralyze it temporarily! Properly recycle the most wastes to progress in the game and is rewarded with several fun facts about recycling and the environment! Thanks for playing and good fun! How to Play / Hints:Click on the screen to bin move the arm and collect the residue.To gain Bonus Stars, you must collect the wastes before they reach the water, collecting them in the air.After the first 5 levels, multiple bins are shown, increasing the challenge.Made with melonJS (Game Engine), Tiled (Level Editor) and Inkscape (Vector Graphics). Any feedback is welcome!
  15. Number Garden Arithmetic bugs from the forest of Lost algebra have taken over the park. Are you smart enough to help Lime and Minet the cat to stand against the neverending wave of maths bugs? Challenge yourself, learn maths and have fun. add them up in your head, no calculators, GO! Download the game from hereMore information about the game here Hi everybody!This is our first post here on the forum even if we have been lurking from a few months ago.We have just released our first game and we want to share it with you.Working with Phaser was a great pleasure: the documentation, the examples and the community support are just amazing! We created a game to help children (elementary - middle school) exercising their math skill while having fun. Nonetheless, we've heard that many adults are getting hooked up too. This is our first game ever so any feedback or comment is welcome. Thank your for your time
  16. ABC ZOOM Unravel the mystery of the Polaris Learn about charge PLAY ZOOM is an educational point and click adventure we (2and2) just finished building for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Just a pure HTML5 canvas game (so it works on IE9, Safari, Firefox, etc) - all done in CreateJS. Should run on just about any mobile device, although it's designed for tablets. Helps if you clear your memory first, just in case! There are nine mini games connected by a science fiction story that exposes you to various aspects of how charge affects things across different magnifications. More details on the ABC site Screenshots People Involved Alexander Ocias, Marianne Elliott, Chris Davies, Peter Giles, Ian Brown, Gerhard Mozsi, Marcus Lam, Stefano Guzzetti, Jacob Atienza, James Sutton, Randy Olan, Monica Wood, Glen Jeffreys, Epona Schweer, Leon Young, Cameron Baker. PLAY
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