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How do you create your visuals?


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Our artists use a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and GrafX2 depending on what the visual result needs to look like. Grafx for all pixel art work, Illy/Flash for vectors and Photoshop for most everything else.


Yes it's possible to make a game using SVG (native browser vectors) but it's not usually recommended. GPU performance is found in bitmaps, not vector art.

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I create mine in a pretty tedious manner. 

I draw everything by hand with pencil and paper. Then I ink over the lines with inking pens.








After that, I scan it and open inside Photoshop and color it up. Once done with the coloring, I edit, resize, and import into Construct (or whatever game engine).




Et Voila!



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I've seen some people work on Blender (www.blender.org) or any 3D package to make either run cycle mockups or really polished final character animations, then having a camera point in side view and export frames from the animation inPNGs with transparent background. it's really just another "style" to the traditional drawing approach.


I think this game used that technique: NinJump Deluxe The game remains 2D but the character feels, at least to me, as if it was made and animated in 3D before exporting individual frames.


In any case, I think that's just another way of doing things that could come useful depending on the project, of course that does add another skill you have to learn but just wanted to mention it :)


If not then I completely recommend photoshop, anything you want to do, can be done, of course it's just another toolset, practice makes perfect, not the tool :) I've looked into GIMP and myPaint before, the thing was that I had already used photoshop a few years before I tried it so it never sticked. But they are equally as powerful.


For example, David Revoy (http://www.davidrevoy.com/article/218/guide-my-hardware-and-software-for-digital-painting.html) uses nothing but open source software to make his paintings.

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