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What music do you listen to while in the 'programming zone'?


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I used to listen to music, then I found that I concentrate best in silence, so no more music while coding.


Agree, usually in the morning when my mental energy is highest I am best without music. But towards the evening, when I'm feeling mentally drained I decide to put some electronic music just to kick me, but I'm still far from my morning productivity.

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If I'm coding and have had a good nights sleep then I usually have silence. But afternoon and evening, or less cerebral and more mundane work, I'll crack out anything and everything. I buy a lot of music, some of my current purchases:


Vienna Tong - Aims

Sound of Games Volume 1

Vomitron - Vomitron

The Future Sound of London - From the Archives Volume 7.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Soundtrack

London Philharmonic Orchestra - The Greatest Video Game Music 2

Amorphous Androgynouse - The Cartel (Volumes 1 and 2)

Black Sabbath - 13

Camo and Krooked - Zeitgeist

Avicii - True

Starcadian - Sunset Blood

Paul van Dyk - Vonyc Sessions 2013

Sasha - Involv3r


like I said, I buy a lot of music :)

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I used to listen to stuff like Aphex Twin, Krafty Kuts and A skillz, Dope on Plastic while working, but then at the end of the day I also found it way too distracting. If it's good music then I end up focussing totally on that rather than the work I am trying to do.

In a similar vein though, in the office where I used to work they had the radio on playing BBC 6 day in, day out so the same songs got repeated several times a day. It's like a form of torture, even if it is quite a good song to begin with, after a week of it its like fingernails on a blackboard! I think just turning the radio off would have quadrupled my productivity.

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I more or less abandoned listening to music when working, its just too distracting.


On the other hand, complete silence doesn't do well for my concentration, too.


If I really need to pull my brain together, I listen to the sound generators of myNoise.net. There is (imho) nothing more relaxing and focussing than the sound of rain and a distant thunderstorm in your headphones when you try to concentrate on your work.


There are a lot of other sound generators as well, I recommend you to try them all! :)

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SILENCE! .... I like silence enough that sometimes I will even just put on noise canceling headphones (playing nothing) to take out any chatter/hum/buzz at the office.  When i do listen to music, to stay productive it just needs to be instrumental or electronic.  If there are any heavy lyrics involved i end up focusing on that.  I listen to soundcloud a lot, usually after listening to Sirius XM in the car then tracking artists down, then buy from their own sites if the album is solid.  


Some newish I like:





Civil Civic:


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I tried listening to some pop music I ended up singing them instead. Even the instrumental ones I keep humming on them. So I keep telling myself to turn it off before I got my energy drained from it before I even started to code. Same goes when I'm drawing, except when creating the music of course.  :P

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