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We made a very difficult game. Zoi. (updated: launching iOS edition)


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UPDATE ago 5th: 


Zoi is available now for free on iOS App Store! :)








Hello there!


I've made a game with a friend, and we think it's nearly impossible to complete its 20 levels.


Prove us wrong! Beat the opposition, and win 30€/40$ to spend on gog.com


Go ahead, try it out. Careful though, you'll get hooked.




How to enter the contest and other info available at the site. Be quick, contest ends July the 31st!!!


Hope you like it! :)





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you can press any other key too! but you're right :PPP


EDIT: FIXED, Thanks a lot!!!



Btw, I feel some people may think this is spam or some kind of selling trickery. It is not, it's just a humble and honest bet. We believe that the best player finishing the game should have a prize!! :D



Btw2: Forgot to mention, but it is powered by Phaser, of course! ;)

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I was playing this yesterday. I was hooked straight away. Love this kind of thing. One thing I noticed was that if you are playing with the spacebar you can hold it down to rapidly jump. This came in useful for one of the levels where there were 3 spikes in quick succession. However holding the mouse down will make you only jump once. I found it impossible to jump over the 3 spikes with the mouse but easy with the spacebar. I wasn't sure if not having rapid fire controls with the mouse was the oversite or whether having it on the spacebar was unintentional. Anyway, great game.

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Hi Dream, thanks for your input. Keyboard support was a feature added in the last minute, and we certainly didn't notice the issue. If you cannot hold the mouse to jump repeatedly, you shouldn't be able to do it with the keyboard. I'll fix it ASAP.


(btw, it is not impossible to jump over 3 spikes with the mouse ;) )


Thanks RubyHelix! yup, we are aware that the game is rising behavioral problems in society. Sorry about that.


EDIT: keyboard issue is fixed now.

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Wow! All the key elements of great game design distilled down into one infuriatingly difficult, and infuriatingly addictive game. Congratulations to you and your friend on its creation.


I think I'm going to need a little practice - still only on level 6. I bought a gaming keyboard and mouse to replace my old, worn-out set just for robustness, but it turns out their responsiveness is also handy for this kind of game :). Actually, the way I'm going, the robustness is going to be important too... It seems the game's slightly easier with the mouse, simply due to the shorter button travel.


Great game - hope it gets the publicity it's due!

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Thank you pixelpathos! Thanks for the kind words. Yes indeed, we made the game thinking of tablets/phones screens and mouse, and added keyboard support near the end of the development, to help people with bad mouses or trackpads.


Thank you WhiteSoul! :)

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Hey Feiss,


Really awesome game, can really appreciate the cleverness behind your 'top player winst 30EUR/40USD. It shows you have thought about more than just the technicalities of creating a game but also think about how to motivate and engage users to play.


The game itself is working very well and I was immediately hooked, wanted to stop playing because I had to do things but what do you know it 20 minutes past by and I'm struggling at level 11. 


Can only praise the effort!


- Rick

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Haha, that's true Ahmed. By the way, the game is being a big success in North Africa countries, specially Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt! I think it is because it was featured on th3professional.com, which seems a big deal over there.. amazing!

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Thanks for playing!


Yes, we thought of that, but ended dividing it into levels for some reason that I cannot remember now :D


I think it was to better control the learning curve, and to fine-tune the levels. Also, if you fail you would have to start from the beginning..


Anyway, it's a nice idea and we may add it in a future version, in a different game mode or something like that


thanks you!

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We launched Zoi for iOS!


The port was pretty straightforward, really. Since the code of the game is quite simple, I've directly used Sprite Kit library, so the game runs natively on all iOS devices.


It supports Game Center, so now we have a scoreboard! (even achievements :)) this adds lots more interest to the game, imo.


The game is for free with ads, trying not to destroy the gameplay. You only see an interstitial ad after beating one level or every 10 fails. 


Check Zoi's website.


We will now try to spam some websites. Help is really appreciated, spread the word! just go to the website and click on facebook or twitter icons on the bottom.


Thank you!

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