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Found 120 results

  1. rex


    rexGridAlign Align objects on quadrilateral or hexagon grid. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Hexagon grid : Align objects on hexagon grid. (Hexagon shape) Isometric grid : Align objects on Isometric grid. (Rhombus shape)
  2. Hey All! I needed to display some dialog boxes in a recent game and the old 9-slice plugin wasn't ported to v3 yet so I wrote one (github repo). I have a live demo here and a gif of it in use follows. Would love to see this get some use outside of my projects so give it a spin. I'm pretty active on the discord and try to check in here weekly so feel free to ping if you have any questions! Happy hacking!
  3. rex


    rexGridTable Viewer of grid table, to manipulate game object of each visible cell. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Simple dragging : Dragging to scroll table. Scroll table by slider bar : Dragging slider bar to scroll table. (Slider plugin) Scroll table by scroller : Dragging slider bar to scroll table. (Scroller plugin) Scroll table by scroller + slider : Dragging slider bar to scroll table. Horizontal grid table : Horizontal table. Varying cell height : Grid table with varying cell height.
  4. rexDrag Drag game object. It wraps input events into a class, and have some extra features: - Drag on axis (horizontal, vertical, or both) - Try dragging object, see live demo. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Create and drag object : When pointer down (touch start), an object will be created and dragging. (object was created after touched, therefore it won't fire 'dragstart', or 'drag' event from Phaser.Input) rexSlider Drag thumb on a slider bar. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Slider bar : drag white thumb, or press left/right arrow key rexVirtualJoyStick Simulate cursor keys according to touch events. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Virtual joystick : drag on gray circle rexScroller Drag content. Slow down when dragging released, pull back when out of bounds. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Scroll content : dragging inside bitmap text content
  5. rexSwirlPipeline Swirl post processing filter. Reference Links Document Sample code minified source code GLSL source Live demo Swirl : touch to swirl rexPixelationPipeline Pixelation post processing filter. Reference Links Document Sample code minified source code GLSL source Live demo Pixelation : touch to pixelate
  6. mcolman

    Phaser Manifest Loader

    Hi all, I have just released Phaser Manifest Loader for those using webpack. I've been using this code in production for a while now, it makes it super easy to load assets via a simple manifest. Check it out! Cheers, Matt.
  7. rexContainerLite Control the position and angle of children game objects. It is inspired from Ziao/phaser3-interim-containers. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Nested container -- Nested feature in official feature will be dropped in the future
  8. I've published the first version of my grid-based physics plugin for Phaser 3 (a port and improvement from the Phaser 2 version). It makes it easy to create a game where the movement is restricted to tiles or a grid and comes with helpful built-in features such as a system for pushing objects or walking on one-direction tiles. I'm making the plugin to use it in a RPG I'm developing but it's suitable for everything from Sokoban-like games to Rouge-like. However, the development of the plugin will be focused to add features I need and fixing bugs that affect my game. Let me know if you use the plugin and feel that stuff is missing or if you run into issues. I won't be adding stuff just for the sake of the plugin unless there is a demand. 1. Testing a bridge and tiles will collidable borders. 2. Testing one-way collision (and I got stuck). 3. Turn-based mode with smooth animations. Multiple bodies getting pushed. DEMO (Use dat.gui to toggle turn-based mode, maximum number of bodies the player can push, velocity and more) Github:
  9. samme

    Scene watcher plugin Shows scene order, status, and size of update/display lists. Also logs scene events (if enabled).
  10. jd.joshuadavison

    Plugin key "in use" after game destroyed

    I'm using the animated tiles plugin from nkholski with the key 'animatedTiles' (how did I come up with that? It's genius). At a certain point I am destroying the game with `game.destroy(true)`. Unfortunately, when creating a new game I'm getting a warning "Scene Plugin key in use: animatedTiles" that then leads to an error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'init' of undefined". I've checked the scene and sure enough, the plugin has not been added to it. I tried destroying the game cache before destroying the game, but that just gave me an error too. Josh
  11. samme

    Follow plugin This is a simple abstraction of a common pattern: having one object track another. The interface is add/remove/pause/resume. You can offset or rotate the follower object relative to its target. It works on any object with coordinates, such as geometric shapes and input pointers.
  12. samme

    Update plugin Runs a Game Object's update method automatically.
  13. samme

    Game scale plugin
  14. This plugin will help you build paths for pathfollowers and path tweens. Draw and edit Lines, Bezier Curves, Splines and Ellipses at runtime and export them to Phaser. A useful tool for editing and building paths. Explore your scene while building paths. Draw your path in-game during runtime. Export path as JSON Data. Load them into Phaser and create awesome animations using pathfollowers! Maximum usage of Phaser API. More cool features will be added soon! Demo. Src & Docs NPM Submit an issue
  15. Colors Arcade Physics bodies by collision state (blocked, touching, embedded).
  16. andrei.nicolae

    Pop-up window

    Hi guys, I'm trying to make some windows(pop-ups) that I will use in my game, these are for game over, game won or showing different text tips. Will contain text, buttons, sprites. What is the best way to achieve this? If I use a container, how can I show/hide it? This environment is new for me so I'm open to suggestions and ideas. Thank you!
  17. Weapon Plugin for Phaser 3 A Phaser 3 compatible port of the Weapon Plugin shipped with Phaser CE. This is a work in progress and is currently in beta. The functionality is working, but there's probably bugs and the API is not final. Please consider testing it out if you like the work we've put into this and would like to help shape the future of this project. How to use To install from npm: npm install phaser3-weapon-plugin@beta # if you use npm yarn add phaser3-weapon-plugin@beta # for yarn users See instructions in the readme on how to load the plugin in your game. The plugin files are also available in the dist folder. All the examples from the v2 plugin are in the repo, so you can get testing quickly. The port of the plugin was started by me, but @jdotrjs has helped extensively with debugging and implementing broken features.
  18. Run script in csv format. Csv could be edited by excel or google document. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Run csv-script : csv-script in google document
  19. nkholski

    Phaser Plugin Starter

    I made a repository with a starter project for creating Phaser 3 plugins (Phaser 3.8.0+): Demo for testing your plugin with dat.gui integration for easy testing. Build script to build uncompressed and minified versions of the plugin (with source map) Webpack 4 ES6 support This is a cleaned up version of what I've been using for my Grid Physics and Animated Tiles plugins. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Clone it with git:
  20. rexTextTyping Typing text on text object, bbcode text object, or tag text boject. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Typing on text object and bbcode text object : it supports typing left-to-right, right-to-left, middle-to-sides, sides-to-middle rexTextPage Display text page by page on text object, bbcode text object, or tag text boject. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Typing on bbcode text object page by page
  21. Compatible with phaser v3.12.0 rexBBCodeText Game object, drawing text with BBCode protocol. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Set bbcode text rexTagText Displays text with multi-color, font face, or font size with tags. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Set tag text
  22. I have had a project html with Phaser 3. Then i had a issue with scrollview. I have seen the listview demo on and release that it used to Phaser 2. Can you give me an example or suggest me a solution about scrollview on Phaser 3. Thank you.
  23. rex


    Compatible with phaser v3.12.0 Game object, drawing on canvas. Links Document Sample code minified source code Live demo Draw chart : draw chart by chartjs
  24. Hello everyone! TLDR; I'm trying to get the plugin 'phaser-input' (made by Orange Games) to be loaded and running properly in a webpack + ES6 style environment. I'm fairly new to the phaser game dev environment, and I really like how someone has created a boilerplate project that has ES6 style coding enabled [ phaser-es6-webpack]. But I think phaser2 by default was never meant to be coded in this style, with importing dependencies from a package manager; you are suppose to load the library and any plugins in the index.html's header area via script tags, so that it can do it's thing with the global namespace. (I didn't realize this until I got too far ahead in development) In my project, I have added to the webpack.config.js file to make the plugin 'phaser-input' ES6 compatible, and importable into my project. // webpack.config.js const path = require('path'); const HtmlWebpackPlugin = require('html-webpack-plugin'); // Phaser webpack config const phaserModule = path.join(__dirname, '/node_modules/phaser-ce/'); const phaser = path.join(phaserModule, 'build/custom/phaser-split.js'); const pixi = path.join(phaserModule, 'build/custom/pixi.js'); const p2 = path.join(phaserModule, 'build/custom/p2.js'); const phaserInput = path.join(__dirname, '/node_modules/@orange-games/phaser-input/build/phaser-input.js'); module.exports = { mode: 'development', entry: { app: ['babel-polyfill', path.resolve(__dirname, 'client/src/main.js')], vendor: ['pixi', 'p2', 'phaser', 'phaser-input', 'webfontloader'], }, output: { pathinfo: true, path: path.resolve(__dirname, 'client/build/js'), publicPath: './js', filename: '[name].js', }, devServer: { contentBase: path.resolve(__dirname, 'client'), }, watch: true, plugins: [ new HtmlWebpackPlugin({ filename: '../index.html', template: './client/src/index.html', chunks: ['vendor', 'app'], chunksSortMode: 'manual', minify: { removeAttributeQuotes: false, collapseWhitespace: false, html5: false, minifyCSS: false, minifyJS: false, minifyURLs: false, removeComments: false, removeEmptyAttributes: false, }, // hash: false, }), ], module: { rules: [ { test: /\.js$/, use: ['babel-loader'], include: path.join(__dirname, 'client/src') }, { test: /pixi\.js/, use: ['expose-loader?PIXI'] }, { test: /phaser-split\.js$/, use: ['expose-loader?Phaser'] }, { test: /p2\.js/, use: ['expose-loader?p2'] }, { test: /phaser-input\.js$/, use: ['exports-loader?PhaserInput=true'] }, ], }, node: { fs: 'empty', net: 'empty', tls: 'empty', }, resolve: { alias: { phaser, pixi, p2, 'phaser-input': phaserInput, }, }, }; The documentation recommends that the plugin be added using [ game.add.plugin(PhaserInput.Plugin); ] But I've seen other plugins use [ game.plugins.add(PhaserInput.Plugin) ]. I have this snipped added to my game state file. (the other code has been removed for clarity) import Phaser from 'phaser-ce'; import PhaserInput from '@orange-games/phaser-input/build/phaser-input'; export default class Game extends Phaser.State { preload() {; } } The documentation simply shows the use of the plugin using the snipped [ var input = game.add.inputField(10, 90); ]. Where the function 'inputField' has been added to the framework. This is where I get stuck, the plugin function (inputField) that is suppose to be added never actually gets added at all to [ game.add ]. This in results in an error. import Phaser from 'phaser-ce'; export default class FormOverlay extends Phaser.Group { constructor({ game }) { super(game); this.testInput = game.add.inputField(10, 90); } } Is there a proper way of loading plugins in this webpack + ES6 style? I've wasted an afternoon trying to figure out how to get this plugin to work, I must be missing something here. If you know the answer to this issues, I would greatly appreciate if you can share the answer. Thanks for reading!
  25. I'm interested in the Particle Storm plugin, but I'll be updating my game to Phaser 3.0 shortly. WIll the plugin be updated for 3.0, or will the code work in 3.0?