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Found 39 results

  1. haha, I'm a old developer I started to make game from 2008 1. 2008-2017, flash game 2. 2015-2017, h5 game This game is used these engine and tools 1. H5 engine, LayaAir, this engine is very wonderful, I just used safari to play it, this game will have 55~60fps 2. UI IDE, FairyGUI, I can't find other UI EDIT IDE is good than it, I can use it do anything, and it's very very easy, it has timeline like flash, and it has more useful components. I can use it make UI on diffrient size of mobile, yeah, just use IDE, not source. 3. Spine, 3D animation tools LayaAir and FairyGUI are from chinese company, but it has english language. layaair -> fairyGUI -> I hope you like my game, I hope I can find a good h5 game job, i can teach your team how to use LayaAir and FairyGUI, my email is Sorry, my english is not good. ^-^ first photo prove that I used h5 engine to make this game
  2. One atlas many json for spine

    I want to use one atlas for many spine animations in my game. I found the way how to do it with loader. I am loaded atlas with game loader (name other.atlas) and got in game.loader.resources.other. Then i am trying to load json file of my animation from console. otherLoader = new PIXI.loaders.Loader() spineLoaderOptions = { metadata: { spineAtlas: 'game.loader.resources.other' } }; otherLoader.add('someJson', 'static/img/content/fullHD/machine/elements/testJ.json', spineLoaderOptions) .load() But it will not work. Loader still wants to load atlas with name of my json. GET http://localhost:3004/static/img/content/fullHD/machine/elements/testJ.atlas 404 (Not Found) I think it is because of atlas parser . I need varibale "pages" in my metadataAtlas, but there is no pages. How atlas data looks like in console. I am doing something wrong and i dont know what.
  3. Spine support

    Sorry for asking again for the Spine ( support in Phaser. I didn't have the time to try it out but since Pixi is used for rendering I really wonder if this is already possible. Despite being so great Spine does not seem to get used a lot so I understand if you don't plan to integrate it in the near future (at least you didn't put it under "Future Plans" in the anymore). I guess I could wait for the documentation and then try to hack it in - maybe I can even get the code to look nice and make a PR though I doubt that Also thank you so much for your hard work on the 1.0 release! I followed the "march to 1.0" thread as well as the github commits so I can imagine how much effort you put into this
  4. Hi all, been working on trying to get my game a little more optimised for mobile. It's a slot game - just 9 icons all spine skeletons. The icon drop is animated with GSAP. Win detection then plays out the winning lines. At the moment FPS for mobile (on my G4 is around 20-30fps, desktop 60fps) So I've tried setting cache to bitmap as true once the icons have been created but neither seems to work. The animation still plays out once a win is detected (without turning cacheAsBitmap back to false) Tried setting cacheAsBitmap on both the parent containers and the icons themselves, but still no luck. Tested it on a spine animated cactus I have in the background as well and that works fine which is weird. Any ideas greatly appreciated!
  5. Importing plugins/spine in angular2

    Anyone know the correct way to get plugins like pixi-spine into Angular 2 or Ionic 2? import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js'; works for getting the base pixi library in. But, how do you do something like import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js' and 'pixi-spine';
  6. spine or dragonbones in panda 2?

    Hi E. spine or dragonbones work in panda 2? thanks for your awesome job!
  7. Scaling in Spine?

    I've used the pixi-compressed-textures.js and can get Spine to load the lower resolution artwork, but I still can't seem to find an exact piece of code for how to rescale the animation at runtime, rather than via redoing the whole thing in Spine. I know this should be an easy fix - anybody have the 1 liner I'm looking for here? I'm developing a visual reading app for autistic children, and Spine has proven to be a pretty easy way to get basic animations up and running fast! I'd really appreciate any advice, as I'm a noob to both Pixi and Spine, while having pretty good experience in JS and AS3.
  8. Phaser + Spine

    Hi, There's a few topics here on Phaser + Spine, but all of them are somewhat old, so let me resurrect. There's a new nice animation package with Phaser runtime: Creature (forum topic here). It looks really great, but $90 for basic version is a thing one needs to consider. I already own Spine, but it's not supported by Phaser anymore. Pixi.js now has a new Spine plugin in works, so it should be much more supported. I know Phaser is going to replace Pixi.js core with its own, so is there any residual hope to have Spine support (plus mesh deformations, if possible)? If not, I would need to consider buying Creature (which obviously I am hesitating to due to its price; I would rather stick to Spine). Thanks, V.
  9. WebGL - Using another renderer

    Hi all, I'm using Spine and for that matter I'm using spine-runtime, their own JS library (phaser plugins were clearly not as complete / up-to-date). To use this lib I had to create a custom object (a SpineObject), and to implement its _renderCanvas and _renderWebgl methods. For the canvas, I managed to properly render the animation. Works like a charm. For WebGL, however, I'm struggling a lot. I don't know WebGL, which doesn't help. What happens is that I can't manage to make both renderers (Phaser and Spine) coexist. I can display my SpineObject OR the Phaser scene. Do you guys have any tips for coding such features? Any good advice on how to use two WebGL renderers, what to do and what to avoid? Thanks a lot
  10. Hello, Spine (Esoteric software) recently made spine-ts, and all the spine features are now available for HTML5. Since there is no official support of spine by Phaser, do you think there could be an easy way to integrate Spine into Phaser ? (With core or webgl module) I would be very interested in Phaser if it is the case. More information : Thank you !
  11. Hi everyone. I'm trying to import a 2D skeletal animation in BabylonJS made with Spine 2D Animation. They have multiple runtimes to export the animation to Three.js, Turbulenz, Unity, etc. But not for babylon. Somebody has made this work?
  12. Spine support

    What's about Spine animations support in current version of Phaser?
  13. Hi all, I'm working on an avatarbuilder and would like to use Spine for the animations. The avatar is made up of several parts (head, body, arms etc) that can be changed in order to get the desired combination. Now, I've been looking at using skins, but I'm not sure if I'm going the right direction. Since it's not a complete skin that needs to be swapped, but just a part of it. The avatarbuilder will be made in Haxe using Pixi and Spine. My main questions are: 1) Would it be possible to use skins in order to only change the head, or the body for instance? 2) Am I moving in the right direction using the skin feature of Spine? Thanks in advance! Maarten
  14. pixi, atlas and spine destroy

    Hi everybody, I would like to know how to unload a texture atlas (created with TexturePacker) and a spine file (created with Spine). I have loaded them directly using something like PIXI.loader .add(filename) .load(callback); But I cannot see any destroy method like the texture's destroy method. I have noticed that the loader has a "_image" resource associated with the json file and also some texture (and also something else) associated with the spine file. Should I write a destroy method by myself or is there a "standard" way to do this? I need to clear these resource types in order to free the GL memory. Thanks!
  15. A (very) Basic Spine Plugin

    IMPORTANT UPDATE (6/24/16): Don't bother using this plugin. It doesn't work well, I made many mistakes, and I'm abandoning it in favor of a better written plugin by @Str1ngS. (At least I think it's written by him...) Here's the github link: I'm going to leave my stuff up for posterity, but seriously... Don't use it if you value your own sanity. Hey everybody. I needed to get Spine working with Phaser for a job, and thought I would share the fruits of my labor with whoever would find it interesting. I turned my work into a Phaser Plugin, and stuck an MIT license on there. The plugin is basic, and it doesn't support mesh deformations, because I don't need them for my project. Here's a link to a sample so you can see how to use it: And here is a link to the source of the plugin itself: If you like it, reply to let me know why. If you don't like it, reply to let me know why. If there's any interest, I'll put this up onto Github as well.
  16. Phaser + SPINE

    Hi, I'm a beginner with phaser, and I like using spine for my animations. The problem is that I can't find a good tutorial or anything interesting where I can easly understand and configure it. 1st question : Can I load Skeleton Animations of spine into Phaser ? If yes, is there anyone who can explain it clearly to me ? 2nd : I clone phaser lib into Cloud9 ( but I don't know how to generate the javascript .min.. (I saw that there was a pixi lib for loading spine animations but I don't know how to use it...) 3nd : However, if there is no solutions for the skeleton animation, I tried exporting usual spritesheet with Spine, BUT... Spine export a .atlas file for the positions of the frames, NOT json or xml, the problem is that Phaser don't support it... Is there a solution ? I have a spritesheet with many animations, the json would be very usefull so I don't have to type every positions of sprites in phaser... Thank you guys ! Keysim.
  17. Questioning whether to use Pixi or not?

    questioning whether or not to use Pixi? Just remember that the upper limit of a technology is an interplay of the technology itself and the user. I'm by no means the greatest programmer but with some help from the right people and the right technology, awesome things can be achieved: The above demo for our next game (Lux) is done 100% in browser with pixi Better yet, a gamepad is being used to spin the camera! The final product will not be done in html5 (or at least, not only html5), as there would currently be some platform restrictions on it being in html5. Just wanted to share some Pixi eye-candy and hopefully inspiration to thoroughly explore your possibilities (especially as html5 and webgl support becomes more prevalent)
  18. Hi Everyone, I've just released a PlayCanvas runtime for the Spine Animation Tool. You can grab the code over on Github. To make sure everything works I ported over their sample game Super Spineboy. It runs really nicely. The runtime is available as a simple code plugin, so you can drop it into the PlayCanvas Editor and incorporate Spine Animations into your 3D WebGL games. I also created a simple project that just shows off the regular animations. Hope you enjoy.
  19. [Pixi] ShinobiShowdown

    Hey all, have another game for you to check out It's just a quick little timing game to see what kind of simple yet fun real time interactions can be achieved using pixi, spine, node, cocoon, and Hit start then press Go to make your shinobi run and Hit to make him slash. You have to slash your opponent. If you slash and miss, you lose. Good luck, it's actually decently hard. If you queue up within two seconds of someone else, you fight each other live! It's pretty fun if you play with people in your immediate vicinity. Google Play Facebook The art is simple and there's almost 0 polish added. The point was to pump out a game as fast as possible that utilized these technologies. We will probably update the art and possibly add a persistent score and leaderboard. It's not super innovative or pretty, but that's the point. It is decently cute and fun *Screen shots are from phone*
  20. Compatibility: Phaser and Spine

    Hello everybody, I have a rather general question concearning Phaser. I'm thinking about using the Spine software for making 2D animations I then would want to implement into games made with Phaser. Is Phaser able to support this? If yes: What are the differences for the trial version and the full version? Cheers, niceWeather
  21. Three.js Spine runtime with FFD?

    Since Spine is 2D I guess I'll just post it here. Is there anyone yet to implement Three.js Spine runtime with FFD? I found one by makc but it seems like it doesn't have FFD yet. Thanks!
  22. Hi, I use the Spine 2D to create an animation objects. There is a background layer where placed several containers with tiles of earth, water, decor and animated background. I need to combine all textures in a texture atlas to optimize drawcalls and atlas size. Can I change the original texture atlas of Spine animation to another and use one atlas for all textures of background? If so, what type of texture atlas use (spine or native), How to connect an atlas from the loader in to the spine animation (if atlas native)? How to get textures from Spine atlas to create sprites (if atlas is spine)? Thanks.
  23. I'm using phaserspine( for my game, as I need some customized characters feature I use unatlased animation. But PhaserSpine only support atlased spine animation, I modefied the code get this error: TypeError: sprite.texture.on is not a function at Phaser.Plugin.PhaserSpine.attachBitmap (http://localhost:63342/PhaserSpine/src/_oldSrc/plugin.js:106:16) at PIXI.Spine.createSprite (http://localhost:63342/PhaserSpine/src/_oldSrc/pixiSpine.js:311:31) at new PIXI.Spine (http://localhost:63342/PhaserSpine/src/_oldSrc/pixiSpine.js:109:31) at Phaser.GameObjectFactory.spine (http://localhost:63342/PhaserSpine/src/_oldSrc/plugin.js:51:23) at Object.create (http://localhost:63342/PhaserSpine/index.html:30:23) at Phaser.StateManager.loadComplete (http://localhost:63342/PhaserSpine/src/phaser.js:30613:35) at Phaser.Loader.finishedLoading (http://localhost:63342/PhaserSpine/src/phaser.js:73003:25) at Phaser.Loader.processLoadQueue (http://localhost:63342/PhaserSpine/src/phaser.js:72958:18) at Phaser.Loader.asyncComplete (http://localhost:63342/PhaserSpine/src/phaser.js:73031:14) at Phaser.Loader.jsonLoadComplete (http://localhost:63342/PhaserSpine/src/phaser.js:73891:14) the code:/** * [attachBitmap call _attachBitmap if baseTexture has loaded, * otherwise set a callback to _attachBitmap on * texture update] * * @param {Phaser.Sprite} sprite [the sprite to attach a bitmapData as texture] */ Phaser.Plugin.PhaserSpine.prototype.attachBitmap = function (sprite) { if (sprite.texture.baseTexture.hasLoaded) { this._attachBitmap(sprite); } else { sprite.texture.on('update', this._attachBitmap.bind(this, sprite)); } } so what should I do to solved this?thanks for help
  24. According to the manual and should be available but aren't. Does anyone know how I enable the Spine loader/importer ? TIA EDIT: It also looks like it was added here: