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I just released my 10th game! It's a small platformer called Dark Blue.

Link: lessmilk.com/10/




Pretty cool game :)


Here's a BoosterMedia game made in Phaser :)




(I think made by their internal team, based on the tweet I got)


"Please rotate your device" = epic fail.

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Mike, I accidentally added a 'source' for the game "Robo Dash", do you mind removing it? It's not actually a source I did not read it correctly when doing the entry. Thank you in advance. 

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I remade the space invader phaser game example.


What i changed:

  • Phaser 2.0.1 no Physics
  • Using require.js
  • Using State and Statemanager
  • 4 new stage: Load, Start, Play and End
  • The shooting is automatic ( Timer.loop() )
  • There are a lot more bullets
  • Instead of extending a group, i wrap the group inside a private class
  • Player and Aliens are configurable in the source
  • Player and Aliens have health(Player has healthbar) and bullets have damage 

What i did not change:

  • Images
  • Animations

So it almost look the same.


You can play it here: http://strykerkkd.github.io/SpaceInvaders/


Source is here: https://github.com/StrykerKKD/SpaceInvaders

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Phaser 2.0.1 game:

Magius the Wizard. You have to defend the Castle. Use spells and shield to kill enemies or avoid the enemy spells. Controls: Arrows or WASD, click on the toolbar for spells or use 1,2,3,4,5,6 on your keyboard. Game ends if you loose all your health, or the castle is destroyed.


Have fun! :)

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