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Found 5 results

  1. There seems to be a lot of secrecy about html5 publishers and there's not many lists out there (the one I know about is on TV blog). Altough I understand that this is a competition and each of us wants a big piece of the pie I still think that the lack of disclosure it's unhealthy for the HTML5 market. Also it's very hard for a new developer to get it's foot in the door without having contacts - yeah, I'm a new developer too. Here's a list of publisher contacts that I made with Google's help. You can also use this list to take the pulse of the market so to speak - get your inspiration and see the latest trends and game quality requirements. All data in this list is publicly available on their respective websites and there are no private/personal contact data displayed as far as I know. If you see something that needs to be removed or it's in violation of some policy please let me know and I'll update it. Also in the emails I've replaced the at sign and the dot with the words "at" and "dot" to make it harder for bots to collect them. ------------------------------------------------------ EMAIL SUBMIT: ------------------------------------------------------ ARMORGAMES Websites: http://armorgames.com/ Submit: Tasselfoot at Armorgames dot com ***************** BORED Websites: http://games.bored.com/ Submit: sales at floratraffic dot com *************** BIGDINO Websites: http://bigdino.com/index.php Submit: info at bigdino.com ********************** NOTDOPPLER: Websites: http://www.notdoppler.com/ Submit: contact at notdoppler dot com *********************** TOOMKYGAMES Websites: http://toomkygames.com/ Submit: john at toomkygames dot com *********************** ADDICTING GAMES Websites: http://www.addictinggames.com/index.jsp Submit: submit at addictinggames dot com ************************* MINICLIP Websites: miniclip.com Submit: gamedev at miniclip dot com ************************** Y8 Websites: y8.com Submit: idnet at webgroup-limited dot com *********************** GAMES 2 WIN Websites: game2winmedia.com Submit: partnerus at games2win dot com ***************************** DROPANT Websites: dropant.com Submit: contact at dropant dot com **************************** POKI Websites: poki.com Submit: hello at poki dot com ****************************** BGAMESAPP Websites: http://www.bgamesapp.co.uk/#!/ http://gamifive.mobivillage.fr/#!/ http://www.giochissimo.it/#!/ Submit: bgamesuk at buongiorno dot com ******************************************* EBOG Websites: ebog.com Submit: contact at simldc dot com PANDA FREE GAMES Websites: pandafreegames.co.za Submit: pandagamesweb at gmail dot com ----------------------------------------------- EASY SUBMIT FORM -------------------------------------------------- ***************************************** PAPA JUEGOS WEBSITES: papajogos.com Submit: http://www.papajogos.com.br/contato.html (form) *************************************************** GAMES FREAK WEBSITES: gamesfreak.net Submit: http://www.gamesfreak.net/contact.html (form) *************************************************** MY GAMES 4 GIRLS Websites: mygames4girls.com Submit: http://www.mygames4girls.com/contact/ ************************************************* GAMING CLOUD Websites: gamingcloud.com qgames.org Submit: http://www.gamingcloud.com/contact.html (form) *************************************************** ARCADE CABIN Websites: arcadecabin.com Submit: http://www.arcadecabin.com/contact-us (form) ******************************************************* HATCH FUN Websites: hatchfun.com Submit: http://www.hatchfun.com/users/contact.html (form) *************************************************** SPILL GAMES Websites: http://www.spilgames.com/ Submit: http://spilgames.force.com/webtolead ************************************ MAD Websites: http://mad.com/ Submit: http://mad.com/ (bottom page link) ******************************** KANO GAMES Websites: kanogames.com Submit: http://www.kanogames.com/profile/developers (contact button right bottom page) ************************ HTML 5 GAMES .NET Websites: html5games.net Submit: http://www.html5games.net/submit-game/ ************************ GAMEPIX Websites: gamepix.com Submit: http://www.gamepix.com/contact-us/ ***************************** YEPI Websites: yepi.com Submit: http://www.yepi.com/ (contact button bottom) ************************* SOFT GAMES Websites: softgames.de Submit: http://www.softgames.de/developers/ (submit game button) ************************ Jeux-gratuits Websites: jeux-gratuits.com Submit: http://www.jeux-gratuits.com/contactez-nous.html **************************** ORANGE GAMES - SENT Websites: orangegames.com http://m.starbie.co.uk/ http://oyungemisi.com/ http://spele.nl/ Submit: http://orangegames.com/contact/ (bottom page) ************************ COOL GAMES Websites: coolgames.com http://www.gamepix.com/ Submit: http://corporate.coolgames.com/developers/ (Bottom page) ********************* FAMOBI Websites: famobi.com Submit: https://famobi.com/ (submit game button) *************************** -------------------------------- COMPLEX SUBMISSION PROCESS / UNKNOWN ----------------------------- CLAY Websites: clay.io Submit: https://dev.clay.io/login ******************************* MINIPLAY: Websites: http://www.miniplay.com/ Submit: https://ssl.miniplay.com/dev/user/login (requires a portofolio website) ********************************** ADULTSWIM: Websites: http://www.adultswim.com/ Submit: http://www.adultswim.com/games/pitch/ ************************** NEWGROUNDS Websites: http://www.newgrounds.com/ Submit: Exclusive: http://www.newgrounds.com/pm/send/tomfulp Advertising: http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/monetization *********************** KONGREGATE Websites: http://docs.kongregate.com/docs/uploading-your-game Submit: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfhGdqeKc_4Ph_jisGIv0HM6nD7ouPSMCy58XYj8FTmNLwp5g/viewform?formkey=dF9wRXJWZGFPbXJCalJXdnAtWXdyS1E6MQ&ifq
  2. Hello Looking for publishers of blogs,sites and forums for our upcoming project. Visit the link below to take part in the survey and once you get approved by our team, You could be paid for working with us. http://goo.gl/lzRCQF And please, share this post with others. Thank you!!!
  3. Hello! I am a new member of this forum, so I hope that my post will be welcomed here! I am not entirely sure it should be posted here but couldn't figure out a better place. Please advise if you have an idea. I would like to present you a brand new tool we launched for the gaming industry: AdoptMyGame (http://www.adoptmygame.com)! This innovative website allows developers, for free now, to quickly advertise their games to a large number of publishing partners (you can see on the bottom of the website which publishers already gave us a special support, but please note that we are in contact with many more). Games and gamers are everywhere around the world, that's why the objective of this B2B tool is to help developers from every continent to unleash their games' full potential. We want you to show your titles to many people in the industry (publishers, investors, consultants etc,) and stop missing great distribution opportunities. Publisher have very precise filtering options, so if you have a game which is relevant for their needs, they will see it very quickly and be able to contact you in one click. After that is done, AdoptMyGame is not getting involved in your business. We just help you to be found and contacted. If you have one or several games, for any device, and at any stage of development (from Design concept to even already distributed on some regions/platforms), it can be very beneficial for you to quickly register and fill your profile and add those games. That will be great for us to have more games at the start, and that will be even better for you, as your game will be more visible to publishing partners! Because in the next weeks more and more other games will appear. When you add a game, it will not be visible to anyone else than you, until the moment we approve it. We will check the projects regularly and if we see that everything is looking properly, then we will make them visible to all. As I mentioned earlier, it's for now completely free to use. It will later costs, probably with a per-game-visible-for-a-certain-time rate basis. Let me know if you have any comment or question. I am really looking forward to counting your games in very soon
  4. I'm starting to develop html5 games, should I go for mobile or desktop games? What publishers most insterested in? Currently I'm developing a game in Construct 2 engine for both, but I'm finding some performance problems with some older mobile devices, this would be a problem?
  5. Hello everyone, I am a game developer with a strong focus on mobile games. I currently have 6 engines for HTML5 games built in Game Maker: Studio, later this month I am going to hire artists to do artwork for them, then after some minor polishing I would like to send out to to HTML5 publishers and offer a bulk discount on non-exclusive licenses. To start building bridges with HTML5 publishers, I sent my game Gridlock out as an experiment. I was fairly surprised with the results. I am currently in communication with 7 HTML5 sponsors regarding licensing it. If every agreement goes as planned, I will have made more money from game development this month than I did from going into my day job every day. If I achieve similar results with my game bundle, I think I will make enough to (comfortably) quit my day job. I have been using Game Maker since I was 8 years old and I've grown proficient enough with it to create high-quality games, but outside of GM I'm a fairly inexperienced programmer. I have a decent amount of experience with HTML5 and CSS, but I never got very far into JS or sadly HTML5. Several of the companies I'm in communication with have requested API Implementation. Admittedly, I expected this. I've heard the horror stories about it on Twitter, and it's a huge subject of interest in the Sponsors and Portals sub-forum. I've read about it in Matthew Bowden's book (which introduced me to the HTML5 market) but it only briefly touched on the subject. I've Googled it to death and understand the idea behind it, but it's still something of an enigma to me. I can't seem to find any solid information on API Implementation into HTML5 games built in Game Maker: Studio. I know it's a complicated and tedious process, that some developers charge portals for and I'm willing to learn how to do it. I just can't find a solid resource on the subject. From what I understand, I need to create an Extension in Game Maker that will read JS functions. I just can't find a clear resource on how to do so. Any links, or advice would be appreciated. It might literally change my life. Thanks in advance!
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