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Found 21 results

  1. How could I go about finding publishers to publish my game with? Also are several non-exclusives or one exclusive deal better? Just in general what is your best advice about monetizing a game now that it's made?
  2. Until now It was nearly impossible to get classic rewarded ads (from legit ad network) into web based games, especially for PC. Finally rewarded ads from google became true also on the PC web. https://www.gamearter.com/blog/rewarded-ads-for-web-games
  3. My team and I have developed a unique alternative payment solution called PayGarden.com. We are looking for game devs and publishers to partner with. What PayGarden does: Enables a website or app to accept popular 3rd party gift cards (e.g. Starbucks, Target, Walmart, etc.) as online payment. (example: If a user has a $15 Starbucks gift card, they could trade it for in-game tokens/credits in an MMORPG game.) Why it's unique: By accepting common gift cards as payment, you can reach customers who don't have or are afraid to use traditional payment options like credit cards, Paypal, etc. online. This means tapping into a set of new customers, and converting more of your non-paying users. PayGarden thus boosts your overall monetization, and there's no other solution like it available. Does it work?: Yes - we've launched in other verticals, such as private VPNs and subscription-based online entertainment, and our partners are reporting 10-20% lift in new payments. How difficult is integration?: We work with partners to make integration straightforward and easy, requiring 1 engineer and about 2-3 days. We've been told by partners we're one of the easiest add-ons they've ever done. Sound interesting for your gaming audience? Let us know. [email protected]
  4. Does any one have experience that could share about Telegram games? Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, This is my first post here, so I'm a 22 years old guy from Hungary, who's an absolutely newbie in this HTML5 world. I've read a lot about different ways of monetization methods, that can be applied to HTML5 games optimized for mobile. I have some plans, that wouldn't fit on a mobile screen for some reason (for example control difficulties). So here is my question: is there any option to earn some money from these games, too? Thank you for your answers in advance! blakkmjoln
  6. I made a multiplayer HTML5 game for web browsers but i have no idea how to monetize it. I don't have a google adsense account and I don't think they'd accept my game with low (20-30) amount of players, i can't afford server prices without ads. Any suggestions are welcome. (except sites that show popup ads or only has paypal as payment method)
  7. I have developed a game, and I would like to monetize it, I have seen html5 game publishers as Famobi for example that give you a part of the revenue that your game generate in their partners Problem is that I should spend to much time polishing this game in order to be accepted by Famobi, and the question is... how much money, in average, could a developer get with famobi monthly if they accept or publish your game? Also, do you know other companies famobi-like which could publish your game and give you money?in that case, are they more profitable?are they less exigent with your game quality?
  8. Hi, I have 4 "connect 3" style games for licencing. Technical details: Programming language: haxe/openFL Release target: html5(js)desktop & mobile, Android, iOs, Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac) Graphics: HD (1920x1080) Multilingual: English... Possibility to easy extend localisation via XML Levels/categories: extendable via XML Orientation: Portrait and Landscape (mobile Web only) http://test.dfabrik.cz/gemsconnect/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/wordcrush/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/digitcrush/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/swatchline/ If anyone interested can contact me on PM or via email: coffeebreak.interactive[at]gmail[dot]com
  9. I want to put my game to Play Store, I googled it a bit and found Cordova and CocoonJS. I'm planning to use Box2D plugin and websockets for the game so my questions are: Which one is faster? I don't want to use CocoonJS if i don't have to since it adds a "built with Cocoon" splash. Is websockets supported? Is it possible to read & write files, show notifications? Can I use Google Play Games Services? How can I monetize my game? Is there an easy way to add ads? Thanks.
  10. Besides in-app payments, chrome webstore offers monetization with ads - i have read this from article: http://www.marketjs.com/blog/Making-money-with-HTML5-games There is said about ad networks: the good choice is adsense or ad4Game. Anyone has experienced with ad4Game? Is it possible to use clay.io as ad network? Which one is better and are there good alternatives for desktop browser game? In developer program policies https://developers.google.com/chrome/web-store/program_policies?csw=1 i don't understand one thing: Does it mean, that i can use ads only for advertising my another games or links of my ported games to appStore, googlePlay, etc. No ad networks?
  11. Hi All, I've been studying HTML5 for a while now, intending to replace Flixel for Phaser on my gamedev course. But the syllabus isn't only composed of techincal stuff, I've put it together from a pragmatic point of view. And one of the aspects I try to focus is the publishing process. As I've just entered this brave new world, I'm still learning the ropes on HTML5 publishing, thus I've decided to catalog some data on the industry. I've created this spreadsheet to try to hold as much data on HTML5 Game Publishers as possible. And I would like to ask for your help. http://bit.ly/11bxxcf You guys have been on this for a while now and I'm sure you have valuable information on the subject. So, anyone who does, feel free to either write a comment on the spreadsheet or to contact me (PM, Twitter, etc). Hope we can help each other. All the best -Alvaro Cavalcanti.
  12. Hello, We've created a new rewards solution that provides a value-added feature to personalize the user experience, thus help engage and retain players for longer, more frequent play sessions. MyBeanJar (MBJ) delivers targeted mobile coupons for game achievements and loyalty, which are saved in a mobile wallet allowing them to be redeemed at the right time & place. The coupons are for relevant real and virtual goods, based on each player's unique preferences and location. For example, by beating a level a player could win a free drink at Starbucks, or a power up from a new game, credited after install. It's a new way to honor and celebrate achievements, both in-game and post-game, without interrupting game flow. Here's a few of the amazing benefits MyBeanJar offers game devs & publishers: Monetization: publishers earn incremental income/ rev share via coupons distributed in games that won't conflict with other ad units,New player acquisition: publishers' games are listed in the MBJ games tab, including descriptions and links for MBJ users to discover,Cross-Promotion: publishers promote their other titles via MBJ offers for virtual goods, power ups, or other credits to drive installs.For more details, please see the HTML5 SDK link on Github, and/or contact me with questions. Thanks for your consideration! David Chodosh, Co-Founder [email protected] MyBeanJar.com Sample HTML5 game deployment MyBeanJar Google+ MyBeanJar LinkedIn MyBeanJar Facebook @MyBeanJar Twitter
  13. Ready my thoughts on how to make money from the rising market of HTML5 games on our blog InsideHTML5Games.com: http://www.insidehtml5games.com/html5-games/blog/how-developerts-can-make-up-to-30000-usd-from-html5-games/
  14. Hey guys, which distribution channels would you recommend for somebody who wants to concentrate on building up a portal for HTML and other games (flash etc). I´d like to distribute my games with a "play more" button that leads to my site and also with ads to create revenue for gameplays on other sites. I also would sell non-exclusive licenses, maybe with links removed, but not without my own logo, so people can still find my site on google. So ... - where to upload my game so it spreads via a game feed or something similar? - which big portals accept games with outgoing links (and maybe ads)? - which ads to use to get good revenue? - where to sell non-exclusive licenses (if possible with outgoing links to my site)? - any more advice? thx
  15. I searching for ways to start making money with HTML5 game dev, so all your thoughts will be usefull. https://googledrive.com/host/0Bzma_-JMQlddfjllbTRiZE5pdDBvck4tOWRKZEcxT0FaNXN1MHZMekFPdWxPVzVvblhwYWM You need to launch a rocket and resque aliens from planets to base. In future I plan to add twits with replays. What do you think about this? PS. Optimization in progress
  16. Hi, I'm looking for developers HTML5 games compatible with browser mobile. We want pay you a high fee per user activation. We monetize your game through our system payment.
  17. Check out this new money-making game mechanic that can be easily integrated into any content to add stickiness and revenue. MyBeanJar is the only end-to-end mobile engagement platform that delivers targeted mobile coupons as rewards for achievements and loyalty in any game or app. The sponsored rewards automatically go into a mobile wallet app that allows immediate redemption, sharing, and other post-game actions that engage the players longer, and send them back to your game. I hope you'll give it a try. Here's links to the SDKs and docs: Android SDK: https://github.com/beanjar/MyBeanJar-SDK--Java-Android HTML5 SDK: https://github.com/beanjar/MyBeanJar-SDK--Javascript--HTML5 iOS SDK: https://github.com/beanjar/MyBeanJar-SDK-iOS Cross-Platform Wallet App: https://github.com/beanjar/MyBeanJar-App--Cross-Platform We're very motivated to help game developers and publishers with this new system and benefits, such as high ad rev share, new player referrals, and new ways to cross-promote other titles. Please contact me for more info, and any other questions. Thanks for your consideration! -David Chodosh, Co-Founder [email protected]
  18. I am a student at Case Western. A few of my friends and I started a platform to give game developers a new way to monetize. The platform allows users to wager on mobile games. If you are interested in potentially partnering with us, send me an email at [email protected] Thanks, Ari
  19. TGIF to everyone! I just wanted to share our newest exclusive game with you to demonstrate what we are looking for when licensing new games at Softgames. http://games.softgames.de/jelly-picnic/ If you feel you have also a similar cool game please send it to us at "[email protected]" so we can talk about an exclusive or non-exclusive sponsorship! We also do many work for hire projects with developers! Hope you enjoy the game and looking forward to your feedback! Thanks Andre
  20. Hello everyone, I am a game developer with a strong focus on mobile games. I currently have 6 engines for HTML5 games built in Game Maker: Studio, later this month I am going to hire artists to do artwork for them, then after some minor polishing I would like to send out to to HTML5 publishers and offer a bulk discount on non-exclusive licenses. To start building bridges with HTML5 publishers, I sent my game Gridlock out as an experiment. I was fairly surprised with the results. I am currently in communication with 7 HTML5 sponsors regarding licensing it. If every agreement goes as planned, I will have made more money from game development this month than I did from going into my day job every day. If I achieve similar results with my game bundle, I think I will make enough to (comfortably) quit my day job. I have been using Game Maker since I was 8 years old and I've grown proficient enough with it to create high-quality games, but outside of GM I'm a fairly inexperienced programmer. I have a decent amount of experience with HTML5 and CSS, but I never got very far into JS or sadly HTML5. Several of the companies I'm in communication with have requested API Implementation. Admittedly, I expected this. I've heard the horror stories about it on Twitter, and it's a huge subject of interest in the Sponsors and Portals sub-forum. I've read about it in Matthew Bowden's book (which introduced me to the HTML5 market) but it only briefly touched on the subject. I've Googled it to death and understand the idea behind it, but it's still something of an enigma to me. I can't seem to find any solid information on API Implementation into HTML5 games built in Game Maker: Studio. I know it's a complicated and tedious process, that some developers charge portals for and I'm willing to learn how to do it. I just can't find a solid resource on the subject. From what I understand, I need to create an Extension in Game Maker that will read JS functions. I just can't find a clear resource on how to do so. Any links, or advice would be appreciated. It might literally change my life. Thanks in advance!
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