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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone, I recently contacted a few sponsors to get their input and feedback about my games and created a basic summery of the requirements they would like. I am not sure whether ALL must be considered depending on the sponsor, but it definitely makes your game look more professional Some of you may know all this already, but for GameDevs who are breaking in to the industry it could help them. Here's the general requirement for creating a professional looking HTML5 games: - Offers the player a deep in game experience and give the player a reason to return to the portal for multiple gaming sessions. - Works perfectly on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and PC (if yes, name the device(s) you have tested it on). - It is optimized for phone and tablet. - Works in full screen (no URL bar visible) and automatically scales to any high/low resolutions (no black borders visible ) - Handles device rotation automatically (showing “please rotate screen” information). - Has a loading bar and optimized loading times. - Sound can be turned off/on (if there are any). - Text is separated from images (Google Web Fonts may be of help here). - Text is loaded from an external file to make localization easy. That is what I have gathered so far. And there you go, if you have anything else to add, I will add it to the list
  2. In two years, after the gold rush of 2013 and crash and burn of 2014 the market has drastically changed. This thread is an 'opinion hub' for everyone interested in where the market is heading and how to stay relevant. Major points: Small portals went out of business, only major ones remained: Spil Games, Booster Media, Famobi (Kaiser), KeyGames, ClickJogos, SoftGames.Prices went down (~ 3x since 2013), exclusives became extremely rare.Small simple games are not sellable anymore. Do not waste your time making one.Publishers want native quality, gameplay depth, player progression, unlocks, in-game shops, etc. Quick cloning of trending games from appstore will make you at least a few sales.To make a good exclusive deal your game should be fun on both desktops and mobiles, and should be wrapped as native mobile app too.Do not count on more than $5,000 for exclusive, even if you have a decent quality game on hands. Even in 2013 $10k was the upper limit.If you have a quality html5 game, you better wrap it in native and find a proper mobile publisher instead (may be through FGL).But mobile games market is already oversaturated, so do not count on anything unless you have buckets of luck.If you have a decent portfolio, you can make a living creating games on contract basis. Generally it's less risky and more profitable.According to hype cycle html5 is past its peak of inflated expectations. But it's still on its way to plateau of productivity.Learn to make sustainable business out of game development to stay afloat in the long term. Feel free to add more in the comments!
  3. Hi there, I have been making games for years, but always working for a company or making exactly what a company wanted in that moment. Now I just finished my first game, the first one that I want to monetize "by myself". I have been reading a little bit about that but I didn´t find good links (I´m pretty sure they´re there...) and I want to know the steps that I should take in consideration to sell my game. protect the code? send it to sponsors? list it in portals? Ads or no ads? Blah blah blah. I would like to find all that information and compile it for all the people that is starting with this like I´m, so every help would be appreciated, links, advices, books... everything Thanks in advance and help me, help us. * PROTECT/UGLYFY YOUR CODE * DON´T PUBLISH YOUR GAME IN A PUBLIC PORTAL IF YOU WANT A SPONSOR
  4. Few questions. Ok so a HTML5 game is a collection of files? there's no bundle or zip of all the files together say like an .ipa file or .swf ? If the above is true, how does your game get hosted by websites? do you just send them all of the individual files? What's the norm for the above though? you sending all your files to a website? or them iFrame linking to the game hosted on your own site/host? How does it work with screen sizes/resolution, so for example in Flash I'd use 800x600 in iOS I would use 960x640, but does the HTML5 game need to be coded to run in all of those situations (web and mobile) or it usual to target a particular format? and how would I set up either of those situations in Phaser? What are the HTML5 game resolutions that websites are most interested in?Thanks for any advice!
  5. Considering the Safari (IOS7) and last version of Chrome mobile, How did you handle this situation? Did you find coding workarounds or simply expain that these are not your fault? In the last case, what was the sponsors reaction?
  6. Hey all, just curious what you think or know about the current movement of some of the well known sponsors. It seems like they are branching out with some interesting new projects, e.g.: - MiniJuegos seems to work on miniplay.com - Kimia Solutions just released a new Android App called GameClips - BoosterMedia gets more money from investors and trying to expand their work with third party devs - SpilGames is building up its own team of HTML5 game devs What's your opinion about it? Is the HTML5 game market close to its final break through? Do you know any more current changes? Just interested in your opinion. Best, benny!
  7. Hello everyone, I am a game developer with a strong focus on mobile games. I currently have 6 engines for HTML5 games built in Game Maker: Studio, later this month I am going to hire artists to do artwork for them, then after some minor polishing I would like to send out to to HTML5 publishers and offer a bulk discount on non-exclusive licenses. To start building bridges with HTML5 publishers, I sent my game Gridlock out as an experiment. I was fairly surprised with the results. I am currently in communication with 7 HTML5 sponsors regarding licensing it. If every agreement goes as planned, I will have made more money from game development this month than I did from going into my day job every day. If I achieve similar results with my game bundle, I think I will make enough to (comfortably) quit my day job. I have been using Game Maker since I was 8 years old and I've grown proficient enough with it to create high-quality games, but outside of GM I'm a fairly inexperienced programmer. I have a decent amount of experience with HTML5 and CSS, but I never got very far into JS or sadly HTML5. Several of the companies I'm in communication with have requested API Implementation. Admittedly, I expected this. I've heard the horror stories about it on Twitter, and it's a huge subject of interest in the Sponsors and Portals sub-forum. I've read about it in Matthew Bowden's book (which introduced me to the HTML5 market) but it only briefly touched on the subject. I've Googled it to death and understand the idea behind it, but it's still something of an enigma to me. I can't seem to find any solid information on API Implementation into HTML5 games built in Game Maker: Studio. I know it's a complicated and tedious process, that some developers charge portals for and I'm willing to learn how to do it. I just can't find a solid resource on the subject. From what I understand, I need to create an Extension in Game Maker that will read JS functions. I just can't find a clear resource on how to do so. Any links, or advice would be appreciated. It might literally change my life. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello everyone, This is my First post here and i would like to share my on going experience on developing and publishing my HTML5 mobile browser games.am just developing small games for now,i dont want to waste time on bigger titles just to test how publishers is paying for games. I have decided to develop 2 games per week from now on and sell non-exclusive licenses to publishers.if am profitable then i will move to Andriod and ios native apps then Appflood cross promotion. All i wanted to do is share my experience so that other indie developers take advantage of it. there are several developers who are just waiting for right information to learn and take a step on developing games. Here is my new Side scrolling Runner game Raw sampple: This is just a sample work and i want to make very light weight games so no more depth and shadows included. Game will support every mobile and tablet Browsers and also resolutions.with in couple of days will share more information on this game and i wish to get some feedback. If any publishers are reading this post then you can contact me for quick games to be developed for your mobile sites. regards, Nandakumar
  9. When a sponsor buys a non exclusive license to your game, do you send them your game code obfuscated or not? And what time frame do you give a sponsor within which you will fix bugs he finds?
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