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Found 7 results

  1. My first game with the phaser framework. It's a browser game where you control a bird & a little guy to help them escape. You can switch between the bird and Finn and need to catch the feathers to stay alive. This is just the first version of the game and we are probably going to expand the game with more powerups and enemy's in the near future... Here is the link to the game if you want to try it out http://www.siebevd.be/Finn Let me know what you think about it.
  2. Hi friends, i'm new with Phaser and i did a simple game to study and learn it. The idea isn't original and the game are in development, remember, i did it only to study and learn how to use and program Phaser. You can play it here, use space to jump, its simple. Debbug mode. Normal mode. One las thing, hope you guys like it and don't hate me because my english are so bad! Any news i'll update this post, see you guys.
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you my first html5 game! please check it out on my website or for free on Google Play, thank you https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koalbot.eatthebird httop://www.koalbot.com here are some screenshots:
  4. Hi! This is my first HTML5 that is made for app stores! First I release for Google Play Android market. Also I want to release for IOS and Windos Phone. I sent this game for Flappy Jam about 2 weeks ago. But I'm only releasing oficially now because a couple of issues that I had with the Android Version. But now this game is running fine in Android and this include the IAP inside the game! This is my entry for the app store world. Because I want to gradually exits the sponsorship market. I had to choice this popular theme to get a boost in potential discovery. This game, how the name suggests, is a mix of Angry Birds with Flappy Bird. Sorry for more one Flappy Bird based game, but I think this have differential. Please do a try! Web version: http://angryflappybirds.com The game was rejected in Google Play because the word "Flappy" in the name, then I had to renname the game in Google Play that now is "Sling Birds".
  5. Hi from Clumsy Mew, a game inspired by the famous most addicting game "Flappy Bird". Help the Poor "Clumsy Mew" and his tween brothers and sisters like you helped "Flappy Bird" to find his way to home. The game has wonderful graphics with little pixel style on some spots. So you want to find another game like "Flappy Bird", but you want to be unique, and still to have some "Flappy Bird" similarities, Well Ladies and Gentlemen you have finally found the real one. it's the Clumsy Mew. ★ What makes this game so special?! ★ Flappy Bird Gaming Style. ★ Beautiful Graphics. ★ You can exit the game ★ Ability to Login to your Facebook - YES! Finally you can Login to Facebook and compete with all the Clumsy Mew Facebook Players, you can check the Leaderboard, post a message on Facebook or switch accounts. ★ Use Lives to save your Clumsy Mew. -YUP again! You can use Mew Lives to save your Clumsy Mew, and what's the best is that on the beginning you get 3 LIVES for Free. ★ Can I get Mew Lives for free? - Yes, Yes, and Yes! There two ways to earn Lives, making score bigger than 50 points from the previous or watching 15-30 seconds ad video.We know that ADs are boring and wasting time, but because We can't sell apps and because many people don't have credit cards and that stuff Infinity Studio has decided to sell the app for free with ADS. ★. How Can I earn Lives by watching Videos. -It's very simple after you lose in the game over menu there is a free button with heart on it, tap on it and there you can see how many videos have you watched. To be able to earn Live you need to watch three Videos minimum, just tap on the "Watch" button and wait a little until the video loads (depends on your Network) and after you've watched tap on the "Get" button and then on the "Heart" button between "Get" and "Watch" button and your Views will be exchanged for lives. That's it. ★. I watched the video but I haven't earn a live yet?! - That can usually occur if: 1. You pressed the back button instead of clicking the closing button on the video. 2. You must watch at least three videos to earn One Live. 3. You didn't tap on the "Get" button and the "Heart" button (see question 9). 4. There is something wrong with your network. ★ Where is the "Get" and "Heart" button. - after tapping on the free button a dialog will appear and there are three buttons on the bottom, The left button is the "Get" Button. The Middle is the "Heart" Button and on the Right is the "Watch" Button ★ Steps to get Free Lives by watching videos. - First tap the "Watch" button (wait until finishes) - Then tap the "Get " Button - Then Tap the "Heart Button" ★ Why there are ADS. - Clumsy Mew is free, we are independent little studio that Loves Making Games and App, and to be able to bring more great apps and games we need support. ★ Anything about the Creator?! - My name is Angjelko Miloshevski I'm a HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 Developer, I also Develop Phonegap A.K.A Cordova Apache Apps,and of course Android Games with the help of the Cocoonjs Technology By Ludei Team. This is my first App in the Gaming and App World. Thanks for playing Clumsy Mew Permissions: -Internet Permission: To Connect to Facebook and Show ADS -Phone State: to check if a call interrupts the game -Location Permission: used for Facebook. We respect your Privacy. Facebook is a trademark of Facebook Inc. and not in any way related to this product. Use of this and other trademarks is subject to Facebook Permissions or the respective trademark owners. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infinity.clumsymew
  6. Excellent ninja game where you must avoid the obstacles by pressing the screen to make the ninja jump. In each ninja touch screen simulates the movement of a bird. Care to stay on the ground could fall over: D When leaving the screen you will be automatically deleted Your ninja rises as if he had doing a flappy wings Get an excellent score in this game of extreme difficulty Please leave your opinion!!! Play online now: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/247290209/Games/Ninja%20Jump/index.html or in developer site: http://paclabs.com.br/games/ninja-jump/ Play on Android now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paclabs.clumsy.jump.ninja For the Android platform has a world ranking Play on Windows Phone now: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=3237fee5-99f6-4c5c-8341-826c7af62d30
  7. Hi all ! Here is the first game i released using Phaser (amazing tool, thanks rich and all contributors) ! I made it in a week for the Flappy Jam. Save Flappy Birds is simple : you have to jump over running flappy birds. Its originality consists of the possibility to swap between 2 characters of different weight. Master this to make a great score ! The game is also playable on a touchscreen and i'll soon try to make it available on the AppStore and Google Play Store (never did it before, if you have any advice let me know). >> The link of my entry on itch.io : http://aurelien974.itch.io/save-flappy-birds << (and soon on my website too) >>> EDIT : to rate the game : http://itch.io/jam/flappyjam/rate/2701 <<< EDIT : here is the source on GitHub : https://github.com/aurelien974/Save-Flappy-Birds Have fun and give me your feedback
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