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Found 19 results

  1. PlayLikeScrooge.com - Your Ultimate Nintendo Switch Deals Finder! Find the cheapest Nintendo Switch deals and get alerts on game sales. Price: $2990 (In Crypto - ETH/USDC/DAI/PLS) 🌐 Turnkey website with significant potential. 🚀 Operating flawlessly for 2 years, initially as a hobby. 🖥️ Optimized for both desktop and mobile use. 🌱 All traffic is fully organic 📈 Boasting over 500 registered members with ongoing growth (all without any active promotion). Features: 💰 Price monitoring for best deals 📬 Instant email notifications on price drops 👥 Ability to share your Switch code with friends 📋 Efficient games list manager 💹 Ability to see and share your games' net worth (for reselling) 📜 Ability to share your wish lists with friends 🎮 Create and share personalized games wish lists 🧩 Filter games for easy browsing by price, developer, genre, etc. 📊 Access historical pricing data from the past 2 years, serving as a valuable reference for prices The site is built on the Gatsby framework delivering exceptional speed and performance by serving purely HTML content (no server rendering). It also achieves full automation by effortlessly updating game price lists and promptly uploading fresh site content to the hosting using just one simple command. You can adjust this process through scheduled tasks on your PC or via an automated deployment platform. Markets and language: - Currently, the games listed for the US market - Build-in support for Canada & Mexico (all historical pricing info is there) Untapped Opportunities: 💳 Sell Nintendo eShop gift cards. 🔒 Add marketplace for buying/selling Switch accounts/consoles/games. 🌐 Explore affiliation for the relevant products and market. 📦 Explore subscription-based service for unique content or features. 📢 Advertising Tech stack and hosting The site was built with Gatsby and Firebase Hosting via Firebase (currently around $4) Web Site: PlayLikeScrooge.com Telegram: @naknick_com Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/lnh9VkJ
  2. Hi guys and girls I'm an indie developer of a gaming website related to desktop, mobile, console and web games. It's free to add your games with direct links to official stores (even if you don't get much traffic it's good for your SEO/ASO probably). Besides, I have a simple API for web games, with methods for authorization and payment processing. However my web category right now is almost empty, and I my minor goal is to make it more populated with games. I'm making this project in my free time, and mostly doing some dev things, however I'm also trying to grow it's rankings and doing some marketing. Is not going very fast and hard to compete with existing sites, but I love to do that. So, basically, I'm looking for game developers, who doesn't mind publishing their games on an indie and yet-to-be-grown project. Everything is discussable If you feel like we can give each other a hand of help on this tough way to success - let me know please. Thanks for attention!
  3. There used to be a little (rocket ship?) button to run the code just above the text editor on the examples pages. Now it is gone. :/
  4. Well this is kind of a really noob dought. I have never put a website online and of course google can help and it helped already but I wanted your opinion. Can I host my website for free? Using what?
  5. I want to know what is the code to put location based search like one in image in my website . i also want to know how we setup that button to detect our location btw i want use googles api for location services The picture is from the website zomato.com i hope ill get reply soon..
  6. Hello, I just published a website with a landing page made almost entirely with Phaser: http://www.zehkiflorn.com/ The site is inspired by 90's interactive screensavers and animated by my husband. Most of the interaction comes through clicking the blue pods at the top, which causes the little desktop pets to pop out and interact with each other. Right now the main page just links to older portions of the site, but eventually we plan to incorporate most of the site into the main page with animated transitions.
  7. Hi Everyone I have just lauched my new website http://html5gamer.mobi It has 9 new phaser games that I created with the phaser framework, I'm just looking for some feedback on what people think of the games / website You can play the games in your browser or through the play store. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance Eric
  8. The website examples do not seem to be editable anymore. I used to tweak an example and hit the "run" button, but that seems to have been replaced with reload example - which does not seem to do anything. I have tried in different browsers to be sure. Example below. http://phaser.io/examples/v2/animation/animation-events Is there a keyboard combo which might run new edits? Sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find a match when searching.
  9. Hi, I would have finished my first game, Greedy Panda, by the end of next month by the latest, and like many other HTML5 devs, I wanted to get a personal website and host them. I've currently got beta versions of my game hosted on a 000.webhost.com page, for testing mostly, but if I am serious about HTML5 development, I should have a single page where I can blog, display my games etc. Problem is I've never done this kind of thing before. The most obvious ones to use seem to be buying a domain and hosting space all in one go like with Wordpress or SquareSpace but I wanted to know if there is anything I should know or any better alternatives. Or even if having a website at this stage isn't required, I suppose I could just send a tinyurl link to my game, or is that less professional? Any ideas?
  10. 3D website is "Creative Anarchy v.3" online ... You can see the project using the link below: http://www.cete.com.tr/
  11. The phaser.io website is pretty beautiful but there is a problem with documentation that I would like to be solved: whenever I learn about some Phaser class I need to see both public properties and methods. But with current implementation I have to scroll through all the public properties (which may be a long list) to the methods (example: http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.7/Phaser.Group.html). There at least could be an anchor to the Public Methods at the top of the page, but I think it would be better if there was an index of all public methods and properties at the top of a class page. Sorry if this is not the best place to post this kind of a problem.
  12. I've just launched my new website www.punkoffice.com . My previous one was a complete 3D experience which I think put off potential clients with long loading times and non-intuitive navigation. This new one resembles a traditional website but with 3D elements in there. No loading screens or progress bars. Just a smooth transition. A few tricky things here: Placeholder images I didn't want loading screens, progress bars or blank spaces. What I did was saved the canvas "right click to save as an image" and displayed that behind a transparent canvas. I used this code to hide that placeholder image as soon as the 3D object is displayed: mesh.registerAfterRender(function() { if (start) { $("#placeholder", window.parent.document).hide(); start = false; } }); This is hiding the placeholder div in the iframes parent website. If webGL is not enabled and the 3D fails then the user still gets to see a 2D image. Also search engines will parse the page and will use that placeholder image. Title bar This is in an iframe. On desktop the light direction follows the mouse. This is done using javascript "postMessage" to send the mouse pointer position to the title bar in the iframe. On mobile devices the title bar just moves with the compass. Scrolling past iframes My web designer hated how the scroll wheel stops dead in its tracks when the cursor goes over an iframe. I fixed this by listening to the mouse wheel event in the website within the iframe then passing the direction of the wheel to a function on the calling website then scrolling the appropriate amount. Again only possible with iframes on same domain. Working around broken sessions I needed sessions to authenticate the contact form, making sure it was sent from the website not from someone typing directly in the URL. For some reason as soon as a Babylon.js scene loads, the standard PHP session is overwritten. PHP sessions are stored via the cookie PHPSESSID. All I did was use my own cookie and it remained untouched by scene loading. Babylon core When I'm using Babylon.js iframes they can start to fail on mobile devices because of too many audio engines being created. I switched to just using babylon.2.3.core.js and included the extras. In this case I had to also include babylon.fxaaPostProcess.js for anti-aliasing the textures. Thank you Babylon.js community for all your help!!
  13. Notice that for the API docs the div topper scrolls with the page as you navigate when compared to the community page, which allows you to scroll away from the div topper. Vertical space is extremely valuable when reading code and documentation (or anything on a computer screen, really). I can see a possible rationale for this design decision being the ability to switch versions from anywhere in the page, as the version toolbar scrolls with the div topper, but I don't think the trade-off nearly worth it. This has bugged me enough that I had to checkout the git repository and browse the docs locally. I believe it would be a better docs-browsing experience for all Phaser users with this small change. I propose the following change to docs.css: topper { position: relative; z-index: 99999; width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; background: url(/images/bg-body2.jpg) no-repeat 50% 0; background-size: 100% auto; } where `position: fixed` has been modified to be `position: relative`. Thoughts?
  14. Hi I am learning to write shaders and I have noticed that there are a lot of different view spaces and it is not always easy to differentiate and test the output without the ability to rotate the object. It gets more complicated when spaces have to be combined such as bump mapping + environment mapping. For example, in the cell shading demo I notice that the spot light appears to stick to the object and I would want to know if this was because I am orbiting the light source or if it would remain static when I rotated the object alone. Is it possible to rotate the object without orbiting the camera on the CYOS site? Could this feature be added if not? http://www.babylonjs.com/cyos/
  15. Hey, Let me introduce myself first. We are a group of flash developers and we create Flash games. We've extended recently and now are capable of converting our games into html5. So we are ready to start a new portal that would be created specially for html5 games. Can you please guys tell me what are the requirements for such a website? I mean in technical requirements. The ideal example for us is (IMHO): gamesgames . com Website works very smooth and fast, has all the features we would like to have and it's also ideally tied with social networks and other trending aspects. So in one sentence: Where do we start to create similar website that would take high load without problems? All your suggestions are Highle appreciated! Thanks, Mike.
  16. I like that the docs are now built into the official Phaser website, and i like the autocompleting search function. However the sticky header is taking up a large portion of the screen, making it annoying to read on smaller screens. The section that's sticking seems only relevant for those that repeatedly need to change which version they're reading. Which for my own case i'll select the version and then really don't need the option omnipresent, not sure how other developers are working with the docs. Example here: http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.4/Phaser.Physics.Arcade.html Just a polite suggestion that unsticking the header would make for easier reading, and keep the UX inline with the rest of the site.
  17. Here's an example of using Babylon.js for fashion retail. Its fully-responsive and runs on mobile devices too. http://www.punkoffice.com/retail/ Its part of my portfolio which I'm putting together to try and get some work. That guy is just some Italian tourist who's staying at the beach here in Melbourne.
  18. Hi guys, How I can scale a website using Phaser as http://flashvhtml.com/? exist any tutorial? I think it's very interesting! Regards
  19. Hi, i was a flash programmer , and i made some games using the starling framework when making a game i always have 2 sets of graphics resolution( x1 for old devices and x2 for retina). with phaser : how to switch out for higher resolution graphics and scale up on retina devices.? have i to use a resolution x1 for website and x2 for mobiles ? any idea? code ? examples? are welcome.
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