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Found 7 results

  1. Planning to develop 1 realtime multiplayer game, which would target Facebook Instant Games with further possibility to extend this into Cordova-wrapped Android/iOS app. The FPS must be rather high, as half second of a delay in the could influence the final battle result. Therefore, for the backend wondering between Firebase, or Colyseus and looking for an opinion of someone experienced with that topic what would perform best for this scenario.
  2. Is it possible to make Firebase working on apps compiled by Cocoon? Followed tutorial, tested on the device with error that cordova-plugin-inappbrowser is not installed. Tried to many plugins, all of those which are available throughout “Plugins” in Cocoon’s developer account. Really it seems to be there is actually NO plugin, which can handle Firebase for Cordova, really?! Some of them had issues during complication, some of them after - including cordova-plugin-inappbrowser. Errors after compilation with error “cordova-plugin-inappbrowser is not installed”: @d2d/cordova-plugin-inappbrowser @types/cordova-plugin-inappbrowser cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-progressed cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-custom cordova-plugin-auth-dialog cordova-inappbrowser appgn.plugin.custominappbrowser appgn.plugin.customappbrowserbeta2 archriss-cordova-inappbrowser-ios archriss-cordova-inappbrowser-android Errors during compilation: com.brainfall.cordova-plugin-inappbrowser custom-inapp-browser-plugin cordova-plugin-sscinappbrowser cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-wkwebview cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-popup-bridge cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-orcas cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-notification cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-location-editable cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-engage-irishferries cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-engage-if cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-engage cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-bypassssl cordova-plugin-inappbrowser-adv cordova-plugin-ete-inappbrowser cordova-fork-inappbrowser-allow-all cordova-customplugin-inappbrowser com.taxiapps.cordova-plugin-inappbrowser com.shoety.cordova.plugin.inappbrowserxwalk com.dt-workshop.inappcrossbrowser
  3. Looking for help if anyone can help me guide thru phaser/firebase for loading player login and data.
  4. Hi All, Are there any examples of a leader board built with phaser and firebase? I essentially just want to create a leaderboard to record the score of a user and they can input there name aswell, i have looked into firebase but its not making any sense to me. Thanks
  5. Hi. It is my first post in the forum. I was looking for a specific category for server-side topic, but found nothing related. I have some experience using PHP with Laravel to create web applications (even I have created some SPAs with Ajax calls), but now I see that Node.JS is the better choice to create multiplayer games (because it provides a realtime interaction between server and connected users). Some days ago I found Firebase and was using it for a bit. I see that the realtime database is really easy to use. The only bad thing is that the validation rules in firebase are strange. We have to validate defining a JSON with the rules. But in general, we can use the realtime feature very easy. We don't need to configure servers with Node.js or My question is, why nobody is using Firebase? When I look for realtime games, always see people using Node.js and (I haven't used it yet but I think that Firebase = Node.js + + MongoDB + the necessary steps to set up all of this). Thank you.
  6. Hi everyone, I just posted my last game, Gore San Fermin, on Facebook and on Gamejolt. I don´t know if you guys know the San Fermin, that spanish bull running thing... well, this is an "alternative" versión, you´re the bull and you´ve to kill/destroy everyone The idea was to post it only on Facebook, but it seems that there´s a bug with Facebook and Canvas games and the link gives an error on mobile browsers, not my fault, it´s on the Facebook side (and if someone can help with this, it´ll be really appreciated). I wanted to test some Firebase stuff, leaderboards and login and seems to be working pretty well, the code is not ofuscated so if you wanna check it, just do it. Let me know whatever you want about the game. Thanks.
  7. Hello Guys, I am developing a html5 based mobile game, multiplayer. It will be a simple card game with lobby etc. I was wondering if Phaser is the right choice to develop the game or something else will be better for this purpose. As for multiplayer part i need to know which is a good service I can use out there. I need a service. I have heard that firebase is good, but i am not sure if it will be the best choice for this kind of game. Any suggestions for both front end and the server part are welcome. Thanks