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Great free and low-cost game graphics


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Today the now-closed browser based MMO Glitch released all of their art assets as public domain. There are hundreds of megs worth of stuff. From lovely looking snowy landscapes to bottles of Goat Whiskey (yes, really). You'll have to dig deep and dig hard to extract what you need, but some amazing stuff in here:






Also found this pretty sweet castle art set today on Graphic River too. Not bad for $5 :)






Feel free to post more links here if you've got them.

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If you go to the encyclopedia at the Glitch website (http://www.glitchthegame.com/encyclopedia/), there are previews and sprite sheets for some of the assets 


There are also Glitch assets at http://opengameart.org/content/glitch-sprite-assets-huge-collection


The locations are being rebuilt and are available as PNG's at http://startlingfecundity.com/location/


Also check out the work in progress at https://github.com/revdancatt/CAT422-glitch-location-viewer

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Hi guys,


we plan on opensourcing everything related to our game Startups From Hell. And we are starting with our nice pixel art.


If you have 20s (or 2 clicks) you can chose which spritesheet you'd like first, the administrative zombie or the vampire banker :)




I'll post the spritesheet here (and opengameart etc) as soon as we get enough answers.




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