A better way for developers to earn from their HTML5 web games

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Hi All!

I'm a single indie game developer who has released games on steam, android,, gamejolt and kongregate etc. Though I felt like I hit a problem when it came to monetizing web games. I found with mobile games, advertising was the best way to earn. So of coarse earning from ad's with your small HTML5 games should be the best way to earn from web games but sites like kongregate only give you on average 25% of ad earnings. While even though I personally love for selling games, you can only earn from donations when it comes to web games. Leaving you with the only option of hosting the games yourself, which means you are alone in driving traffic to your games.

So I set out to not only design a platform that allows developers to earn from ad's ( ad's). A platform which is easy to use, quick to sign up and allows you to instantly publish your games online. A platform which is 100% mobile friendly allowing players to play your games on far more devices. Best of all, you will earn 100% from your game's players.


The play arcade is completely free and allows you to get your game online and start earning within minutes. It is the simplest and quickest way to start earning from your games with ad's. No need for API's, it's all built into the site. Also I want to make the point that I do not earn anything from the site currently, I built the platform originally for my own game's and because this was something that I wanted from a web based platform. I will also never charge for this service or forcefully take a percentage of your ad earnings in the future. The site is still being developed but is fully functional with some pretty cool features too, like:

  • Embed your games easily on any site and still earn from every player
  • Allow your players to give you donations through paypal
  • Allow your players to subscribe to your patreon
  • Turn off ad's at any time and turn them on again... Even choose the frequency your ad is displayed
  • People can review your games
  • Publish your games to the site instantly
  • Keep your game private when testing

The site is growing everyday and I hope you decide to take a look.



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I like your ambition, and its an interesting idea, but your advertising platform is surely not going to earn anyone more than a few dollars. revenue sucks (I used it for years, as both publisher/advertiser) and it doesn't compare to the banner advertising on sites like Kongregate.

On 25/03/2017 at 5:26 AM, iDev said:

I found with mobile games, advertising was the best way to earn

I would also outright disagree with this statement. Advertising must be the worst way to earn money from mobile HTML5 games - sponsorships and contract work are far more profitable. The amount of traffic it takes to earn a significant amount of money from advertising is extremely high (millions of impressions).

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Hey, I appreciate your input on this again. You are right with contract work and sponsorship but that being said I can't think of a way to tie that into the platform currently. boasts above a $2 cpm which isn't bad at all. It's not an end goal but it's an improvement compared to other web platforms. That being said you can also ask for donations and patreon subscribers as well as turn ads off. Giving you more ways to earn and more choice. I want to explore more ways to help developers earn, work exclusively with an ad network or set up my own network in the future. You have to walk before you can run. That being said if you do have any ideas please let me know! 

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