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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everybody! I want to share a Goblin Base Server - an open-source scalable backend based on Node.js, offers: Profiles persisting Cloud functions Real-time multiplayer and many more Preamble. It was developed for about 3 years for internal use of my studio - a PvP card battlers, PvP tower defense and many more games with various PvP mechanics along with simple match-3 games. After some time studio changed direction towards casual & hyper-casual and backend was doomed to be thrown into a trash can. To prevent it I and few of my colleagues adopted the technology(with the consent of all parties of course) and open-sourced it. Now it represents a stack for rapid building of backends for games & apps. Also as far, as it has zero funding, we offer paid support and managed cloud. Check out demo game made with Phaser 3 here: https://github.com/red-machine-games/clash-of-cats-game Get the server itself from here: https://github.com/red-machine-games/goblin-base-server Also, we have a ready-to-use javascript SDK: https://github.com/red-machine-games/goblin-javascript-asset Learn how to deploy it at DigitalOcean from this blog post: https://blog.gbase.tech/blogs/engineering/20191025-up-and-running-goblin-base-server-and-digitalocean/ Hope it will be useful.
  2. Hi guys, I need free html5 games for edit and use it. Do you know good source for download it? Thanks
  3. Hi, I just open sourced my game "Fuzzle" the game I made with PhaserJs and published on play store, hope the source code may help somebody. github repo
  4. Hello, here is a new classic game remade with a complete tutorial description, it use the Superpowers game editor (built on Threejs). You can address in this tutorial post your problems, propose change and ask for tutorial clarity. Or if you feel comfortable with that, you can open an issue on github or even can improve the tutorial directly by submitting pull requests for the markdown files in the github repository. You can also directly discuss about technical aspect of tutorial in the original post here. Thank you :-) SUPERPOWERS TUTORIAL #5 Super Pacman read gitbook tutorial --- play the game --- source assets --- source project Note : you can download fast zip for sources here.
  5. For eight years we at Meanfish Ltd have worked with clients from government offices, schools and universities to NGO’s creating narrative driven games for education, health, research and social causes. From this work we scooped the idea and features for a tool that is going to be the most engaging, user friendly and most importantly fun way for everyone to create narrative driven games and digital content. Now we are looking for two developers to join our team to help us create the open-source tool, platform and the ecosystem that is going to change the world of learning and narrative game development. Senior Full-stack Developer requirements 5+ years of professional experience Proficient in Javascript, CSS and HTML, experience in databases and server infrastructures are appreciated Experience as a tech lead or equivalent in at least two major software projects Excited to put your skills in use to design and develop an ambitious cloud infrastructure Software Developer requirements 2+ years of experience in web technologies Excited and willing to expand your skillset UX driven is a big bonus Highly appreciated in both positions Adventurous attitude for new solutions and wild technologies while maintaining a straight, team driven work mentality Experience in open-source development and willingness to create and maintain open-source communities Experience in one or more of the following technologies: Node.JS, React, HTML5, Redux, GraphQL, Relay, Material-UI, Phaser.io Experience in cloud technologies and distributed systems (Docker, Cloud Foundry) Experience in mobile development (HTML5, React Native) Game industry knowledge and experience Experience in Scrum We offer Technological challenges at the early stage of product development Possibilities to broadly utilize your skills and constantly learn new things The flexibility of a small start-up with the career opportunities of a rapid growth company Colleagues from software developers and game designers to teachers and classical composers Job with societal significance and responsibility Send your application to [email protected] latest by 24.4.2016. Mention in the topic of the e-mail which task you are applying for. Please mention in your application your possible salary request, and attach CV or LinkedIn profile and links to relevant references or profiles (like GitHub). We will start reading applications right away and will invite best of the applicants to a two-phased interview. Don’t hesitate to send us an application to see if you would be the perfect match for our team! More information Location: Tampere, Finland Website: www.meanfish.fi For more information please contact: Johanna Roihuvuo, Office Manager [email protected] +358 (0) 44 5070 781
  6. Hello, I made a tutorial for this little game I just released, I wanted to share it and take the opportunity to join the html5 game dev community. For the technology I use : it is Superpowers (which is a game editor based on threejs) and Typescript.
  7. LINK TO THE GAME This is a game about a brave warrior - a teenage boy who alone was forced to fight an evil troll and his companions. One night while away, his village was burned and his friends were kidnapped. So, he decided to rescue everyone and wipe out the evil settled near his village. The player, a warrior carrying the name Petigor, will need to pass through several levels: a red-hot crater of a volcano, a dark dangerous dungeon and finally meet with the frightful troll and defeat him in battle. This game was made completely using Open-Source software like Blender, Krita, Gimp, Audacity and the WebGl-based engine Blend4Web. All game resources are also available to download, study and modify in the free Blend4Web SDK. Petigor's Tale Teaser Petigor's Tale Gameplay Trailer Facebook Release Article COMING SOON!
  8. Hi there! Just wanted to show you guys my entry to the gbjam3, made in roughly 10 days with Phaser. It's a game boy style puzzle-platformer, starred by Cat who eats a bomb and is put away in the dungeon. To escape, he will have to blow up the blocked exit doors with the bombs laying around. Bombs have to be lit with fire to be used, so be careful not to burn the poor cat! Some screenshots: You can try it here: http://gamejolt.com/games/puzzle/cat-bomb/31152/ The game lacks a lot of cool features I had planed for it, and ended being much more difficult than I was aiming for, but it was my first experience with Phaser and had much fun creating it As soon as the compo voting ends, I will start implementing all the missing features, lowering the difficulty and adding sound effects and music. Also, the game is open-source! I don't expect anyone to learn anything from the messy code, but it is hosted on github if you want to check it out: https://github.com/GameDevelopmentStudio/catbomb
  9. Hello everybody, We, LadybugRiders, are proud to present you the LREditor, a Free & OpenSource Game Editor based on Phaser! You can watch our trailer on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH3FHjw-4Ak It is an alpha version but you already can : Create entities (Sprite, Group, TileSprite, Text)Manage entities (Position, Scale, Rotation, ...)Manage Physics (with P2) (Motion state, Shapes, ...)Attach Behaviours to your entitiesImport/Export your levelsTest and Play your levels at any timeYou can try it here : http://lreditor.herokuapp.com/ And clone it from GitHub here : https://github.com/LadybugRiders/LREditor Or simply visit our website : http://ladybugriders.com We hope you'll enjoy it !
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