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Found 9 results

  1. Hi dudes. Few months ago I made a small game, a quick-shot duel with upgrading elements "Sicario Kid" sicario-kid post And now (few days ago) I found my game on an appstore under other "publisher" who was never contacted with me and of course have no rights for a game. This app store version is a kind of iframe app that working only with Internet connection (the "publisher" only disabled Leaderboard function originally is existed in a game). Moreover you can easily see on a loading screen the "made by 7thReactor" message, and the app version etc. Yesterday I wrote a complaint to App Store support... Waiting for a solution. P.S Really, I don't understand why this guy "the publisher" made it. The apps looks without any monetization and the guy have only one game - my game (for this moment). So what the purpose?
  2. Hi indie and html developers 🙂, a while ago we tried to save a little bit of your time and presented our tool to translate your GOOGLE PlayStore release notes automatically. If you missed - click here (HTML5 - Release Notes - Translation Tool - Google Playstore)! Now we are in the beta test of our new services. It goes far beyond the ideas of our first tool. It enables you to automatically translate and upload all store text assets directly to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Description: - Localizing your store descriptions is essential for your App Store Optimization (ASO). - Translating and uploading app store assets takes a lot of time. You have to translate in over 70 languages for the Google Play Store and in over 25 languages for the Apple AppStore. - Our Elephant Translate Service supports you with this tasks and automates both, translation and uploading. - You provide your base texts, your titles, your keywords, your credentials and we translate and upload everything for you within minutes. - Our tools is easy, comes with lots of help and will guide you through the whole process. Benefits: Get more downloads from all over the world Be more visible within the main stores Optimize your app publishing process Localize titles, keywords and descriptions Change texts and keywords easily Save tons of hours If you are interested to be a beta tester just contact us here or using this link: I WANT AN ELEPHANT - TRANSLATE SERVICE Best regards I WANT AN ELEPHANT TEAM
  3. Hello everyone! I just released my new game, called "Esc 4 Home" on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows 10 Store! It's made with Phaser and ported with Apache Cordova! Did I mention it is also free?
  4. Any examples of games released to App Store or Google Play made with Phaser? Also hope to know what kind of porting system has been used. (e.g. cocoonJS) I know 1 - BiolabDisaster , I've heard this is made with Phaser and ported to app store? any others?
  5. Old-school, retro 8 bit styled game design - along with some mighty thirsty, rough and tumble lumberjacks from above the timber line - combine to create a fun and addictive game that will have you chugging maple syrup from daylight til dusk! It's simple! Choose your character, then tap furiously to chug the most syrup down before your opponent does - but beware - too much, too fast will force you to take a moment to catch your breath! FEATURES: - 10 unique and burly lumberjacks to choose from, try each one to see who can power through the most syrup!- Awesome nostalgic 8 bit styled graphics and sounds transport you back to the days when you had to blow on the cartridge to make the game work!- Fun and challenging game play invites you to be strategic while gulping down gallons of thick maple goodness!- Tweet your accomplishments with a button to announce your master syrup chugger status to all your twitter followers!- Defeat all challengers to become the Super Lumberjack Syrup Chug Champion of the World!
  6. Hey guys we've updated Standoff to 1.1.3 - Optimized for iOS8 - Leaderboard sorting more accurate - Helpful popup dialogs added - Various bug fixes and performance improvements In an empty tract of the milky way where the desperate head in search of something better, you must Standoff against the galaxy’s most fearless opponents - your friends. Standoff pits two players against each other on the same iPad. Players, known as ‘Tub Jumpers’ must destroy their opponent with an arsenal of cannons, troops, tanks, and tubs. Use methodical strategy to build and guide your army through no mans land to take out your enemy’s resources. Blast your cannon to add fire to the mix. Take advantage of support call ins to turn the tide of the battle. Destroy the enemy through any means possible. - Unique two player real time strategy on one ipad - Intense mix of real time strategy and arcade style play - Play between a variety of maps from different areas of the Scutum Crux - Control & manage your Battle Station - Build & Deploy up to 6 ground units with unique abilities from your battle station at any one time - Fire at the other team with a GIANT cannon equipped with 3 firing modes - Turn the tide with support call ins including: -- Alpha team : 6 rifle infantry are dropped in by chopper on your side of the map. -- Air Strike : Cut a gaping hole in the enemy lines with a bombing run. -- Heal Beam : Bring your forces back to full health. - 1500 free tokens to spend on support call ins - Climb the Leaderboards and crush your friends high scores Standoff is the ultimate multiplayer experience for iPad bringing a whole new level of gaming to the App Store. This game is free to play, however there are purchases available for additional game content. A premium upgrade is available for players after a more ‘ad free’ gaming experience. Take that bet to the table, end it with Standoff. = MORE = Website - Facebook - Youtube - Google+ - Music - Meet other tub jumpers - Join the conversation - #TubJumpers #Standoff
  7. Bending HTML5 through space and time. Nyuk Nyuk Games and are celebrating the launch of Standoff to the App Store. This unique game pits 2 players against each other on the same iPad. Beginning with methodical strategy, each game promises to devolve into panicked taps on the screen, endless rematches and the occasional broken friendship… or iPad. Sound exciting? Please download it now from the AppStore and let us know what you think!! To find out more about the game visit or view on App Store now.
  8. Silen

    Fishy Rush

    Hi! This is my first cross-platform project created with Gamemaker Studio. Inspired by Joyride Jetpack Fishy Rush is an extremely addictive and challenging adventure in the underwater world! Collect coins, catch power ups, complete quests and buy upgrades. Enjoy! Features - Endless gameplay with auto-generated quests - Fantastic 3D graphics and sound effects - A lot of upgrades, power-ups and achievements - Multi-language support: English, German, Russian and Turkish Controls Tap to swim up. Release to swim down. Play game (HTML5) - Improved version of Fishy Rush available for mobile markets:
  9. First volume of Sam Bogart adventures just hit the AppStore. Sam is a bear detective, who solves complicated crime cases by punching everybody in the face. The game is totally free for iPhone and iPad (and by free I mean really free, no stupid in-apps. We did add the ads so I guess we'll survive;) Trailer: Link to the game (obviously - it's all created with Html5 and wrapped with CocoonJS)