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Found 10 results

  1. I was playing with the physics inside TUMULT HYPE and I make a little PINBALL, by now is so simple, but is very entertained, I'll be adding more things. Like my other projects is a simple one button game, well toy because I didn't add more details by now (I'm working on them) But you can still play PLAY HERE
  2. Hello all! I'm new to Phaser and trying to create my first game using Phaser 3 and Matterjs. I'm trying to create a simple pinball game but I'm having some trouble with the flippers. I've started by trying to modify the Circular Body example (http://labs.phaser.io/view.html?src=src\physics\matterjs\circular body.js). I'm trying to use the ground like a singular flipper. The example has the ground/flipper set to static which I don't think is right for my purpose. I've looked at some phaser/p2 stuff and it looks like some people have made flippers by setting the mass to 9999, gravity to 0. Is this the best way to create a flipper or does Phaser 3/Matterjs have a different way of creating this effect? Thanks for your help!
  3. This game is now open source: https://github.com/BeFiveINFO/befive-smartball Title: BeFive Smart Ball Platforms: Browser with WebGL enabled. Game Link: http://play.befive.info/smartball/ Instruction Card: http://play.befive.info/smartball/#modal Description: This is a 3D video game version of an old game machines based on pinball. Press start button to dispense balls. Click on the white button and hold until the button turns to green. If you release the button when the green light is on, a ball is launched. Please try using SPACE BAR to shoot balls which is easier than using mouse button. When your balls fall in any of those holes, you are rewarded with a certain number of balls. Game tips: Exchange a number of balls at a time, then keep on shooting as fast as possible to increase your chance of winning balls. Keyboard shortcuts. SPACE BAR: shoot a ball. P: Payout. S: Start. F: Full screen. C: Reset camera position. T: toggle control panel. Additional notes: This game uses Oimo.js (for physics engine) and Three.js (3D rendering). This is my 4th html5 game to publish and is the first I made in 3d. Please feel free to leave feedbacks. Thank you in advance for checking the game out.
  4. Hi, I want to make a pinball game with phaser and p2 js physics. I have a probleme with flips. To make the rotation movement, i must to change anchor to 0,0 with : this.flipGauche.anchor.set(0); but with this the sprite the anchor'sprite change but no the body https://postimg.org/image/76jmynhx5/
  5. Hi All, I have just uploaded my new game Quick Pinball. It is classic pinball game. I used Phaser P2 Physics and Cocoon for wrapper. Here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mussky.quickpinball I hope you like the game
  6. Hi, 1 month ago, I started looking into physics coz I've wanted to make a pinball game (I own 5 real games and am a bit of Pinball freak). So I started looking at physics, which I never had used before (I made some other Phaser games before) Anyway, P2 seemed good enough and I also found this demo by forum member george : http://georgiee.github.io/phaserpinball/ So I worked from that and I now have this : http://n-vision.nl/games/pinball/ Still a work in progress, but It plays quite nicely I think.. What I would like to add is *active* elements that not just bounce the ball back, but kick it back when hit. I can register a hit and then need the bumpers and slingshots to kick the ball away (on top of the bounce) What would be the best way to achieve this ? I tried using body,reverse but that is producing strange effects.. I can think of these options : always apply the same restitution value for bumpers and slingshots (so not dependent on speed of ball) - but that's probably not possible create a virtual kicker using P2 that kicks the ball (seems pretty hard to do for a bumper because it's a circle that can be hit from any direction) create a reverse force for the pinball Anyone has any ideas or pointers ? Besides this - would box2d be better for pinball then P2 ? thanks for any input or feedback.
  7. I searching for ways to start making money with HTML5 game dev, so all your thoughts will be usefull. https://googledrive.com/host/0Bzma_-JMQlddfjllbTRiZE5pdDBvck4tOWRKZEcxT0FaNXN1MHZMekFPdWxPVzVvblhwYWM You need to launch a rocket and resque aliens from planets to base. In future I plan to add twits with replays. What do you think about this? PS. Optimization in progress
  8. Hello everyone! I'm new to Phaser, so please bear with me if I have missed anything obvious. I am currently creating a pinball game, using the P2 physics option, and have managed to setup the level (static object) and ball (standard circle object) easily enough. I have setup gravity etc. But I am having a lot of problems with the flipper/paddles... - The problem I have is I want to set the flipper to static, but still be able to rotate it using the rotate methods. It doesn't seem like you can do this. Various angle/rotation variables are exposed on the game objects and their bodys, but assigning to these manually has inconsistent effects. So, I then tried setting the mass to 9999 and gravity to 0 so I can apply nice rotation methods... but I still find it slowly moves off its original position as I apply rotateLeft/Right to it. I could just force it back to its original x/y but that seems a bit poo. I'd really love to be able to set it to static, and have a nice rotation 'flick' function. - I have found this guy who made a pinball game, and he is using something called "revolutes". I tried copying his code and adjusting just as much as is necessary so it runs on the latest version of phaser (such as updating his math functions), but this always sets my paddle in a negative x,y position. http://georgiee.github.io/phaserpinball/ https://github.com/georgiee/phaserpinball/tree/master/source/javascripts What really annoys me about his project is that he doesn't seem to be telling the paddles to stay in place (through static or gravity modifiers or any other means that I can spot), they "just do". Does setting up a revolute fix an object into one place? Hopefully someone can follow along and help. Thank you very much in advance.
  9. Hi, I'm newbie in Phaser (excuse my english)... Currently I'm developing pinball game. I have created flippers (paddle) via revolute constraints and ball in P2 physics... Everything works perfect but I need to make flippers more powerfull when they hit to ball (I need ball acceleration)... currently CreatePaddle = function(game,x,y, side) { Phaser.Group.call(this, game); this.side = side; this.flipped = false; this.sprite_two = game.add.sprite(x, y, 'paddle'); game.physics.p2.enable(this.sprite_two, true); //this.sprite_two.body.clearShapes(); if(side == 'right') { this.sprite_two.body.loadPolygon('physicsData', 'paddle2'); this.maxAngle = 30; this.pivotOffsetX = 50; this.sprite_two.scale.x *= -1; this.pivotPoint = this.game.add.sprite(this.sprite_two.position.x + this.pivotOffsetX, this.sprite_two.position.y); this.pivotOffsetX = 50; } else { this.sprite_two.body.loadPolygon('physicsData', 'paddle'); this.maxAngle = -30; this.pivotOffsetX = -50; this.pivotPoint = this.game.add.sprite(this.sprite_two.position.x + this.pivotOffsetX, this.sprite_two.position.y); } this.game.physics.p2.enable(this.pivotPoint); this.pivotPoint.body.static = true; this.pivotPoint.body.clearCollision(true,true); this.flipperConstraint = this.game.physics.p2.createRevoluteConstraint(this.sprite_two, [this.pivotOffsetX, 0], this.pivotPoint, [0, 5]); this.flipperConstraint.upperLimitEnabled = true; this.flipperConstraint.lowerLimitEnabled = true; return this.flipperConstraint;}Ball is created like this: //ball - circlecircle = game.add.sprite(470, 300, 'circle');circle.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);game.physics.p2.enable(circle, false);circle.body.setCircle(16);circle.body.fixedRotation = true;Flippers are loaded like this: this.paddle1 = new CreatePaddle(game, 270, 2390, 'left');this.paddle2 = new CreatePaddle(game, 460, 2390, 'right');But how can I add more power to ball which collide with my flipper (paddle) ? Should I create custom material for flipper or is there easier way? Thanks for answers.
  10. Hi all I'm trying to make a toy game that's a pinball game. For this I needed good Physics so I opted for P2JS Have a look at this current version: http://noben.org/pinball/ Here is the source easier to read (you can see I've been at this for a while! @#$%$) https://gist.github.com/keyle/9823187 I'm having big issues with the physics system though... - all materials feel gooey. Ball seem to soften into all other parts... that's not great. - when moving the flippers, the ball quite often falls through... Is it because the refresh rate is too slow? is there a function to call to force a refresh of the physics system? Or does the physics system does not support fast moving items? - no matter what I tweak, the bounciness feels odd. Center of a surface seems to be a lot bouncier than the edges! - I couldn't figure out how to change the pivot (center of rotation) of the P2JS body... I opted with using larger PNG and shifting the position of the sprite inside, giving me a large P2JS body. Are any of you familiar enough with P2JS? Documentation is... sparse to say the least. Can you help with any of the items above? Thanks!
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