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Found 68 results

  1. State of WebGL

    Two different WebGL implementations (chrome on the left, firefox on the right) working side by side on Linux x64. Note the subtle difference in colors.
  2. Chrome Material Issue

    Hey everyone, I have something weird happening with the game I develop. See in this test page : ( it is a special preview for you! ) The materials of the units and buildings are flashing. I observed this behavior only on chrome (working normal on IE, Edge and Mozilla) and not on all computers I tested (maybe there is a problem with a specific version of chrome). I use BABYLON.MultiMaterial on units and buildings because they always have 2 colors so one material for each color. But when it flashes on Chrome, this is either one color or the other on the entire mesh. I put a video attached which show the bug in case you don't see it on the test page. (weird video format but playable with VLC) Bye, Pichou chromematerialbug.webm
  3. Hi, on Chrome 63 (12/12/17) there is a Pointer Lock bug. When trying to spin around 360 degrees, the camera angle will randomly snap back to start position. I filed a problem report with the Chrome team, hopefully it will be resolved soon. Just wanted to let people know. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I am getting a strange bug in chrome with the pointer lock API. When using chrome on windows 10, the mouse will randomly move to a new location as I move the mouse around. I have repeated this bug on seperate machines. Works fine on firefox. Here's a play ground: I removed the non chrome pointer lock stuff. Pointerlock code for chrome: scene.onPointerDown = function (evt) { canvas.requestPointerLock(); }; I would really appreciate any help on this! Thanks!
  5. Hi ive been making a game with phaser and ive set out my game to have each game state a separate java-script and then loads the js file when it needs game.add.tween(BlackFade).to( {alpha: 1}, 100, "Linear", true ) console.log(BlackFade.alpha) if (BlackFade.alpha >= 0.9 ){game.state.start('endGame');} WebSocket connection to 'ws://localhost:8125/' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED VM143:870 This is the error i get ^^
  6. Video won't play on Chrome Android

    Hello, I'm doing a project with Phaser (v2.7.5) and I have some issues trying to play videos with Chrome on Android (58.0). I've tried with several different tablets, it does not seem the problem is related to the device. The same code is working on desktop (Chrome & Firefox) and on Firefox Android. This is basically my code : var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, '', { preload: preload, create: create}); function preload() {'videodemo', 'video/reward.mp4'); } function create() { var videodemo ='videodemo'); videodemo.addToWorld(game.height/2, game.width/2, 0.5, 0.5);; } I've tried the following workaround, which I found on another topic. The video plays on Android if I test the code with codepen but for some reason it doesn't if I upload it on my own server. Any ideas ? Thanks
  7. Low quality rendering in Chrome

    Hi, I've faced situation when Chrome suddenly has started to render 3D in a very low quality ("pixelized"). This has happened only on my local web server and only with Chrome. IE, FF on Local Web => OK Chrome on BabylonJS playground => OK Chrome on Local Web => Low quality I've cleaned cookies and local data storage in Chrome, but that did not helped. Is there any way to restore normal rendering? Thank you in advance!
  8. Been already spending time to solve this problem. Your knowledge or solution to this problem is much appreciated. Thanks in advance Currently I am developing app using > **Phaser Frame Work** and encounter this problem when we put our assets folder to a different folder like we have our cdn. When loading the game assets to the same server it works perfectly fine. When we put our assets to a different server that will serves as our resource folder then our assets are not being loaded. Here is a sample of our preload function Preload(game) { this._oPhaser = game; }; Preload.prototype = { preload: function () { var p = this._oPhaser; p.load.crossOrigin = "anonymous"; var time = new Date().getTime(); var default_assets = _ASSETS_ + 'assets/default/img/'; var lang_assets = _ASSETS_ + 'assets/' + p._LANGUAGE + '/img/'; var images = { 'report-header': lang_assets + 'report/report-header.jpg', 'report-description': default_assets + 'report/report-description.jpg', 'horizontal': default_assets + 'report/horizontal.jpg', 'vertical': default_assets + 'report/vertical.jpg', 'bg' : default_assets + 'report/report.jpg', 'tie_game' : lang_assets + 'report/tie_game.png', 'player_wins' : lang_assets + 'report/player_wins.png', 'dealer_wins' : lang_assets + 'report/dealer_wins.png', 'chip_report' : default_assets + 'report/chip_report.png', } for (var i in images) { p.load.image(i, images[i] + '?' + time); } var atlas = { 'dice' : default_assets + 'dices', 'result' : default_assets + 'result' }; for (var i in atlas) { p.load.atlas(i, atlas[i] + '.png?' + time, atlas[i] + ".json?" + time); }; p.load.json('lang_file', _ASSETS_ + 'assets/' + p._LANGUAGE + '/lang/language.json'); }, create: function () { this._oPhaser._LANGUAGE_FILE ='lang_file'); this._oPhaser.state.start('report'); } }; all the codes work well on android devices, desktop. Except that it is not working on **iOS Device iPhone Chrome Browser** but works well on SAFARI BROWSER. When i take a look at the console.log of the test device using WEINRE debugging tools. I have this following warnings > Phaser.Loader - image[report-header]: error loading asset from URL > > Phaser.Loader - image[report-description]: error loading asset from > URL > > Phaser.Loader - image[horizontal]: error loading asset from URL > > Phaser.Loader - image[vertical]: error loading asset from URL > > Phaser.Loader - image[bg]: error loading asset from URL > > Phaser.Loader - image[tie_game]: error loading asset from URL > > Phaser.Loader - image[player_wins]: error loading asset from URL > > Phaser.Loader - image[dealer_wins]: error loading asset from URL > > Phaser.Loader - image[chip_report]: error loading asset from URL > > Phaser.Loader - textureatlas[dice]: error loading asset from URL > > Phaser.Loader - textureatlas[result]: error loading asset from URL > > Phaser.Loader - json[lang_file]: error loading asset from URL > Causing the app not to properly render. > NOTE : IPHONE CHROME BROWSER iOS 10.3.2 CHROME VERSION 58.0.3029.113
  9. WebGL warnings

    Hi, does anyone knows what this warning means? [.Offscreen-For-WebGL-0x7fbd8c95ea00]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 0 I get it in chrome, looks like that everything works fine, but I wouldn't like to ignore it I tried to search for it and looks like it was reported for other libs also (threejs ...)
  10. Hi, I have a full-screen mode in my game and it works fine before Chrome update. This code still works fine on Firefox on the same device. I found also that is not working in Chrome v56 too. Have you met this issue and how you fix it? I also will be glad if Rich give some answer/comments about this issue. If it will help you, I also found, that fullscreen works JUST if you click a border between the game and background (not the game and not a background, just a place where they connects together). Best wishes, NellyKey
  11. Chrome extensions development

    Has anyone ever developed one? I am having trouble with background <-> front-script communication
  12. Hello! My game does not render in chrome when I use the AUTO mode. I have the same problem with the Phaser examples that are in AUTO mode. Everything goes well when I test my game on Safari or on mobile browsers. Here is my configuration : macOS Sierra 10.12 chrome 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) Does anyone has had the same issue? Any solution (other than configuring the game in CANVAS mode)? Thank you. Regis.
  13. Hi everyone, I have a game for the mobile version of chrome, and the startFullScreen stop working since Chrome was updated to the 56 version. Is there a work around for that issue?
  14. Hi all, i'm facing with this problem on some chrome browser (updated), can some one suggest where i must check the error? I use typescript with webpack. Can some one tell me how to figure out this error? The code work well also in internet explorer!!! The problem is only on chrome windows. This is my webpack configuration: var path = require('path'); var webpack = require('webpack'); var phaserModule = path.join(__dirname, '/node_modules/phaser/'); var phaser = path.join(phaserModule, 'build/custom/phaser-split.js'), pixi = path.join(phaserModule, 'build/custom/pixi.js'), p2 = path.join(phaserModule, 'build/custom/p2.js'); const { CheckerPlugin } = require('awesome-typescript-loader') var definePlugin = new webpack.DefinePlugin({ __DEV__: JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(process.env.BUILD_DEV || 'true')) }) module.exports = { entry: { app: [ //'babel-polyfill', path.resolve(__dirname, 'app/index.ts') ], vendor: ['pixi', 'p2', 'phaser'] }, watch: true, devtool: 'cheap-source-map', output: { pathinfo: true, path: path.resolve(__dirname, 'dist'), publicPath: './dist/', filename: '[name].js' }, module: { rules: [{ test: /\.ts(x?)$/, exclude: /node_modules/, loader: "awesome-typescript-loader" //loader: "babel-loader?presets[]=es2015!awesome-typescript-loader" }, { test: /\.css$/, loader: 'css-loader' }, { test: /pixi\.js/, use: ['expose-loader?PIXI'] }, { test: /phaser-split\.js$/, use: ['expose-loader?phaser'] }, { test: /p2\.js/, use: ['expose-loader?p2'] } ] }, plugins: [ new CheckerPlugin(), new webpack.optimize.CommonsChunkPlugin({ name: 'vendor', filename: 'vendor.bundle.js', minChunks: Infinity }), ], resolve: { alias: { 'phaser': phaser, 'pixi': pixi, 'p2': p2 }, extensions: [".tsx", ".ts", ".js", ".jsx"] } };
  15. Anyone seeing a strange white rectangle drawn in the Phaser game canvas in Google Chrome (Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)) WebGL mode on OSX Sierra (10.12.3)? I thought that it was just me having the problem. I am not using WebGL / auto as a temporary work around. Other Phaser examples I have seen are working fine.
  16. Hallo Community, I have a problem with HandJS on touch devices with Google Chrome 55 or higher. When I try to rotate or zoom or anything else the 3d object, it moves a little bit and then stops. When I make a console log on every pointermove event it get triggered once after the pointerdown event. In my opinion it should get triggered many times, just like the touchmove event does. According to Caniuse, Chrome 55 is the first version which supports the pointer events. I think that chrome might have the pointer events implemented a bit different than IE or Edge, but the Workaround with HandJS does not work anymore because the pointerevents actually exist. So my question would be how to write a workaround? Hopefully you could help me. Sincerely, David
  17. Error on PG: Compilation error Your browser does not support WebGL Chrome v. 54.0.2840.98, OS X 10.9.5 Any PG results in this error with the above version of Chrome; Safari and Firefox are OK. Bummer!
  18. Hello, I anyone else experiencing serious cache isues using the latest version of chrome? I work on my server and update fles quickly, and a month ago I coud refresh and any new changes would be updated as the chrome browser would reload the updated file. Then about a month ago (maybe two), I had to open a new tab to get chrome to load a same name script whic was updated. But as of last week, I now must clear my cache regardless to get chrome to release any previous same name assets or scripts. If anyone has a solution to this, I'd love to hear; or if you are also experiencing the same issue. Thanks DB
  19. Hello, I switched the physics engine from cannon back to Oimo, and suddenly the scene won't load in Chrome - but loads fine in Firefox. The only changes in code are what @adam added to cause the Oimo extension to behave as expected - with the exception of adding friction to the sphere imposters. I can't even get to the console to see what might be happening. So if anyone has a debugger which might work, and has the time to look at the scene, any info as to why the scene won't load would be invaluable. I must use Chrome to test now as I have to deliver the scene to run in Chromium. Also, scene.getPhysicsEngine().setTimeStep(); no longer has any effect on the physics engine using Oimo. And this is essential to the client's requirements, as the motion is still too rapid regardles of any setting for this function. I don't want to switch back to cannon, so I hope someone can provide answers - as no debugging tools I have provide any feedback - wierd. Also, If you load the scene, it now takes at least 20 seconds to load, whereas using cannon.js on tokk approx. 2 seconds to load the scene and begin the simulation. Any feedback on this issue is highly appricited. Cheers, DB
  20. Hi All, I am trying to set up a scene with a particle system but was hoping to render it with a transparent background. When I try in Chrome the particle system is clipped to the mesh in a very rough fashion and has some weird discolouration. I have a playground setup here: Is there anything I can do to get this to work in Chrome? It works perfectly in Firefox or IE. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hi everyone. I'm creating a game and I was testing it into different browsers. I always use Chrome for my tests and everything is fine there. I tried on Edge and it works perfect as in Chrome. Then I opened it in Firefox and there's a problem. It opens the preloader, the mainMenu page in which there is the name of the game and two buttons, but as I try to click on the "play" button, which brings me to the actual game, I have no answers. When I open the page I get these messages in firefox console log: I think the WebGL error is a Phaser one, because I use CANVAS in my game: (in index.html) var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.CANVAS,''); And I guess that the "mozHidden" etc line is just a warning. So that TypeError must be the issue. What is the problem with those lines? What am I doing wrong with the instantiation of my game? Is it a problem that I use prototypes for my game like: (in Level1.js) Game.Level1 = function(game) { }; Game.Level1.prototype = { preload:function(game){ //... }, create:function(game){ //... } }; ? Oh, and I tried opening the game in the Firefox safe-mode, without the additional plug-ins, and it works like it should be. Any help would be really appreciated! Thank you very much. EDIT I tried deleting the cache on Chrome and Edge and it doesn't work immediately even there, giving me some phaser errors like the ones before. But no error about my code. And if I refresh the page several times, like 4 or 5 or more, it begins working again like it should. What could this problem be due to?
  22. Hello, I recently found out that my game looks bright (sometimes too bright) only in the desktop Chrome browser (version 53) on OSX (El Capitan). Has anyone gotten similar problems? I checked up few of those Phaser bitmap examples (such as this one) but the examples do not apparently have the color difference issue. I am afraid that I might be doing something wrong with the images or the script. Thank you very much for your advices on this matter in advance. Left : Chrome / Right : Safari P.S. I tried removing color profile from image or choosing different color profiles, which did not solve the problem.
  23. Hello Babylonians, I just spent the past couple of weeks working on video sync between multiple users and devices, and couldn't get sync working reliably from the server to all devices. And more specifically, I was unknowingly wasting valuable time troubleshooting why I wasn't able to sync video on Android, unless play and pause was initiated from the Android device. Yet I was able to consistantly sync video 100% on every other device, OS, and browser for multiple users based upon other conditions. I searched the forum and also spent considerable time on Google and other search engines researching this, yet found very little reference to this as well as no answers to the problem. Thus, I assumed it was a problem in my server code since this is not a very simple task by any means. However, this was not the case, as it turns out to be a bug on Android using various browsers - and specifically Chrome on Android - but not limited to. The issue is that when I sync video between multiple users, I'm calling the video DOM and aquiring current time and sending this to all other users on every other device, OS, etc. And for the most part this was working on all devices except Android. So I'm writing this post so that the community should know that currently - and for quite some time now - querrying the current time for any HTML video object such as a videoTexture returns a time value = 0.0 on Android (using Chrome and other browsers). I didn't keep track of all of my testing, as I thought my server code was the issue. However, what I discovered is that for several years now, Chrome and other browsers on Android return the current time of any HTML video at the time value of 0 when is called. So out of frustration and past a deadline, I somehow decided to test FireFox on Android (as I was debugging my server code for the 100th time), and FF returned the correct currentTime() when I querried the DOM video property. So I'm quite frustrated, but happy to report that I'm now able to sync video between any device and any number of users providing I am using Fire Fox on my Android devices. So if anyone on the forum has issues with video on Android, first uninstall Chrome, as I found this has never worked on Android - EVER - according to posts I found from more than 2 years ago. And I often find far more bugs in Chrome on Android than any other OS (hey, isn't it the same manufacturer for both?) And Google doesn't seem to view this as a priority since this has been reported since early Droid versions. I'll file a report as well, but I'm not holding my breath. Also, I'm now able to control the play and pause functions - including autoplay and pause on Android where I was never able to get this working in the past. Again, simply avoid Chrome on Android, and I'll try and find time to test other browsers as this is not only a Chrome issue. All I can tell you right now is that Fire Fox HTML video DOM querries and HTML video functions work fine on Android. And to imagine I had thought Google was the most responsive company for developer support. Obviously I was wrong. Cheers, DB
  24. CSS in Chrome games

    Hello. Can I use CSS and other technologies (just like in general browser) in Chrome games? Just like this game, it is not opening external website after launching, it's just works in chrome opened window. So, the question is, can I use all browser technologies in such window?
  25. Hello everyone, Does anyone of you know how I can disable the tilesprite debugging messages? example in the attachment Very Kind Regards, Cedric