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Found 8 results

  1. Phaser 3 Animated Tiles Plugin

    I've prepared a plugin in time for the release of Phaser 3 today: support for animated tiles. The plugin parses tile animation data configured in Tiled and then, well, animates layers (dynamic layers required). All you need is three lines of code; one for preloading the plugin, a second for installing the plugin and the third for initializing it for a map. Features: Animate tiles as configured and displayed in Tiled. Support for unlimited tile animations, layers, maps, and tilesets. Use the API to manipulate the rate (multiplier of the frame duration set in Tiled) globally or for a certain tile id or map. Animations adapt to the timeScale set by the Phaser 3 API. Add and remove animated tiles any time. API demo: Playable demo (question marks are animated tiles): Github repository: Suggestions are welcome and if you use the plugin, please tell!
  2. Phaser 3 Future

    Hey I would like to know when Phaser 3 will come out of beta and will be a Release Candidate? Thanks in Advance.
  3. tl;dr Pause, sleep, resume and wake make for a confusing api initially. Also a master pause (logic and audio) would be handy ( I might have missed this though.) After a longish break of game dev I wanted to take a look at Phaser 3. Loving it so far, (Phaser has come such a long way) but I find the pausing/resuming the entire game(logic, animation, sounds) a little confusing. I'm making a master Pause/Play switch. After game.loop.pause() didn't have the desired effect I've switched to game.loop.sleep and awake(). But I'm unsure if this is the intended use for them. Looking forward to the release of this bad boy, continue doing awesome work. Cheers
  4. is the Phaser 2 repo closed?

    I was about to file a bug report on gitHub and saw a notice that the repo is for Phaser 3 related issues only. So, is the Phaser 2 repo closed? The bug relates to the beginFill(...) and arc(..., true) methods see below. Perhaps this has been fixed in v3? Here is the issue... let myGraphic =,; myGraphic.beginFill(0xFF3300, 0.5); myGraphic.arc(0, 0, 135, game.math.degToRad(0), game.math.degToRad(90), true); let myGraphic =,; myGraphic.beginFill(0xFF3300, 0.5); myGraphic.arc(0, 0, 135, game.math.degToRad(0), game.math.degToRad(90), true); The issue may be reproduced with the above code using the bool direction parameter set to true [anticlockwise] together with beginFill(...). Rather starting the arc at due east 0º, the fill is begun from about 7º. Oddly if rendered using lineStyle(...) only and without beginFill(...) it draws correctly, beginning at 0º The same issue may be seen in the example at: -u
  5. Hi I'm new to Phaser, so please forgive that I also posted to the Google Group on this subject. I'm not yet sure where it's best to ask this kind of question. I am developing a SPA with Angular2 and so am playing with Phaser 3 as it's modularity seems to enable it to be used with Angular2. I need to be able to load a game, then close it, then load a new game in it's place. What is the proper way to "destroy" a Phaser 3 game please? I note that there is a destroy method in src/scene/System.js as per the attached image. I notice the "TO DO" so it may be that this is just not implemented yet? Any thoughts or feedback would be very welcome. Thanks so much! Dougi
  6. Phaser 3 Questions

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of learning JavaScript and Phaser using a variety of resources: YouTube, videos and books. I have a couple of questions regarding the release of Phaser 3. 1) Will Phaser 3 invalidate my current learning, will code I write today work with P3? 2) Will P3 invalidate my learning resources? 3) Can I continue using the current version once Phaser 3 is released? Many thanks
  7. Babel, phaser 3 and atom

    Dear awesome community, I have a question about transpiling es6 to native javascript/es5. I am looking for something like atom's typescript plugin, this makes compiling typescript really easy. There is now a babel plugin which is: language-babel. I have no clue on how to set this up and what I have to do. There is no actual tutorial / guide to be found. How do you set up a transpiling system? like the typescript plugin thank you so much in advance Very kind regards, Cedric
  8. [SOLVED] Wait or not to wait Phaser 3.0

    Hello Comunity: Some days ago, I bought the book "Discover Phaser" by Thomas Palef. The Phaser version used on the book is 2.0.5. I've just seen on this forum that Phaser 3 is under development and maybe will be release this year. The question is simple, Is it worth to learn Phaser 2.0.5 or Should I wait for Phaser 3? Is there any estimate when Phaser 3 will be released? I'm not sure if wait for it or not. Advices?. Thanks blacksnowgames