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Hello, everybody.

So, I though I would post a game I made recently, too. :)

Nothing fancy. It is a simple HTML5 clone of a nice and pretty addictive game I saw almost two years ago on a friend's iPhone. I had initially made it with no JS libraries as my first ever HTML5 game, but then rewrote it with Phaser (just to work more with the engine) and made it a bit more presentable.

It is open source and hosted on GitHub.
Here you go: https://import-this.github.io/bounce/

You simple avoid the moving boxes for as long as you can.
There are two modes. One for mouse/desktop and one for touch/mobile. Phaser made programming for both types of devices pretty easy. :)

Hope you enjoy. Thank you for your attention.



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Super Simple Clicker

Hey all. I'm new here, new to Phaser and new to JavaScript but not new to coding.

After reading through a few tutorials and working my way through a bit of a programming learning site I decided to make the simplest game I could using Phaser and not copying or working from an existing tutorial. The result is a super simple clicker game where you gain points by clicking on one thing and you spend them by clicking on another, spending points makes each click thereafter worth more points.

I wanted to make this using no outside assets, so no background image, no sounds, and no button graphics.
I tried to tween the text size but when I couldn't figure that out I just adjusted the size with a little loop at the end of the Update method. I don't know if tweening would save any computational power.

I made an Incremental game based on this where a timer calls the increment function but I haven't figured out a way to adjust the timer so it can be upgraded to reduce the time between calls. I'm only a couple days in so maybe I'll get an idea overnight or something.

Anyway here's the link to my super minimal game. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Guys!

We use Phaser in our work for clients, and on internal projects, I wanted to post a recent festive one here:

The So Good Gift Giver

We recently developed and released a little christmas project for our followers and our local community, the So Good Gift Giver. It lets you send a personalised message with a gift to someone via a link that is generated for you by the game.

Gift Giver.jpg



You can play it here: http://sogoodstudios.com/giftgiver/

Let us know what you think!



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Hi, I just saw that this thread is still active so decided to post the link to my site which is going to have many more games added in future all in Phaser. Currently it contains 10 beautiful Solitaire games. Looking forward to your comments..



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I've created a new small (phaser) game to prove to myself that I can make a project (for myself) from start to finish :)

The game is similar to “Simon” memory game, but with funny characters and sounds + characters swap locations.

Hope you like it!

play in kongregate:


download from google play:




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Hahaha thanks that is an encouraging reply =) It's far from awesome tho, as it's just a first alpha, lots of kinks.


EDIT: And just added a new release, fixing a bug and adding 2 new enemies to up the ante ;p

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Hi, this is my first attempt at a game using Phaser (or any game at all). 

Super Endless Kingdom is a top-down arcade shooter/rpg with resource/city management elements. It's still in beta although it is fully playable and released on Kongregate here:


I'd really appreciate any comments, feedback or suggestions anyone has. Also if you can take the time to give the game a rating that would really help.



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