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  3. --- NEW SAMURAI ZERO REVEAL --- At @PlaySamuraiZero, we had a big Trailer/Dev Reveal last night featuring a lots of our work including dope Mixes and Trailers! Come check out the Stream replay to see what it's all about!
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  5. I'll sure like to talk about that in the future!! Ok, so I'll start to try it and came back when I get something to show. Thank you very much.
  6. Hello! There's one small isometry demo: However that's not how I usually do isometry. Usually I just use Y scaled by 0.5. You even don't need those "x+z" "x-z" coordinates, if you want to make tiles - take whole two-dimensional array and remove "odd" cells. Like, use only "black" cells of chess board. Then the only problem is to detect which tile is under mouse, but then it will be the only place where you have a isometry math. Everything else is just "x=x'; y = y' / 2" I have many things to tell about isometry: how to sort elements, how to make walls on tiles and intersect/sort them too, but I want to sleep. Try to do something, then I'll give you more info. and Welcome to the forums!
  7. Hi people, I'm about to start a personal project and I'm thinking to go with pixijs. Is about a city builder isometric-game. I would like to know if anyone have any tips, suggestions or can point me directions of the problems I may find ahead. Several years ago, I did a lil project with PixiJS for my graduation and I remember have a good time with it. But couple years before I had a real pain trying to come up with a isometric game in Construct 2, so I'm quite afraid of follow up with this genre. Any advice will help, since I'm starting blank. Thank you all.
  8. I've made a web-demo for Devader, would appreciate if you check it out:
  9. Hi, We are working on a new AppGameKit HTML5 video game. Click below to play the current HTML5 version in your internet browser: Click below to download the entire game project on GitHub: Game is also live on Google Play: Enjoy! Jesse
  10. Thank you! I've taken a look to createJS and looks easy to learn for me (I worked with actionscript in the past, while the rest of the team have zero javascript experience). Finally, we have selected to start with Phaser because after some advices, including one here, have recommend it for our tiled game. Best, Marino.
  11. add an option to play your game without disabling addblock
  12. add a container inside, add containsPoint() that checks if its in red area. It should be easy if you know equations for square and circle.
  13. Yep, its no automatic, but the code should be very simple and configurable. I prefer my users to handle their own FOR's, instead of relying on forEach, you know That way everyone can feel that they are making their own engine and not just using prepackaged bigmacs
  14. Yes, that's blending: That stuff you want - its not newbie material. Its a big problem that is not possible to solve without extra knowledge. Usually big frameworks have solutions for that, but they are not universal - you just choose one of types of tilemaps. Btw, the way you want it doesn't even exist in , you are going for algorithmic way and you think pixi has that. Well, bad news - pixi is a rendering library that does not support gradients yet and it certainly has no tiles algorithm that will make that thing for you automagically. Here comes the necessary knowledge about tilemaps: Its always about high level vs low level: there's your cool high-level algo for your game, and the low-level algorithm based on pixijs. You need to balance both, because pure high-level or low-level solutions are titanic. High level: However usually its managed with autotiles: you have to separate it by cells and draw transparent edges only on the coast. There are many autotiles techniques, like here:, or here: - that's from rpgmaker MV. Autotiles are not that difficult , you just need some time to code them or to search articles in internet about what people found. Low level: 1. pixi sprites - the slowest of them all. It can be fine if you choose good high-level algorithm and RenderTexture caching maybe 2. pixi graphics - beginTextureFill(). You can fill graphics with many tiles of textures. 3. pixi-tilemap - originally made for RMMV its a low-level algo that does the same thing as Graphics but much faster. 4. pixi mesh shader - , make your own "pixi-tilemap" RenderTexture caching - manipulation with layers, filters, and other things - it can suplement any of those low-level algos, but only if you understand how exactly does that work. Look at RenderTexture examples, look at pixi-layers examples, then look in source code of pixi rendertexture and filters. How can be transparency achieved: 1. Draw those gradient edges in photoshop/paintnet, now your problem is to use them where they are needed. 2. Make a shader for mesh. You need even better higher level algo to fill a Mesh with both texture params and gradient params. 3. Wait when we have more gradient texture support in pixi, including alpha gradients. Maybe in 6 months or so. The question difficulty: Maybe in future versions of pixi this question will have simple answer. Or there will be easy-configurable plugin that makes it. Currently - its not. Prepare for pain.
  15. It is v4 or v5? 1. Remove all cacheAsBitmap 2. look at one frame in Count DC's, framebuffer changes, other stuff.
  16. thanks. so now I another a question. i want add event for just red area . can do it????
  17. I'm putting all the tiles & ports to the same container then using `cacheAsBitmap = true` on the container but the resolution goes south why is that? How can I fix it? Before resolution: After resolution:
  18. Hi, is it possible to create a bit complex game (with any of frameworks pixi, phaser, babylon etc) like Darkest Dungeon, Dead Cells , UnEpic or Moonlighter and what would the limitations be? Or it's better to start with a specific game engine?
  19. Also I'm using PIXI.Text for most texts. Each time I use it, it creates a different canvas. Is this a good practice? When the views are removed are the canvas removed as well or are they still kept in the memory? If they are kept in the memory how can I remove the canvases from the memory?
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  21. Also is sprite blending the correct name for this technique?
  22. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can get this effect using PixiJS? I'm new to PixiJS and game development in general so any suggestion would be great. How I think it works is that the water sprite is rendered on a higher layer and has its edges transparent. The only thing that doesn't work when I think about it this way is that the cells overlap eachother which doesn't make sense if each cell is in a grid at a fixed size. Hope somebody can help demystify how I can accomplish this in PixiJS. Thanks
  23. @ivan.popelyshev thank you for your quick reply! I just want to make sure I get this right, suppose I have a 20x10 tiles screen, what you suggest is to draw let's say 30x20 around the camera, and when the camera goes out of the 30x20 drawn area, I clear the CompositeTileLayer and addFrame the new 30x20 tiles around the camera. So essentially it isn't automatic.
  24. Greetings, New free texture images ready on these pages: TXR – Abstract TXR – Abstract - Cartoon TXR – Bark - Seamless Don’t forget to check out my 2000+ music and sound effects tracks, too. Have a great weekend!
  25. Hey all, I am looking for developers who want to create hyper casual games in javascript and deploy them on our platform, Koji. Koji is a platform that lets non-coders "remix" games and apps to customize game assets, styles, and basic mechanics. We are excited to work with developers to grow our catalogue of games and let ordinary people remix them into new games that are hilarious, shocking, silly, fun, or all of the above! Remixes allow casual players on our platform to turn this into this. Try remixing some of the games on to get an idea of how it works! If you create a new, remixable game template that meets our specifications, we will pay you $500 USD per game. There is no limit on the number of games you can create for us, but additional games must be meaningfully distinct from each other in order to qualify for additional payment. To give you an idea of the quality and type of games that are currently being accepted, take a look below: If this sounds interesting to you, please email me at about yourself and ideas about the specific games you would like to create. Thanks!
  26. И тебе же на русском писать можно?
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