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Found 12 results

  1. In this game you will use your special costume which allows you to transform into mechanical objects (Car, Rocket, Helicopter, Magnet, Motorcycle, ...) to avoid obstacles, collect Vortex Gems in levels and defeat the Assas (The bad guys who want to destroy the world). The Multiplayer mode allows you to participate in world championships with other players. With this game you will always discover a new way to have fun! Game link: • Web (HTML5) version (Gamemonetize.com) • Android version (Google Play)
  2. About Christmas Breakout - Snowman edition (available on itch.io) is the classic Breakout game decorated with Christmas festivities (including the projects mascot 'Snowman'). In a nutshell, Breakout is a game where you hit a ball with a paddle and aim to destroy bricks that lay above. The balls trajectory changes during game play so lining up the paddle in time to strike is where the challenge is set. Aim for a high score but beware the ball moves pretty fast as you level up! How to play Use your keyboards left and right keys to move the paddle. Clicking the Restart level button will reset the bricks and score you have achieved for that level. Clicking the Reset to level one button will reset the game back to level 1. When you have completed a level, click the Next level button that appears to move onto the next level. Note The game runs best using Chrome.
  3. Hello everybody! This is a game I wrote originally for mobile devices. I recently cleaned it up and put it on the web! Check it out at http://battleships-vs.com Thanks!
  4. My first HTML5 Game, Snaked.io (So exciting! ) Every since playing the famous revolutionary agar.io game, I was inspired to create my own "io" game, so here it is! I took the classic version of Snake, and made it multiplayer Snaked.io (Server may take a while to connect, and a bit laggy due to it being free from Heroku) Basically, what I want to know is (preferably 1-10 scale): Do you like the concept? How easy was it to understand how to play? What would you add/change? Any bugs? (For now, may experience lag) What do you think of the name of the game? Anything else that comes into mind, please add! Gameplay Objective of the game is to eat the gray squares causing you to extend your length, while avoiding crashing into yourself, or others. Become the longest of them all! Controls W or ^ - Up S or v - Down A or < - Left D or > - Right Enter - Chat Hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it! SCREENSHOTS Screenshot (1) Screenshot (2)
  5. Minesweeper https://riniken.de/polygon/minesweeper/v2.html Simple like the original. Use a long tap / shift click to mark a bomb and a normal tap/mouseclick to open a field. (Pinch to Zoom is implemented as Beta)
  6. We have just released a new game to the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store for all Android Devices 4.1+. We used Cordova 5.1.1 and Phaser to build the game in HTML5 and it was delightful to program. It is a simple casual-style, family-friendly puzzle/strategy game where you sort various types of trash into appropriate bins while distracting and eliminating raccoons that try to block your path. The standard version can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newtindustries.garbinge The free, ad-supported version can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newtindustries.garbingefree Happy sorting!
  7. Hi! I'm here to show you my new work, a pure HTML5 implementation of Snake. The game is similar the original one, you have to eat food and grow up without touch te screen border or yourself. Gameplay is very simple: to move the snake use arrow keys; ESC or P for pausing game. Thers'a a rank of players' scores. SNAKE Play it here - http:/lorecioni.github.io/snake/ Thank you in advance for feedbacks! Lorenzo
  8. Hi everyone, I just wrote a tutorial on how to remake the classic Pong game in HTML5 and Phaser. It's composed of 7-parts and I try to go as in-depth as possible to explain every single line of code I use. Tutorial Outline Project Setup Loading Assets & Adding Sprites Moving the Ball Adding the Game Mode Moving the Paddles & Adding Collisions Scoring and Resetting Adding Sounds and Wrapping Up Link to tutorial http://www.zekechan.net/getting-started-html5-game-development-pong1/ Source files https://github.com/zekechan/phaser-html5-tutorial-pong I'm also planning to write similar game tutorials on other classic games like: Breakout Space invaders Asteroids If you enjoy the tutorial and would like more I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to reply, send me a message, leave a comment on my blog =)
  9. Hello HTML5 Game Devs! First time post here and I would like to announce a Work In Progress with the working title of Adventure Quest Game. Pretty much the working title sums it all up: Adventure - explore a world of awe and mystery. Quest - you get stuff to do, to get more things! Game - it is fun to play! What is the best part? You can play it at work, because it is all text based - it will just sound like you are working anyways (and lets face it, who really is?). Who are we kidding? There is so much more to this game! This game was made as a showcase of my web technology skills; however, it turned out to become so much more! It has become a part of my "making fun for the fun of it" initiative. But, how can I find out if it is fun? Well, with your help in checking the game out and giving some brutal feedback of course! I am really excited to share this game with you, so enough of the introductions, and more about the game's driving force: You are an adventurer, on the ultimate quest within the world of Phynomen - to become the ruler of the world by ascending to greatness. It will be a long and arduous journey. It will be rife with excitement, death, and despair. It will force you to make uncomfortable decisions and meet even more disturbing individuals. But, to be ruler, is to be wise, and experiencing the world is what gets you there. But you are not alone in this adventure, there are others like, wandering this world, embarking upon the same quest. You must act with fast decisions and speed to compete. Only you have the power to become the ruler of the world of Phynomen. On top of this awesome objective, there are many parts of the site itself that help you out. There is a game manual (something not seen often) to help you get started. There is also a limited graphical UI for your inventory and stats, to help you out in the heat of combat. Finally, there is a ranking system so you can see how you fare in the quest to rule Phynomen. So, what are you waiting for? Go to http://adventuregamequest.azurewebsites.net/ sign up and play! I will be eagerly awaiting your feedback! Want to know what it looks like? Check it out below (Screen capture from the manual, the colored boxes are not present in the game):
  10. First Game for #ios released! Support! Available for #iPhone and #iPad https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/invaders-breakout/id956446467?l=de&ls=1&mt=8 #indiegame #gamedev #dev #indiegamedev #invaders #breakout Classic Games brought together, enjoy awesome gameplay and adorable graphics. See supported devices below* features: - 72 different levels - arcade mode - level mode - iPad & iPhone compatible - retina graphics - 2 favorite gameplays brought together - unique powerups - no advertising No Advertising, just gaming. Nothing else. Invaders Breakout is a classic indiegame based on two popular retro games. It combines the tricky parts of breakout with unique abilities that each invaders has. Try to complete all 72 levels and get the highest score! No in-game purchases, no advertising. Only for true gaming. Supported devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPad3, iPad4, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  11. Have to say, Phaser really is pretty fast in getting anything up and running. Took a break from other stuff to see what I could do in about 8 hours (bug free). A close arcade version of Asteroids is the result. Enjoy. :-) http://www.electricpixels.co.uk/phasteroids/index.html
  12. I had a dream, that I could one day make the most original game ever. Unfortunately, last night I couldn't sleep, and I came up with a snake clone within a few hours instead. You can try the game at http://snake.tap2play.io/ This could have been my second entry for JS13K after Virtual War, but I consider that competitions should be clone-free, unless they do bring something new (I was too angry last time when somebody beat me with a clone...). The game is aimed for mobile devices mostly, but works on desktop as well. So before you say it is too slow, keep in mind that it has to remain playable on mobile. All you have to do is to swipe towards the direction you wish your snake to go. There is also a leaderboard, so you can try to get the high score. Play the game I am open to feedback of course (otherwise I wouldn't post here). If anyone is interested in pathfinding algorithms, I would be curious about if there is a simple method to find the path even when the tail is moving (I use A* in the menus). So far the algorithm considers that the tail will always be there, and therefore the path is not always the shortest, which sometimes leads to a failure. My guess is that for each node keep the updated matrix in memory, but I'd rather avoid that.
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