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Found 23 results

  1. hi guys. Im new-comer babylon world! I have a question, I have load glb file, then use Oimo physics. so this glb-loaded Cube starting Let's dancing. why?? plz look this! https://playground.babylonjs.com/#6UZ7BJ#1
  2. I'm attempting to use NullEngine in node.js as a component of the server side simulation for a multiplayer game. When using *just* NullEngine + nengi.js (a multiplayer engine) mesh intersection and rays work great. I can get somewhere in the realm of 50-150 ccu (that's players, not NPCs). The performance is really awesome. Now I'm trying to get some more advanced physics in place. However when I attempt to include OimoJSPlugin on the serverside I get " TypeError: Cannot read property 'World' of undefined " const BABYLON = require('babylonjs') let engine = new BABYLON.NullEngine() let scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine) let camera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera('Camera', 0, 0.8, 100, BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), scene) scene.enablePhysics(null, new BABYLON.OimoJSPlugin()) That last line there is the one that throws the error. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I also get a warning that 'oimo' module cannot be found (related, I presume?). I setup babylon via `npm install babylonjs` (as opposed to downloading something) and the version is 3.2.0. Thanks for reading! And BJS + NullEngine is a dream come true!
  3. I've been working in Oimo to make realistic rag doll models and noticed that making accurate axis limitations that are unique per axis doesn't seem to exist. The closest thing I see to creating this limitation is to generate a hinge joint, which spans a single limit motor across each axis. An example use case would be to create a hip joint to a leg that consists of a [ -30, 30 ] degree of movement on the Y axis to allow for leg twisting, and a [ 135, -45 ] degree of movement on the X axis to allow for forward and backwards movement for walking / running. I made an attempt to modify Oimo to accommodate for this, but ran into issues with how the limit motors interacted causing extremely unrealistic / sporadic movement. Question being, does anyone know how to do this with Oimo JS as is? Additionally, does anyone have a custom fork of Oimo JS that includes a custom joint that could handle these types of limitations. Example Oimo Hinge-Joint Call in this project: let myJoint = myWorld.add( { type:'jointHinge', body1:myBoneA, body2:myBoneB, axe1:myJointParams.axis, // Axis, Scales Min/Max axe2:myJointParams.axis, pos1:myJointParams.pointA.toArray( ), // Position Relative pos2:myJointParams.pointB.toArray( ), min:myJointParams.min, // Bottom of Rotation [DEG] max:myJointParams.max, // Top of Rotation [DEG] spring:[100,0.3] // Spring Force } );
  4. I've been looking at implementing physics into a simple scene, but I feel the documentation is out of date and thus much of the stuff you find online is out of date also. Take for example meshes, in order to activate physics on one, you now need to set the `mesh.physicsImposter` member variable, whereas almost all relevant topics call the (now redundant) function `myMesh.setPhysicsState()`. This is confounded by the fact that oimojs has documentation that fleets between Three, Babylon, and sometimes neither! Could we perhaps update the Babylon playground to contain more physics demos using Babylon 3 at the very minimum? Is anyone else finding the out of date content available online an issue? could we do something more in the documentation?
  5. Does Debug/Inspector has opstion to show colliders in scene? Is there any plan to add this options to see how meshe's colliders are aligned? Or is there any javascript function which can enable or allow this capability? Greetings Ian
  6. Hello, As some of you may know, we have been forced to introduce a breaking change in the way to use the physics engines starting with v2.4. We try as much as possible to avoid breaking but sometimes it can help introducing a much better way to achieve something. This is the case for physics as now, the physics impostor and its associated mesh are better linked. To better understand why, extract from the doc: "The physics impostor synchronizes the physics engine's body and the connected object with each frame. That means that changing the object's position or rotation in Babylon code will also move the impostor. The impostor is also the one updating the object's position after the physics engine is finished calculating the next step". In previous implementation, we had a lot of users questions & feedback that didn't understand why moving the mesh wasn't doing anything once it was transformed into a "physic object". Please read our documentation to better understand how to use physics in Babylon.js: http://doc.babylonjs.com/overviews/using_the_physics_engine I've then updated my tutorial and the default sample of our main page: - Understanding collisions & physics by building a cool WebGL Babylon.js demo with Oimo.js: https://www.davrous.com/2014/11/18/understanding-collisions-physics-by-building-a-cool-webgl-babylon-js-demo-with-oimo-js/ - Main sample: http://www.babylonjs.com/Demos/Physics/ Thanks! David
  7. Hello, can anyone tell me if the current implementation of the Physics engines (oimo, cannon) support Web Worker or its a single thread implementation ?
  8. Hi I am very new to Babylon.js and to coding in general... i've been looking at the tutorials on pixelcodr.com and played around a little with that. Now there is this tutorial "play with physics". Works fine. But when I replace the Oimo.js and Babylon.js that comes shipped with the tutorial with the most recent, I get this error message: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.body.body.linearVelocity‘) Any ideas how to get that fixed? Thank you!
  9. Hi, Thought I'd pop this in here as it's my first post but it might require moving to bugs. I'm trying to toggle physics on and off for certain meshes, I've knocked together this simple demo which basically works: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#YLJVQ#2 On run the 10 planes drop on to the box, bounce around a bit then settle. All good. If you then click the scene it should go in to a physics paused state and the 10 planes reset themselves above the plane. Cannon is throwing an error here and so the 2nd to 10th plane slowly start sinking down. Error stems from line 68. If I use Oimo then the pause state works well however the unpaused physics motion is a bit mad so I'd prefer to stick with Cannon. So really, this leaves me with two questions. Is the way I'm changing the physics impostors the best way enable/disable physics? And, is this a bug in CannonJS? Cheers, Rob
  10. Hi, I would like to control the distance between two joined objects. With CannonJS, it works, but we are not able to specified pivot points. So I tried with Oimo but there is an exception "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'upperLimit' of undefined". Here's the playground that reproduces the bug : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#YKWYN (updateDistance is called on mouse down/up). If you change the physics plugin to target CannonJSPlugin, it works as expected. BTW, I've read that default physics engine is OimoJS. But, it seems not to be true ! In fact, in this playground, if you remove the second parameter of the enablePhysics function call, it works... any thought on this ? klem
  11. Hello, I'm currently working on physics right now and can't get the camera to be a physic-based-object. How can I handle collisions between player and a scene without using the default camera.ellipsoid or enabling for each mesh the mesh.checkCollissions property? I'd like to have a basic impostor on my camera with player model (Cylinder, capsule or even box). Maybe someone can rewrite this http://playground.babylonjs.com/#NVWUF#1 by using a physics plugin 100% It would be so great if this works in the end. Thanks for every answer, Simon
  12. Hi All, I would like to know how can I change my imposter's mass, as it seems that only the value is changed but not the actual mass itself. And how do I remove imposter on run time? scene.removePhysicsBody(this.body); doesn't seems to work. Thanks~
  13. I saw on original, oimo js website, that it supports physics on irregular terrain. The question is: Does oimo js plugin for Babylon js, can do it too?
  14. Hi, Can you please tell me which type of impostors does Oimo.js with Babylon.js support?I use babylon.js and oimo.js I read this instructions herehttps://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/davrous/2014/11/18/understanding-collisions-physics-by-building-a-cool-webgl-babylon-js-demo-with-oimo-js/ On this page is mention thatthere are 4 impostors:1. Box2. Sphere3. Capsule4. MeshWhich of this 4 impostors are supported in oimo.js ???Which js implement collision oimo.js or babylon.js ??? With Blender I did:I create some simple path and one ball.I set physic collisions and rigid.Path objec has Mesh - collision (Mesh Impostor). In blender animations works fine.I attach file "path_example.zip" I try "http://www.babylonjs.com/sandbox/" and load "path_example.babylon"Babylon sendbox doesn't work as it works in blender. Does Oimo.js doesn't support Mesh Impostor ? Which file implement Impostor or collision? Do babylon.js implemennt this or oimo.js? Is there any other solution to solve this. I would like to rotate path object (rotate throught all axises x, y, z) at runtime in babylon game engine. It is possible to solve this withouth Mesh-Impostor (Mesh collision shape on Path). I don't want to have static path. I would like to rotate it and I would like to use physic on ball and path objects. Is there any other possible sollution.Can I create colider-boxes around path and join this colider-boxes to one collider-object, because I would liketo rotate all box colliders as one model at runtime (I don't want to have seperated collider-boxes and static path!) Pleas help me. Can give me any advice or hint? Thanx path_example.zip
  15. Hi All, I'm working on something I'd like for my project; specifically I want to nest one mesh inside another and have collision detection (e.g. like the dice in a dome in the trouble board game http://www.boardgamescritic.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/trouble-board-game-board.jpg ). I've read all the physics related tutorials for cannon and Oimo, seemed to get further (not far) with Oimo; so sticking with that so far. Have also looked at all of the relevant demos I could find. I have a playground which illustrates the efforts I've made so far: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1SZYKZ#2 As you'll see; gravity affects the cube. However I'd like the cube to stop when it collides with the sphere; so it never leaves the sphere. I'd like the sphere to remain static (or at least not move) which is why i've set its mass to 0 per the tutorials. Eventually if I shake the sphere, the cube would bounce around inside the sphere (first things first). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  16. I have an asteroid field dropping from top to bottom of screen. I decided to use oimo physics engine so that as asteroids collide they bounce and rotate. However, I want them to say on the same z position. Currently I have a star field image as the background and if the z position gets greater than zero the asteroids go behind the starfield image. I have tried to use updatePhysicsBodyPosition() so that I could set the z position on each frame but this method seems to update x and y as well which is not what I want. Question: How do I keep the z position constant when using oimo physics after two items collide? (I could be going about this completely wrong. Any thoughts on better design is appreciated as well.) Thanks, Tom
  17. Hello everybody, I am trying to realize a maze with Babylon.js and Oimo. In this maze, the player control a ball and try to reach a cube (the arrival). I have my ground, my walls, my ball and my cube and I put some BoxImpostors on walls to create an real wall and obstacle. But it seems that the impostors don't follow the structure of my walls. I don't understand and I hope you could help me. Thanks On the picture, i put two box impostors in red (each wall is a box) but the ball can go through it and the blue line is an obstacle, the ball can't go through the blue line. Is there a solution to this problem, with or without the boximpostors ? Sur l'image, les boxImpostors sont en rouges (chaque mur est une box) mais la balle peut traverser ces murs et la ligne bleue représente ce que la balle ne peut pas traverser. Y a t-il une solution à ce problème, avec ou sans les boxImpostors ? // French Bonjour tout le monde, Je suis en train de réaliser un labyrinthe avec Babylon.js et Oimo. Dans ce labyrinthe, le joueur contrôle une balle et essay d'atteindre un cube (l'arrivée). J'ai mon sol, mes murs, ma balle et mon cube et j'ai ajouté des BoxImpostors sur les murs pour créer un vrai mur infranchissable par la balle. Mais il semblerait que les impostors ne suivent pas la structure de mes murs. Je ne comprends pas et j'espère que vous pourrez m'aider. Merci
  18. Does oimo make it possible to tweak the gravity to have objects gravitate towards one another based on their individual mass - and regardless of which direction they have to travel?
  19. Hi, I have a huge problem with oimo and ground created with CreateGroundFromHeightMap. Please look at this: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#W3NZA Maybe I am doing something terribly wrong? Marius
  20. Hey guys! I'm trying to make some advanced physics in my babylon project. To be more concrete: There is a brick wall and a cannon in front of it. Cannon makes a shot and when the shell collides with wall I want to shatter them. So, for the wall I have two options: Voronoi FractureBreak the wall into bricksAssume I will use second one. According to forums I should break wall mesh into group of bricks with joints and remove some of them if the force is too strong. And this is where the question appears: what is the best option to deal with it? Should I expand oimo/cannon plugin to have more control over joints and ability to add native event listeners for collisions or just use Actions with intersection trigger? For now both plugins hide their world property and just implement plugin interface. Thanks. p.s. I'm new for babylon so it will be great if you could answer more detailed!
  21. Hi, I m trying to figure out how to establish a collision check with Oimo, basically what I want to do is: I have a sphere and when it collides with anything, I want to add an impulse to make it bounce up again. (The result should be like this: http://analogmadness.com/Demo/ThreeJS ) Is there any method or event that one could listen to? It would be really nice if there were any tutorials for Oimo, it seems after all more capeable than cannon.js
  22. Hello! I've been trying to get Oimo working, and all I've managed to do is a very basic imposter and compound imposter. My question is... what does Babylon support for Oimo at the moment? joints? motors? I can't seem to find any documentation on this, and would be grateful for answers. :3 Thanks! EDIT: Also, is it possible to have collisions without having physics? Thanks again!
  23. Hey guys ! I really wanted to try to use Oimo.js with Babylon, so I made a quick test here : http://pixelcodr.com/oimo/index.html (Maybe for a new tutorial, who knows ? ) The thing is: it works reaaally well ! In my scene, I create 1000 spheres, and no problem at all. You can compare with cannon.js here : http://pixelcodr.com/oimo/index_cannon.html With cannonjs, i can see a lot of sphere are going through the ground, and the fps is not very high. I may work on the plugin creation if you are interested. Cheers !
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