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Found 8 results

  1. A funny game.Tap to get more and more roast chicken to eat. Play here:
  2. In this simple game you are the fearsome Mapinguari, a mythical creature from the Amazon rainforest, and must scare some villains out of the forest. Direct link: Code:
  3. the universe's first interactive balkan-dada-dub experience
 (created with phaser of course ) watch the trailer: 
save the world from it's fishlessness by simplifying the horse and maybe you are brave enough to become the most experienced cat exploder 
 featuring the song simplify this horse by extrafish valentin baumgartner - vocals, guitar, efx, oud andi bissig - sax jonas künzli - doublebass, synthbass adrian böckli - drums, perc
  4. Jake - Life speedrun is a game where you are running through your life. All the way from being a sperm cell to an old man to the grave. Basically you have two goals: Survive and do it as fast as possible. games inspirers have been happy wheels and super meat boy. The game we made has been done with passion and with a zero budget. We recommend you to try it out. You are going to enjoy the gameplay and its' story filled with rough humor. Game has been made with and pc version has been converted to .exe from html. It is also on Google Play! Lest make phaser game most downloaded at Now we are at top 15 on funny games category and with your help we can raise even more. Heck, you can even just go press download and delete file instantly if you dont want to play our game. Download links: (.exe) : Google Play: Here's also a 'RadiCarl's playtrough of JAKEs life: Facebook: twitter: Have nice playing sessions with JAKE - Life Speedrun! Yours Team Jake =)
  5. HI everyone ! i'm pleased to post here my first Phaser game. The gameplay is based on the well known board game 'Memory' , engaging the player in a challenging task to memorise european parliament members' faces and names . For arbitray reasons , the parliament pool is restricted to France , but further extensions are planned. hope you'll enjoy it and if not you can still enjoy the bossa nova music background. The code is available in credits , critics are welcomes.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm newbie about gaming development especially on HTML5. But this is my first game, KodokMlumpat. KodokMlumpat is a jumping frog in Javanesse (not japanesse) This game is simple, just jump your frog from one leaf into other leaf, but don't get into the water. You can connect to your facebook account to compare your score to other player. JUMP YOUR FROG AND GET THE HIGHEST SCORE Feel free to try it
  7. Hey all, I created a little art quiz named "I Know Art". You can try the game here. The game is based on CreateJS engine and can be played on mobile and desktop. Please let me know what you think, any feedback is appreciated!
  8. Hey, I'm new here! Not too long ago I participated in the global game jam, The results were the game Suspender Cat! I have quite a bit of experience with the flash game market, but would like to try and monetize this game it is currently not 100% done but would like to research a bit more into the market before doing so. The game can be played here : What do you guys think, Would I be able to make some money from it (: