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Found 15 results

  1. Play It Now: https://cutedressup.com/game/my-cute-unicorn-fashion-dress-up/ Welcome to the My Cute Unicorn Fashion Dress Up. Skyler, Sunny, Ruby, and Violet are the Rainbow high school girls who have planned for a weekend party. They decided to throw a party in Unicorn fashion. Join as a design expert and help the girls to get ready. Have fun!
  2. Box Kid Puzzles is a spin-off/alternate reality version of our PC game - Box Kid Adventures. You play as Box Kid – a toy made of cardboard – going through various levels, full of nasty enemies and brain challenging puzzles. You can play it for free at https://poki.com/en/g/box-kid-puzzles Controls: Move - WASD or Arrow Keys Rewind - Back/Erase Key Screenshots: Links: T-Rex Interactive Website Box Kid Adventures Website Twitter - T-Rex Interactive Facebook - T-Rex Interactive YouTube - T-Rex Interactive
  3. Play Wiggly Things in your browser! Wiggly Things is a cute arcade game, where the goal is to feed candies to the things based on their colour, then grow to the target size. As you progress, levels become more difficult. Can you complete all 15 levels and make the online leader-boards? (score is submitted only if you're a registered user) I've made this game in Cocos Creator, coded it in Typescript. Have fun!
  4. MobAmuse


    Play Dweebs in your browser NOW! https://softamuse.itch.io/dweebs Enjoy!
  5. This is a match3 Game i worked for couple of days and still working on it. Play it here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17369001/Match3-Cute-Monsters/index.html And tell me What you think.
  6. Kirko Tagline: Kirko is about how the worlds we build fit a specific body we deem 'normal' and if you don't fit in the world, things are a lot more difficult for you. Kirko Controls: Left/Right arrow keys to move Up arrow key to jump I have made some progress on my game/interactive story that has been plaguing my head for about a year now. This is a short preview with some of the elements coming together. I am a one man dev team so forgive the crudeness. It's still a work in progress. For the parts where it's long stretches of land I am envisioning having art to keep you busy, for example Circular houses/trees/ etc. Let me know what you think! It's exciting to start seeing my vision come to life! If you support my cause follow me at : Twitter Thanks for playing! P.S Just so you can see the progress: Original demo here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15582110/circle_game/Meteroar.html
  7. Hi everyone, Finally, we're completing a new game, casual breakout with HQ graphics. Check it out here: https://black-snowflake.org/riverdash/ Gameplay video: I'm very interested in testing, as I haven't managed to optimize game assets yet Avaliable for exclusive licensing. Contact: [email protected]
  8. Taking on an adventure one hop at a time. You are a cute lonely bunny searching for your missing Easter eggs. Traverse hazardous terrain while solving puzzles and dodging an evil foe before time runs out! Use Arrow Keys or WASD for movement. https://468466b79923d87fee45fd696aeb1ee2011971c8.googledrive.com/host/0B5BTRtjW13HZflg1dGZoXzB0emgxNk5pTnBCZTlZRVFEamxXMUhSd1JGQ0dPcUVqZTJVbWc/
  9. Hi everybody, I want to present you our new game. An evil bunch of fish appeared in the ocean and started eating small jellyfish! Help them! The layers of jellyfish protect each other until they turn into a big strong jellyfish and embark on its own adventure. Collect bonuses, unlock difficulty levels and achievements. Controls: mouse only. Play game! Any tips and testing results on mobiles are apperciated
  10. Hi all. My latest puzzle game was finished. Play it here - http://apelmongames.com/tastycarrot/ I will glad to any feedback .Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone, I just finished my first commerical game, Cute Run. Play game: not avaiable Screenshot: Feature: - Endless running - Random generated level - Colorful theme - Best score saving - Banana and Rainbow cake? The game is avaiable for branding, localizing, non-exclusive licensing. Or exclusive licensing if given a fair price. I'm still new and really want to kickstart my business with html5 games. Contact: [email protected](dot)com or Skype: feyninja Feedbacks are highly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Hey, I'm new here! Not too long ago I participated in the global game jam, The results were the game Suspender Cat! I have quite a bit of experience with the flash game market, but would like to try and monetize this game it is currently not 100% done but would like to research a bit more into the market before doing so. The game can be played here : http://suspendercat.com/ What do you guys think, Would I be able to make some money from it (:
  13. DiscoFish


    Hi guys! I will be grateful for feedback and test for my game! Description: Throw your cute Wasabi combatant up to the infinity! Absorb sweetness on ultrasonic speed, feel the cosmic wind, but be careful - avoid uneatable stuff!Banzai! PLAY!
  14. Hi, Me and my friend made a simple match-3 game in html5 and we would like to ask you to lend us some help with testing as well as get to know your opinion on our little game. It's is called Lolipop Crush, you can play it here: Lolipop Crush Please tell us what device you played it on and how it performed. We're especially interested in how it performs on iPhones and Tablets (+iPad), but all feedback is valuable. We hope you like it.
  15. Hi there, MikuPJ: Find The Voice is my very old game project (a year ago) which I made to learn Game Design. Happy birthday to Miku Hatsune 2013, haha MikuPJ: Find The Voice http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/624492 Control: Click to jump over the object. Do not forget to get the item on the road.When MIku-chan health point = 0, the game is over My website: http://indie.gamesvts.com (HTML5 Game Available for Licensing)
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