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Found 14 results

  1. Has anyone been changing the BabylonJS Codebase that has to do with cloning or physics engine and may maybe abstract meshes... Something. I had a Space Shooter Demo Game (Some Have Seen It) all the Ships and Enemies were all being instantiated at runtime (Basically I clone a whole Mesh Hierarchy). If I just switch to the latest and greatest beta... Now none of ships or laser bolts or anything are visible... They show up in the mesh list (also the physics collision not working, problem because of something in the cloning... Dunno) Can you please tell me WHAT changed so I can try and redo the runtime instantiation. Its alot of work being there and now, something changed... I can fix it if I know what Update... Solved... I think... Will have to hammer at it once some of the 3.1 beta performance and cannon.js issues are fixed
  2. This is the first html5 and multiplayer game that I built for a personal project. http://www.slashing.io/ The server is not near good at the moment, so I'm optimizing it, but I still wanted to showcase my idea. Please, I appreciate any comment and feedbacks to improve the game.
  3. An .io game built in spare time for my learning. There are not much features at the moment, only the basics, but the multiplayer server is working fine. Feel free to comment and send your opinions. http://swordz.io
  4. Howdy All Check out my latest game. Its in a kind of permanent beta at the moment. Works on Desktop or Mobiles, touch controls etc, all thanks to the awesomeness that is the Phaser framework. Wizard in a Bubble
  5. Hi, I have created the object on Babylon Js and can able to rotate and view the object using arc rotate camera. My requirement is: 1. I positioned the camera on some position. 2. When the user click and move the mouse on canvas, can able to rotate the object. I have done the above things Whenever the user release the mouse on canvas while rotating, the camera back to the default position of initial stage.----> This is my requirement. Can anyone help on this?
  6. Hi. I'm currently working on the last things of my latest HTML5 game "About a Bird". I really would love to hear some feedback: Any bugs? Any suggestions on how to further improve/polish my tiny little game? About A Bird is an addictive one touch arcade game. Tap to fly up to the top. Avoid the dangerous spikes. Collect precious gems and unlock new characters. (Hint: You can either use your keyboard or the mouse button to flap). Play it here: http://www.intermediaware.com/html5-games/about-a-bird EDIT: Today I've finished the game and "About A Bird" is now available for licensing. PM me if you are interested
  7. http://pryme8.github.io/TERIABLE/ I will be pushing updates to this github quite often. Features Soon to be implemented : - More Noise Types - Natural Filters for Erosion and Coastlines ect... - Procedural Shades with Editable base textures - Built in Image Editor and Paint program for texture creation and 3d painting Layers. - Infinite Mode - Spherical Mode - Export (the Region as a fixed object, or as a Dynamic one) I am only two days into development so yeah stay tuned... *** UPDATES *** I added the ability to delete and move the item nodes in the filter stack... this is only a temporary way to process the noises and filters. Soon I will be adding a "Node" drag and drop system where you will be able to make linkages between different process. Example:
  8. I am back with another crazy thingy! I have here for your pleasure, a playground! http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#28AM9V#1 I have some notes at the top of the playground but let me break this shiz down for you. I am trying to modify the arcRotateCamera's beta based on mouse wheel scroll. I have this sort of working.. well, it does work... BUT, I am having trouble with it; it's choppy and just not right. I'm trying to get it smooth like butter (have easing). The idea is the closer you get to the target, the beta changes so you go from a top(ish) view to more of a 45-40 degree angle looking at the target. Make sense? I just made a hand motion explaining but you can't see it.. trust me.. I did it. I added some textures to help you see the choppiness. My guess, is I need to maybe use a percentage of a range for the scroll/angle, but I have no clue; math and I do not get along. I could be wrong on that.. not about math and I not agreeing, that I am sure of. I tried calling the angle/scroll event in various places (registerBeforeRender/AfterRender) to try and determine why it's choppy but there was no change. I was hoping someone smarter than I am could take a look and provide some feedback. tldr; I suck and need help. thanks.
  9. Hi, We are Tex and Chris, we are the team of munera.io, an already live beta multiplayer PvP death-match in a 2d dark arena/dungeon. The name “Munera” evokes the fighting games of Ancient Rome Empire, including the most memorable Gladiators contests. video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/NcD95sz72TA In munera.io you can get killing sprees, double kills, triple kills, multi-kills. You can flee/heal and then prepare your counter attack. You can team up and defeat powerful players, you can use classes to your advantage; for example, one tanking with a knight while a ranged friend nukes other players. Possibilities are endless, currently we have 3 human classes available (Mage, Knight, and Archer) but soon lower races of orcs, goblins and ogres might join the scene. Beta is live since 10th of July, since then we have received several feedback and some recommendations have already been implemented such as: controls improvements, multiple hits, healing speed variation according to power, balance general config and a super awesome second skill.
  10. It has been a long road of learning, but I think I finally have my first attempt at a multiplayer game ready for some more public testing and feedback. I still have some work to do, and the art is only what I could do largely on my own and with some friends helping. Hardpoint is a online tank battle game where two teams of up to 5 each battle for the map objective. Each core chassis has numerous weapon locations (hardpoints) that can be outfitted with machine guns, rocket launchers, missiles, flame throwers, and more. Each tank crew can bring up to three different perks to the battle as well, which offer bonuses like small bonuses of faster speeds, and quicker ability cool-downs. Each chassis has a special ability they can trigger, from nitro boosts with mine drops, to artillery, to regeneration. GAME LINK: http://game-128ghardpoint.rhcloud.com/signin.html Requirements: IE/Firefox/Chrome: (Chrome is prefered) Google Account: For login and tracking of stats. Backend: Nodejs, Mongodb and SocketIO. FrontEnd: Impactjs, Box2d, jQuery and Sound Manager 2. Current Status: I know I have plenty to work on still, with refining portions to adding more clear features and cleaning up code. Still, let me know what you think. Play with your friends and give me feedback. BUGS which are being worked: -The Social Section, (friends list) is still a work in progress, but it does work. -Chat window resizing goes a little wonky and needs to be set. -Crash during some rhino charges due to the box2d set position and turret projectile contact listener issue. Thanks in advance to anyone who plays, and feel free to hit me up with any questions you have. Gameplay
  11. Hey everyone! I've been working on a little app for myself that allows exporting any html5 and javascript application to a "native" desktop application. It uses node-webkit to create binaries that work on all platforms. One awesome side effect of this is that node-webkit has it's own internal server, so there's no need to have a server installed to test your application. And, by enabling the toolbar, you can debug your apps just like you would in the browser. If you'd like to test the app and give me some feedback, that would be awesome. I'm hoping this will take down a part of the barrier of setting up a server in order to use phaser. Anyways, here's the link to my project: https://github.com/jyapayne/Web2Executable There are links to precompiled binaries on the github page and you can also check out the source code to see how it works. The source is kind of ugly right now and I need to clean it up a lot, but the app works and is functional on all platforms. Let me know what you think! Cheers!
  12. Hey guys! Dillon Cate here from the PR team at Hax On, Hax Off. We have a live beta of our new game created during this year's hack.summit() virtual hackathon. We have yet to submit and would love if you could give us feedback! Please take a visit to lucademian.com/hackathon and try out the game with friends, family or even your dog! Thanks!
  13. Hello Mates! We're Pyro Pirates, a new Indie Gaming company. We're planning to release our first episode, "Big White Wolf" of our first game "Biopower" on android soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQi37WaYNQc We started developing this game last September & we've released the Beta version on Play Store. This game involves unique gameplay & mechanisms in android platform. Any new developers interested to know, how we developed any part of our game, do ask us in the comment section. You can join our G+ Community:https://plus.google.com/communities/112256501052684138047 so we'd be able to send you the link to the beta version of our game. Once we accept your request, you can click this link to check the beta version: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.PyroPirates.Biopower This is a platform puzzle game that teases your brain incredibly to finish each level. Please, do test our game & let us know your criticisms/appreciation in feedback.
  14. Good evening everyone, Did anyone noticed the exagerated memory consumption on the new last 1.12-beta version? It costs double the memory that 1.11 version consumes. Check the screenshoot. What does this new version brings that consumes this enormous amout of memory. It's to much for mobile devices for sure. Anyone else getted this problem? On the right side you have firefox running one instance of the game and it's consumming 666Mb of memory, that instance is running 1.12-beta. On the left side you have chrome running with a different user and is consuming less then a half of firefox (233Mb), chrome is running 1.11.
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