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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I am struggling to properly align a lens flare with the sun from the skybox texture so I was wondering if anyone would have any tips on doing it properly as in the lens flare demo? -> https://playground.babylonjs.com/#QP32DP#1
  2. Hi, Everyone. this is my first game ( At least the one that got completed). I wanted to make some money out of it. Since this is my first game, I didn't have high hopes. But I got rejected by every sponsor I contacted ( I mean the few who replied). So, Anyone who can give me some pointer on how I can make this game or any future game that I'll be making better. please check out my game lolly match . Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  3. Hi everyone. Quick question. In HTML5 game dev, what would you say the best approach to game audio is right now? SoundJS? Audio Sprites? Something else? Sincerely, Carlos
  4. Hi everyone. I have a few questions that I would like some assistance with. As I'm getting into HTML5 game development as a technical designer/artist...I know that with an online game (especially html5), having your game assets require too many server calls is undesirable. What is a comfortable/safe number of server calls? When your dealing with multiple sprite sheets, is there a way to wrap multiple sprite sheets into one file? Not one big sprite sheet. What would be best practices for this?I am concerned because of mobile and/or other countries where bandwidth is an issue. I have the image asset file size part covered with Texturepacker, TinyPNG Re-using certain assets in smart ways, but I know that server calls can be a problem. Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Carlos
  5. Hi guys, I've been struggling recently with overwhelming projects, and instead of actually starting a project, i'll obsess over the finer details. Sort of stuff like, which design patterns I could implement, how I'm going to handle game states, entity management, efficiency, understanding the engine documentation / code-base, etc. I find I become overwhelmed by thinking about all the little things, and never actually start working on any of my game ideas. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and what might be some tips to get over them. "Just start", seems like the appropriate answer, but being analytical by nature, it's hard not to think about the bigger picture.
  6. Hi, our game designer shared some tips for creating animations. The blog post can be found here http://mightyfingers.com/blog/tips_for_creating_game_animations/
  7. Recently I have been following an ongoing discussion regarding mobile performance and efficiency. One of the recommendations that caught my eye was to avoid classes and prototyping altogether because they can slow down the performance significantly. So far I have structured my code by creating separate class objects in different files by using prototypes. class = function () {}class.prototype.myMethod1 = function () { console.log('myMethod');}class.prototype.myMethod2 = function () { console.log('myMethod2');}In this regard, I am wondering what is the recommended and most efficient way to structure your code? Perhaps the more experienced users can share something from their bag of tricks. Thanks
  8. Edricus

    Memory Issues

    Hello everyone. So I am building a pretty basic game and thus far everything has gone fine. However now I am just doing some performance enhancement on the game. I noticed something very weird. Upon loading the game memory spikes up to almost 20 MB then GC kicks in and drops to around 9.0 or so MB. This is all while just idling at the menu. Here is a screenshot of the memory log in Chrome. Also I have pasted the code that runs from my Boot, Preload and Menu states. Hopefully someone can point out something blatantly obvious that I have missed. :S 'use strict';function Boot() {}Boot.prototype = { create: function() { // Set max number of touch inputs this.game.input.maxPointers = 1; // Start the next state this.game.state.start('preload'); }};module.exports = Boot;'use strict';function Preload() { this.ready = false;}Preload.prototype = { preload: function() { // This event is dispatched when the final file in the load queue has either loaded or failed this.load.onLoadComplete.addOnce(this.onLoadComplete, this); // Load all assets for the game // Title Screen Assets this.load.image('background', 'assets/background_title.png'); this.load.image('playBtn', 'assets/play_btn.png'); // Game Screen assets this.load.image('mouthBackground', 'assets/mouth_background.png'); this.load.image('mouthwash', 'assets/mouthwash.png'); this.load.image('toothpaste', 'assets/toothpaste.png'); this.load.spritesheet('tooth', 'assets/tooth.png', 80, 95); this.load.spritesheet('bactoSurfer', 'assets/bactoSurfer.png', 34, 24); this.load.spritesheet('sharkBacteria', 'assets/sharkBacteria.png', 36, 45); this.load.spritesheet('octoBacteria', 'assets/octoBacteria.png', 36, 45); // Game Over Assets this.load.image('scoreboard', 'assets/scoreboard.png'); this.load.image('gameover', 'assets/gameover.png'); this.load.image('startButton', 'assets/start-button.png'); this.load.image('exitButton', 'assets/exit-button.png'); }, update: function() { if(this.ready === true) { this.game.state.start('menu'); } }, onLoadComplete: function() { this.ready = true; }};module.exports = Preload;'use strict';function Menu() {}Menu.prototype = { create: function() { // Add the background sprite this.background = this.game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'background'); // Play Button this.startButton = this.game.add.button(this.game.width * 0.5, 350, 'playBtn', this.startClick, this); this.startButton.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); }, startClick: function() { this.game.state.start('play'); }};module.exports = Menu;
  9. Hello everyone! I just started using Phaser about 1 month ago. I am just about done building a fairly simple game. I was wondering if people could give me some general performance tips for Phaser and perhaps JavaScript itself. Also I am in the process of learning how to use the Profiler in Chrome and have been using the Timeline as well to track memory management. If also possible could someone shed some light on what my memory should be at for a fairly simple game? I am also using CocoonJS to port onto Android and iOS and I am aware that each respective OS will cap at a certain memory threshold. If anyone has any further questions, I will gladly answer them. Also, thanks in advance to everyone that posts! Your help is greatly appreciated!
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