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  1. Game Gurus is expanding again and looking for reliable developers experienced in HTML5 game development. Ideally you would be experienced with: Phaser, PandaJS, CocoonJS and creating iOS apps from HTML5 When applying please send your resume to html5job@gamegurus.com and include "HTML5 Developer" in the subject. Also include your portfolio and expected monthly rate. ------------------- www.GameGurus.com From concept to creation, Game Gurus is a full stack developer of games for smartphones, tablets, and all connected devices. We’ve built games for players to learn abou
  2. Looking for a developer who is familiar and experienced with Pandajs and Cocoonjs for continuous game development work. If you're interested in this opportunity you must have prior experience and have published at least one game on the app store. Please send your experience, expected rate, along with URLs to your published games to html5job@gamegurus.com . This is a long term position for the right candidate and working remotely is not a problem. ----------------------------- www.GameGurus.com GameGurus is a full stack developer of games for smartphones, tablets
  3. Hi, I have started using Panda and it seems a fairly decent engine. I wanted to ask does Panda auto detect which renderer it is using as I am testing in chrome with ?debug and it shows that it is using canvas rather than webGL which I thought it would use in browser like Chrome. thanks Ian
  4. Hey everyone, I've been developing with Panda for the last 3 months now. Great engine, I prefer to PIXI because of the long class names, makes it very easy to see what inherits from where. However I have become stuck with Spritesheets and Animations, Please could anyone point me in the right direction? //OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION // Creates spritesheet with frame size 138x100 var spritesheet = new game.SpriteSheet('spritesheet.png', 138, 100); // Returns sprite using frame 0 from spritesheet var sprite = spritesheet.frame(0); sprite.addTo(this.stage); // Returns 15
  5. Yashko

    Add simple text

    Hello guys, how to add text to scene? And make it fixed to sprite? I looked in docs on pandajs site, but cant find any examples. I dont need to use my own font, just any simple font
  6. Hi guys! Does anyone know how I can make a button with PandaJS that links to an URL? Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm developing a simple game where objects visually approach the screen and you have to click on them before they visually reach the screen. However, I was getting mad when trying to add tweening to the sprites representing the approaching objects. They should fade out and in when hit to give a visual feedback to the player that they've been hit. I tested tweens in an extra stage and everything worked fine, so I adapted those three lines of code to the hit callback in the gameplay stage of the game. The tween wouldn't start at all. Before the first time the tween's start funct
  8. Hello First of, I simply love the design and the logo (a panda, who doesn't love pandas ?) of the engine, good work ! But, (as a new PandaJS developer anyway) there is something that bothers me. How are "modules" intended to be used ? In the examples there are 2 custom modules - objects and assets. But since I would prefer having 1 class per file, should I make 1 module per class ? Like having a "game.objects" whos only job is to extend something like "game.objects.character", "game.objects.projectile", and so on. Or should I just stick to only one module (ex. "game.objects") and use somethi
  9. Hi, I use ejecta to build my game to native xcode, and all was working ok. My question is because I need to implemente a third party native xcode api to the game, so, I need to get some way my score, and send it to this api. so, my question is, is possible some way, I can create a native objC var and set it with my score var from my javascript game?, or it simple impossible? Really thanks guys!.
  10. Initial SetupUsing last version from GitHubgit clone -b develop https://github.com/ekelokorpi/panda.js-engine.git Install a local web server. Create a folder on your server, with the name of the project. Copy the content of the src folder of the cloned repository. Open projectfolder/game/main.js in your favorite code editor and start coding!New ProjectSetup config.js (http://www.ninjadoodle.com/blog/panda-js-config/ updated for V. 2 ?) http://www.ninjadoodle.com/blog/panda-js-setup/ (updated for v.2 ?) Multiresolution Workflowhttp://www.ninjadoodle.com/blog/panda-js-hires-retina-and-scalin
  11. Hey ! I'm here to present you the plugin I'm developping during my free time ^^. This is a plugin to add Inputs () in canvas, without using HTML DOM. I got this idea when I saw the epic lib' CanvasInput on GitHub. For the moment, I already drawed the input rectangle. I'm now making the key gestion. Salutations, ThanosS.
  12. Hello, currently I am trying capture the screen with webgl enabled. The code for this is: keydown: function (key){ (key === '1'){ window.open(game.system.canvas.toDataURL()); }}This opens a new tab with a black rectangle of the same size as the game resolution, but nothing more. A way to make this works? Thanks. I'm using panda.js.
  13. Hello How do I change the collision group of an object in my game when it collides with a different object Would I have to do this is a function? could you please give an example Thanks
  14. Hello I was wondering how would I add a 10 second invincibility power up in my game where the character can go through the obstacles and not collide with them. I have already made it possible for the character to collect the power up but it just does not do anything yet. Or would it be possible to make the obstacles disappear of the screen for 10 seconds after collecting a power up. Thanks
  15. Recently i develop a game based on http://www.pandajs.net/ . But when i upload this game in a server with the "media" and "src" folder, it gives "Internal Server Error" . Is their any procedure to upload my game into server ? Sincerely Akashs
  16. Hi! I have recently find #pandajs provides game Engine and gaming psychics and other gaming concepts. It is very nicely implimented and too good all showcases live games . I wanted to build a volleyball game using panda js. i have tried to understand the structure of that but its not more comfortable to understand . i have seen panda tutorials, Panda Fiddler but not much explanation their . I request here to guide me for developing the volleyball with #pandajs. i m new to gaming field. recently i have made small #html5 #games like #pacman,#tic-tac-toe, #parrallax horizontal with and with
  17. I'm trying to scale one of the pandajs demo games to fit a parent container on a webpage, I've been trying to use: game.scene.stage.scale.set(0.5,0.5), where my thinking was that I would have to calculate the scale factor using the difference between the parent's dimensions and the game's resolution. This doesn't feel like the right solution. I also have to scale the game for each scene, which also doesn't feel right. I'm not sure if I'm missing some kind of feature like phaser where you can state the game's parent then set the game to "SHOW_ALL" or something? I'm really trying to get
  18. I've been working on the old pandajs bloks example, someone spotted a potential bug on mobile a while back ( http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3851-pandajs-bloks/ ) and I'm not sure if its been resolved. The live demo works fine on mobile, but when I downloaded the source from github and checked it on mobile it no longer worked, I cant seem to spot the difference between the live version ond the github code. I have managed to narrow the problem down somewhat. In the objects.js file on line 50: was: this.sprite.mouseover = this.touchmove.bind(this); which I changed to: this.sprite.mou
  19. SkyzohKey


    Hello all, I'm proud to present my shitty plugin to make cool buttons in your canvas ! Here's the GitHub repository : https://github.com/FishTFM/PandaJS-Button-Plugin/ You should find an exemple of how to use in the README TODO : Set an anchor point : Done.Make possible to replace colours by imagesMake the callback more powerfullGreetings, ThanosS aka. Fish.
  20. Hello, Every time I use texturepacker for a sprite sheet and upload it to the flying dog game it does not work for me and the game freezes I have also tried to upload images individually and add it to the game asset but that doesn't work as well Can someone please help me? thanks
  21. Wanted to know if you can show the loading bar progress just like at the beginning with the dynamic loader?
  22. Hi guys, I'm trying to optimize my game removing unused array objects. This code decrease the "Y" position of each array's objects, if y is minor than "-150", it removes the element. for (var a=0; a < testArray.length; a++) { if(testArray[a] != 'unload'){ if(testArray[a].position.y > '-150' ){ bonuSpeed = 130 + (5 * timerSpeed); speedRandom = Math.floor(Math.random() * 280) + bonuSpeed; testArray[a].position.y -= speedRandom * game.system.delta; // move sprite using delta time }
  23. Hi Pandajs Team, it is possible to change the bitmap text color? Thanks.
  24. Hello I have been trying everything to put ads in my pandajs game but I am struggling to do so. The cocoonjs website is not clear on what code exactly I need to put into my game. I just want banner ads on the bottom of the screen Could someone please help me! thanks
  25. Hello, I've been reading this forum when I was developing this game, so now it has a released version and you can play it. The game is made with PandaJS and uses some UI graphics that are available for free. The task is to break as many balloons without hitting the ones with a bomb on them and not to let the "good" balloons get out of the screen. It is available on Play Store, so you can download it and give me your feedback. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ro.colorio.balloonpopper Thanks, Ionel
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