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Found 6 results

  1. I am making this game for my school project and is still a work in progress. The art and music has WIP versions in the game I hope that if you come across this game you will try it and give me some constructive feedback for me to fix and improve my game. I am doing this as a solo programmer and need an objective set of eyes to help me judge my game! Explanation for the gameplay: The game is an endless wave game. There are 2 phases, the initial phase "DDOS" spawns in a indestructible homing enemy that the player has to dodge. Afterwards it begins the enemies waves. Basic enemies will do basic shooting Spammer enemies will shoot a spread Controls are as such: left click (and hold) creates a shield that catches bullets. When you release the shield the bullets fly back at the enemies and kill them Each enemy kills gives some charge for your right click, using right click slows time down and drains the time bar that holds the charge. Some small update logs are on the page if you are interested Thanks! And do post your High Scores!! Play the game HERE!
  2. Hello, everyone! This is my first post here, so I want to give you a free background that you can use in your game development projects. The background is parallax ready and contains 5 layers. You can have it in PNG and AI. More details here: Cheers and thank you! Here's the preview:
  3. Hello, I wanted to share our demo release with you guys. Click & Play: it can be played in chrome browser and on mobile IPhone7 and newer or comparable Android device. Plus, I hoped you may could help to spread the word, since I am pretty bad with social media. thx more info at:
  4. Christmas is coming Our new game is released since yesterday We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! See you in 2017! Assist Santa in delivering gifts to all the children in this challenging race. Only a few days left until Christmas eve. Santa is a little late in delivering all the gifts. Help him collect and deliver the gifts directly to the waiting children and to create a bright smile on their faces. Being Santa is not easy. You will need some practice to get it right. Apple: Android: Features: Hard to master Challenging to play Unique gameplay Share your highscore Endless game mode How to play: Invisible elves continuously place gifts on your playing field Click to add them to Santa's sleigh Click on Santa to drop a gift and drag it in the direction of a chimney Keep the collected and the successfully delivered gifts in perfect balance
  5. Hi Everybody following up the post here: where we were announcing the BETA of the game here is a new post since the official release is live. Just a quick recap (for the details I leave you to the old post): Aero's Quest is a game we are developing for PC/Windows and Mac/OS X (we'll try to get the license for consoles as well) and we decided to make a (lot) smaller version to play for free on your browser (only desktop/laptop, no mobile devices). The purpose of it is to show the mechanics and the game-play of the title and to create a bit of buzz around the game. Obviously the bigger version will be way bigger with much more features but I will explain better in details about the PC version in a new post once we can show an early demo. Here is the teaser for the browser game: And here is where you can play the game for free: We will keep updating the game with new rooms and new features while we will finish with the bigger development. Thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback. If you'd like more info about the project you're more than welcome to visit the site:
  6. Hello, I'm Leandro Da Silva. I am from Venezuela.I made a game called "Halloween Memory Attack" and it is a memory card game. Play it here: let me know what you think about the game. I'll love any feedback. Thanks!