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Found 16 results

  1. Play It Now: https://cutedressup.com/game/princess-hello-halloween/ Welcome to a new Halloween game called Princess Hello Halloween. Princess Anna and Elsa planned to welcome this Halloween with something special. So they decided to apply some Halloween paintings to their face and pick up the clothes which suit their Makeup. Finally, they decided to decorate the pumpkin with beautiful colors, patterns, and Hat and facial expressions. Play and have fun!
  2. This is my new game, I made it to promote my new creative agency to make advergames in HTML5. Like my other games, this is a one button game, this one is ghosts theme and is very simple to play. http://c1ic.mx/GostlyDoors/ I hope you like it.
  3. Here is a simple HTML5 word search game customized to Halloween which is only a few days away! http://www.atkgames.com/wordsearch/halloween.php We also have a Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle which was created from an existing customizable HTML5 jigsaw game template and more customized Jigsaw Puzzles and Word Searches! Happy Halloween! 👽
  4. Hi all! Today I want to share with you, fellow developers, my new HTML5 game, Forest Night Flight. Link: http://www.fedeali.eu/public/webgames/ForestNightFlight/ This is the first HTML5 game I made after few years of “break”. I switched engine, from GameMaker to Construct 3, and I have to say it revealed a good choice for this project. Forest Night Flight is an endless arcade game optimized for mobile browsers, supporting both Landscape and Portrait orientations. As a clumsy witch, fly on your broom for as long as you can, watching out for obstacles in the for
  5. Hi. I am indie dev and want present my game to you. This is simple arcade on Halloween theme. Please carefully read ingame tutorial before play. See HTML5 version at itch.io Download at Google Play Game done with DefoldEngine, other used software: Krita, Shoebox, Audacity. Also present builds for win, linux, android. Supported language: eng, ru, de, fr. More games come in 2 month. Thanks! Have a nice day.
  6. Hey guys, We are making a HTML5 MMORPG called Mad World, and we are throwing an in-game Halloween event next week. We want to welcome everyone to join =) Mad World is a game with traditional MMORPG elements, grotesque monsters, boss raids, and battle arena modes and more. This time we are unveiling one map with two battle arena modes. The server is open from October 30 to November 1, and you can launch the game here during the event. Game Link: http://halloween.madworldmmo.com/ Please note that the game is still in alpha stage and we want to reveal game content little
  7. Hello, Helloween Madness highscore based game is available for licensing. It was never published before, so exclusive license is also available. PM me for details.
  8. 💀 Small game for Halloween 💀Download 📱➡ https://goo.gl/RCsVtw #Free #Android #Halloween #Game #Construt2 #Scirra #html5
  9. Miniclip have published Virtual Voodoo, just in time for Halloween! It's made with PlayCanvas and uses ragdoll physics plus lots of particle based effects: You can read more about it here. PLAY THE GAME ON MINICLIP
  10. Hi to all, I have reskinned of my 1010 square game using halloween items. Also, i added an animation to make gameplay a bit joyful. Here is the advertisement free link http://oyna.oyuntt.com/1010-halloween-blok-cadilar-bayrami/oyna/ You can publish the game on your portal using <iframe id="playframe" width="400" height="625" src="http://oyna.oyuntt.com/1010-Halloween/index.html" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>I encourage you to make any comment. I tried to sell this game on codecanyon and its rejected. I have checked all games over there and imho this game has be
  11. You were warned not to venture into the dead forest on Halloween… You didn’t listen. Please check out my game Cucurbita's Halloween on Kongregate. A small 20-day HTML5 game production. http://www.kongregate.com/games/bbastudios/cucurbitas-halloween?sfa=permalink&referrer=bbastudios * Recently updated with better AI, gameplay mechanics tweaks, and bugfixes. If you've already played, PLAY AGAIN!
  12. Halloween is here again! We decided to have a bit of fun and build a little videogame for you. If you like zombies and you like Pac-Man, you're going to love: It's a spooky update to the 80s coin-op classic, made in 24 hours with PlayCanvas. PLAY NOW Or check out the project here. Have a spine chilling day! Will
  13. Hi, this is my first Phaser game, Hungry Zombie: http://gamestudiohx.com/jm/ it is based on Doodle Jump mechanic but it comes with a few twists. Your zombie is very hungry. And he likes to eat candies. He must eat candies to keep his health and to stay alive. Each eaten candy restores 1 health point. But the evil witch and other creeps are on his way. The witch will try to hit you with a magic balls to turn you to a tiny little zombie. Playing as a tiny zombie is lot harder but - candies restore 3 times more health in 'tiny zombie' mode. Try to go as high as you can and to keep you
  14. Hello, I'm Leandro Da Silva. I am from Venezuela.I made a game called "Halloween Memory Attack" and it is a memory card game. Play it here: http://leandrus.com.ve/portfolio/halloween-memory-attack/And let me know what you think about the game. I'll love any feedback. Thanks!
  15. Sup guys, Here's another our game - "Haunted Halloween" It's a physics puzzle game. We used Box2d and our own framework. The old scatterbrain skeleton has lost his head and the player's task is to return the head to its owner. You can move platforms, make things explode and also change the sizes of some objects. And overcome some obstacles like dead hands. Here's a link If you have any questions please feel free to ask
  16. We always get distracted around halloween. A game. And some pumpkins.
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