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Found 26 results

  1. About Christmas Breakout - Snowman edition (available on is the classic Breakout game decorated with Christmas festivities (including the projects mascot 'Snowman'). In a nutshell, Breakout is a game where you hit a ball with a paddle and aim to destroy bricks that lay above. The balls trajectory changes during game play so lining up the paddle in time to strike is where the challenge is set. Aim for a high score but beware the ball moves pretty fast as you level up! How to play Use your keyboards left and right keys to move the paddle. Clicking the Restart level button will reset the bricks and score you have achieved for that level. Clicking the Reset to level one button will reset the game back to level 1. When you have completed a level, click the Next level button that appears to move onto the next level. Note The game runs best using Chrome.
  2. I think the Christmas spirit hit me 🎄🎄🎄. Yesterday I decided to create Christmas style game. I just started with graphics, the mechanics isn't matter. But I think it will be something really easy, maybe memory pairs game or just simple 15 puzzle etc. 14.12.18🎄 Some Inkscape works Image for 15puzzle... maybe/// P.S I hope to finish it in a week. And may the Force be with us! ❄️ 15.12.18🎄 16.12.18🎄 Screen of some memory puzzle game 17.12.18🎄 Upgraded Santa & snowman 30.12.18 🎄 ❄️❄️❄️ PLAY IN BROWSER:
  3. Merry Christmas, everyone I am working on a christmas themed single button game. The player drops gifts to house chimneys. Player gets points (+10) if a good boy receives a gift (for now this means hitting the chimney once of a one-storied or two-storied beige house) and 0 otherwise. Game time is limited. Current version is here: In the future I plan to: - add the ability to drop 2 gifts at one house (you can drop one for now); - add 2 more house types (e.g. a house where 2 good boys live); - make the appearance of different house types more clear, so the player could decide more quickly whether it’s good for him to drop gifts at the forthcoming house and how many (1 or 2); - disable gifts throw for a while if the player makes mistakes (e.g. hits a roof or throws 2 gifts to bad boys); - add extra points for sharpshooting, e.g. +30 for 3 subsequent throws to a good boy; - add levels, levels will differ by house types quantities and player speed; - add roof break animation; - change font, change the way ttf fonts load; - rewrite all modules to ES-2015, build assets with some task runner, optimize assets load, make game work on mobile devices. Any feedback will be appreciated, maybe you have some suggestions about game art, instructions text, game mechanics, or performance.
  4. made with pixi, pixi sound and vue
  5. Hi, play my new html5 game and leave some comments please...
  6. Hello again fellow game devs, I'm back with another game, christmas themed single button game. Check it out on the link below: Feel free to discuss the game and what you like/dislike, I'm open to any kind of criticsm. Regards!
  7. Hi all! Winter Sprinter is a simple Christmas themed casual endless dodging game - made with Phaser, as a Christmas promotion for Dodge icicles, collect PC parts, don't die. My top score is about 800... have at it.
  8. Hello! Winter is coming. And for most of us winter is associated with Christmas. That's why I am glad to present you my brand new match3 HTML5 game "Christmas gifts". - All assets including sounds and graphics were made from the scratch; - Branding options are provided; - Less than 3 mb; - Both types of licenses (exclusive and non-exclusive) are available at the time of the creation of the post; PM me for details. Link to the game:
  9. Wish you a (late) Merry Christmas. I made a Touhou fangame for Christmas. Play an innovative, fun, hectic, and mind bending snowball fight. Play this local multiplayer (up to 4 players with a keyboard and 3 joysticks) with unorthodox snowball fight that is highly unpredictable. Touhou is properties of Team Shanghai Alice (and relatively open source materials). Here is the link : Scirra Kongregate Have fun, and Merry Christmas !
  10. Just wanted to show our Christmas HTML5 Sokoban game here, called 'Santa's Warehouse'. We would love to hear your opinion. The game can be played on: Game story: "Santa Claus lives in a large house located at the North Pole. In this game you help Santa to organize the presents in his warehouse by moving them to the designated storage locations. During Christmas there’s a lot of work to be done; Santa would appreciate it if you lend a hand!" Santa’s Warehouse is a modern day interpretation of the classic Sokoban game. Santa’s Warehouse includes 99 original Boxxle and Sokoban levels. The game features modern graphics and can be played on many platforms, from your favourite web browser to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Besides keyboard, mouse and touch input Santa’s Warehouse also supports game controllers and game pads. Because many Sokoban levels are hard to solve, Santa’s Warehouse makes it possible to select the level that you want to play. By doing so you don't need to solve each puzzle to advance. The game tracks the time and the number of moves and pushes to publish the best scores of all players on the Cargo Challenge / Santa’s Warehouse website ( Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!
  11. I had hoped to create a brand new Babylon Christmas Card - but real life gets in the way of virtual Reality So I decided to bring back my first Christmas effort with a few changes - I know @dbawel likes it. Basically some added geometry - a cottage, a sign and chimneys. The chimneys gave me the opportunity to experiment with particles - in addition to the particle effect I stole from @Wingnut; a long time ago. I had to create 5 textures, and I also tweaked the terrain. Anyway here it is: A Babylon Christmas Card You can also change the volume of the music Up or Down with the "u" and "d" keys, and if you, for what ever reason, would rather have no music, it can be toggled On/Off by hitting the "o" key. The camera speed can be made slower or faster with the "s" or "f" keys. Have fun. Ohh and the sign - do whatever you can do Nadolig Llawen, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, to one and all. Next year, hopefully a new Village cheers, gryff
  12. Hi, I want to wish all of you a merry christmas and lots of fun with my HTML5 Christmas Calendar Jochen
  13. Hi everyone, just wanted to post up a cheeky link to a game myself and a colleague knocked together within a week or two for the company we work for (Shout Digital). It was decided that a series of christmassy things needed to happen and this was one of the ideas that came to light. It uses a combination of Phaser (of course!) and chance.js to pre-generate pretty much all of what you see passing you by at the start of the game. Direct game link is here: Unfortunately we ran out of time when it came to making the code nice and clean, plus sticking handheld device functionality in there. But hey, I think it turned out adequate in the end. Much thanks to the grand efforts on Phaser, and have a great Christmas everyone! P.S - Runs best on Chrome and Firefox (we had trouble with pixel sharpness on IE) ; ;
  14. Hey everyone! Thought I'd share the first game I made. Made this for fun to share with friends, but since a bunch of you guys helped me out with questions in the forum, I thought I'd share it here too and spread some cheer (special thanks to the Phaser community!) It is still a work in progress as I update it by the day, with plenty of bugs here and there. But I thought I'd launch it anyway. I wanted to make an advent calendar type game counting down to Christmas, with fun facts revealed every day. I ended up turning it into a tour of Santa's Factory, to eavesdrop on little elves working, and added points and badges to collect. Tried to make it mobile friendly too! The plot is this: For the very first time, Santa’s Factory is opening its doors to the public, and YOU are one of the lucky few to get an exclusive tour and a firsthand elf training! Explore your surroundings as we unveil new rooms daily, and learn about the workings behind the jolliest time of the year. We’ll see if you have what it takes to work for the one and only, Santa! I'm still working on building a badge collection library to go through past saved cards, as well as an animated preloading screen. And fixing a bunch of things here and there. Would love to hear what you guys think, and if you have any advice! I'd love to hear you're guys' thoughts on the experience side of things - or even any ideas for the future! If they're simple enough, I could potentially add them before the countdown ends. Link to game: Santa Factory Game I am also posting screenshots regularly up on instagram if anyone's curious, with occasional behind the scenes stuff: Main account: Behind the scenes stuff: Happy soon-Christmas everyone!
  15. ChrisP

    Rooftop Run

    A small 'spacebar' or basic platform game which forms part of a Christmas Marketing campaign. Really simple, just hit space or tap your screen. It's been a tight build, with a very tight timescale, but I'm quite happy with it overall. It's not perfect, and working on a range of devices has been 'fun'. Especially iOS Safari with it's full UI elements :/ I'd be happy to get any feedback and thoughts. Overall I hope it's just a fun couple of minutes distraction! Leave a comment, or if you want, you can find my work twitter (different to my normal twitter) @workhouse_chris
  16. Christmas Parkour is available for non-exclusives. Pm or shoot me a mail thanks!
  17. Hi, everyone. We develop html5 game: "Christmas Day Beach Kiss" You and your girl friend have come to the beach on vacation for Christmas. Now, you need to kiss your girl on beach without getting noticed by other people. Just hold down your mouse to keep kissing as long as you can. Christmas Day Beach Kiss
  18. Well here is my Christmas card for the BJS forum. Basically some memories of Christmas past - all rolled into one. A story of some of my Past Christmas eves. Twas The Night Before Christmas As far as BJS is concerned, a lot of use of instances - bows, bells and streamers - but also furniture. The clock tells the time on your computer, and music will be played. It features a lot of click and stuff happens - something iiceman suggested earlier in the month. Ooh - there is a key hidden in the room - can you find it? I had thought that the clock would start out stopped and you could use the key to rewind it - but time ran out Anyway, Merry Christmas to all - hope you enjoy it. cheers, gryff Note: the approach is a Victorian space, and the cat on the wall (and the landscape) may not look quite Victorian - but they are actual quilts a craft that goes back several hundred years. They were done with a quilting technique known as "needle painting". They are unique, and both came to me as Christmas presents.
  19. Hello Here is our little tribute to the Babylon.js community for holidays : Merry Christmas to the Babylon.js community
  20. Hello! My first Phaser game. Christmas Tree for Kids - simple christmas game for young children. The child learns to distinguish between form and arrange toys on certain places. Christmas Tree give you a lot of pleasant moments to remind you dressed Christmas tree and waited for the moment when it will be possible to begin its Christmas tree decorations, toys..remind pleasant moments, festive atmosphere of Christmas .. Google Play: nothing special - just a game, rate please..
  21. Did I just miss it or is there really no challenge this month? If there is one that I actually missed, tell me and ignore all of the following Maybe we can come up with something little for the rest of the month so nobody can say "gee, they stopped after only 2 challenges and now they'll never continue... dooohh". (read with a voice similar to this: Sooo.. I thought maybe we could do some kind of Christmas calendar thingy. Something that is more about style, fanciness and all those amazing effects possible with babylon js but small and easy to accomplish. The only rules would be: 24 things/doors to click/open (no content needed, providing content or a data structure to fill ti with content is a bonus ) Christmas/Winter themed cool/fancyThat's actually all I can think of now There should be plenty of inspiration out there, like here: But I remember we already had some Christmas scenes here, like this one for example: And I am sure there is more somewhere ... I am sure you guys could come up with a lot of amazing scenes anyways. Sooo.. just a suggestion... what do you guys think?
  22. Hi, Parkers Sleigh Ride is a Christmas themed infinite runner in which you fly through the air dropping gifts down chimneys to score points. It was made by myself and the team at drp digital ( as a gift to our clients, but it's also open to the public so I thought i'd mention it here and get some feedback from other devs. It's the first time a game we've built has been released publicly (normally it's private client work), so we're really excited for people to have a go! You can play it here: Thanks for reading!
  23. Flapping Santa Santa Clause made a big mess in the factory and there are presents all over the place. The fact that he’s as fat as ever isn’t helping his reindeer either. It’s Christmas Eve and Santa needs to start delivering gifts for all the boys and girls out there. Help Santa dodge presents so that he can escape the factory and bring joy to children all over the world. Screenshots You can: Hope you enjoy it, otherwise sorry for wasting your time :Happy Holidays!
  24. I'm stuck with 2 last issues with my first platformer game. ***EDIT*** Here's a link for reference I can't get all of my snowmen to shoot, and also I can't seem to remove the 'kill' animation when a snowman dies. Any suggestions would be really helpful. I'm creating enemy snowmen and adding them to a group So I'm defining and creating the snowmen group then adding each snowman in the create with grpSnowmen =;this.spawnSnowman(800,200, 'snowman1');Which calls the following, adding a new snowman to the group spawnSnowman: function(x,y,name){ var snowman =,y, 'snowman');; = name; snowman.isAlive = true; = 1; snowman.pathcount = 1; snowman.enableBody = true; snowman.body.gravity.y = 500; snowman.body.collideWorldBounds = true; snowman.animations.add('walking_left', [0,2], 6, true); snowman.animations.add('walking_right', [1,3], 6, true); grpSnowmen.add(snowman); return snowman; } Next, in the update, I'm cycling through the group and if the snowman is alive, I'm updating it's path and calling fire functions ala: grpSnowmen.forEach(function(snowman) { if(snowman.isAlive){ this.snowmanPath(snowman); this.enemyShoots(snowman); } }, this); All of the snowmen move correctly, however only the very first snowman fires Here are the snowmanPath and EnemyShoots functions snowmanPath: function(enemySnowman) { if (this.pathCounter < 325) {'walking_right'); enemySnowman.body.velocity.x = 100; enemySnowman.facingEnemy = 'right'; } else {'walking_left'); enemySnowman.body.velocity.x = -100; enemySnowman.facingEnemy = 'left'; } } enemyShoots: function(thisSnowMan) { obj = thisSnowMan; if (this.shotTimerEnemy < && thisSnowMan.isAlive == true) { this.shotTimerEnemy = + 3000; if (thisSnowMan.facingEnemy == 'right') { this.snowball = snowballs.create(thisSnowMan.body.x + thisSnowMan.body.width / 2 + 45, thisSnowMan.body.y + thisSnowMan.body.height / 2 + 5, 'snowball'); } else { this.snowball = snowballs.create(thisSnowMan.body.x + thisSnowMan.body.width / 2 - 40, thisSnowMan.body.y + thisSnowMan.body.height / 2 + 5, 'snowball'); }, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); this.snowball.body.gravity.y = 300; this.snowball.body.bounce.y = 10; this.snowball.outOfBoundsKill = true; this.snowball.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); this.snowball.body.velocity.y = -160; if (thisSnowMan.facingEnemy == 'right') { this.snowball.body.velocity.x = 400; } else { this.snowball.body.velocity.x = -400; } } }
  25. Ed8dd

    Get Sledging We created a little game as a christmas card for our clients Hope you like it