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Found 31 results

  1. Documentation

    Hi All I may be missing something very obvious here, but do we know if there is documentation for Phaser 3 publicly available yet? A list of classes, methods, properties etc. I know about but was wondering if there is anything more comprehensive at this point. Loving Phaser 3 by the way. Completely brilliant! Thanks!
  2. Z-order examples outdated?

    Hi, I'm trying to get Layers/Z-order functionality working and following examples on it. There are two different examples on pixijs site Both have different approaches. But I could not find the functions described there in my pixijs installation. There's no PIXI.display object, nor is there PIXI.DisplayGroup. Strange thing is the version I'm running is 4.6.0 (from npm) and the examples above also reportedly running 4.6.0. I also do not find the classes like DisplayGroup in API docs, they are only there in the examples. What am I missing?
  3. You have probably already noticed a new structure to the documentation. Should you find any broken links or broken redirects from existing links to former documentation please add in a reply.
  4. I've been looking at implementing physics into a simple scene, but I feel the documentation is out of date and thus much of the stuff you find online is out of date also. Take for example meshes, in order to activate physics on one, you now need to set the `mesh.physicsImposter` member variable, whereas almost all relevant topics call the (now redundant) function `myMesh.setPhysicsState()`. This is confounded by the fact that oimojs has documentation that fleets between Three, Babylon, and sometimes neither! Could we perhaps update the Babylon playground to contain more physics demos using Babylon 3 at the very minimum? Is anyone else finding the out of date content available online an issue? could we do something more in the documentation?
  5. Help wanted!

    Hey team! we were clearly heads down working on 3.0. Now that we successfully shipped it I would like to get the help of our wonderful community. I would like to improve the content of our documentation. If you go there: you will find a list of issues related to the doc. There are 2 kinds of issues: Missing documentation: These issues are used to flag a missing tutorial / documentation / overview Incomplete documentation: These issues flag articles / topics where we consider we should add more info If you want to help, you can: Create more issues to help identify what is missing / incomplete / unclear / using bad english / whatever could be wrong Take one issue and fix it: My favorite one Pick an issue, read this small tutorial and contribute to the best doc ever made for a 3d engine One of the goal of the 3.1 will be to add helpers everywhere to make common tasks even simpler. And I'm convinced that doc will be an important part of this simplification as well. Thanks a LOT
  6. The documentation for sprite animation is a bit out of date and a new method setAnimationSpeed(speed) or setAnimationSpeed(identifier, speed) should be added. I have a sprite and an animation this._super(me.Sprite, 'init', [339, 480, settings]); this.addAnimation('normal', [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12],100); this.setCurrentAnimation('normal'); This animates at a delay of 100 ms. I can change the animation delay by adding another parameter to the addAnimation method. I could not change the delay afterwards with the solutions I found. I have seen this answer:!topic/melonjs/mk6mVcMoVKo but it is no longer relevant. this.anim.normal.animationspeed isn't a part of melonjs anymore and changing the other animationspeed settings doesn't have any effect. This is I think, because of a change from a 'global' animation delay to a frame-based animation delay. The new method for changing the speed of an animation should now be: setAnimationSpeed: function(identifier, speed) { for (var i = this.anim[identifier].frames.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) { this.anim[identifier].frames[i].delay = speed; } } There should be a note on the sprite and/or renderable pages about the animation speed able to be individually set on a per-frame basis. It could be useful for example if some character is looking to the left and then turning quickly to the right the frame set wouldn't have to look like this: [0],[0],[0],[0],[0],[0],[0],[0],[0],[0],[0],[0],[0],[0],[1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[5],[5],[5],[5],[5],[5],[5] and could just have a long delay on the 0 and 5 frames. Every X.0.0 version should result in a new version of the wiki and documentation with the changes you're making. Relevant changes to each could be made to affected pages after.
  7. There's some mistakes in the documentation for PIXI.BaseRenderTexture. The first example at the top of the page ends with this line: "baseRenderTexture.render(sprite);" But PIXI.BaseRenderTexture doesn't have the method "render" so the example doesn't work. It should use the renderer.render method, like the second example. Also, at the end of the second example there's a comment that says "Renders to center of RenderTexture", but really it renders the sprite to the top left of the RenderTexture, since the sprite's transform is reset before rendering. It's the first example that renders the sprite to the center of the RenderTexture. This mistake shows up again in the documentation for PIXI.RenderTexture. And another mistake in BaseRenderTexture's documentation is in the first example, the constructor is called like this: "PIXI.BaseRenderTexture(renderer, 800, 600)". But renderer isn't a parameter of the constructor so this example doubly doesn't work. All in all a bit confusing, and I wouldn't want anyone else going in circles with this, so hopefully the documentation can get fixed. EDIT: *Yawn* hopefully this makes sense, I'm pretty tired but wanted to write this up before I go to bed and forget about it
  8. New Playground features

    Hello community! As you know, the playground is a very valuable tool if you want to try, experiment and share your Babylon scenes. You can even search for a specific word in the whole snippet database from the documentation website, that make it easy to find and discover a new snippet. And because we know it's a very powerful tool, we worked hard last month with @Deltakosh on a better user experience when searching for playground. From now on, when saving a new playground, you'll have to fill several information: a title, a description and some tags. It will be asked only once at the playground creation, and all next iterations of this PG will share these metadata. You won't be able to redefine it afterwards. For all PG that don't have any metadata, you will be asked to fill it only once. The search has also been improved. You can search for a word in the PG code like usual, but you can also search for a word into a PG title/description, or a specific tag. The overall quality of search had also been improved (ou can now search with several words, that will return all PG that contain these words, and several bugs have been fixed). All this work couldn't have been done without @Jaskar and @DeathSoul who wrote all the code (back and front-end), and @Deltakosh of course So go try it : Please helps us by reporting all bugs you can have in this thread Thank you very much !!
  9. melon js 4.0

    Can someone please tell me where can i find melonjs 4.0 doumentation
  10. Documentation - class 404

    Hello, I can't access to the classes description in the documentation : error 404 for the moment
  11. A Guide To BabylonJS

    This is a new Guide I am writing for BJS which I think (hope) is ready to be announced even though it is nowhere near finished. (Only just got going really). My original idea was to re-organise the pages of the BJS Docs into a way I preferred. Some of the pages in the Guide are a result of that first idea. Then I came across a questions in the forum that I though I could answer (on rotations) but it turned out my knowledge was not quite up to my own opinion of it. So I set out to try to really understand what it was all about. As I gained understanding (well I think I did) I started to put more explanation in the Guide based on that new understanding which I hope will help others. My aim now is to pick out parts of BJS that interest me, develop my knowledge and add explanations to the guide. Shaders are something I played with once so perhaps I will go for that next. My idea is that the Guide should be complementary to the Docs. Like the BJS Docs I generate my pages from MarkDown files which can be found at Any feedback is welcome I'll just ignore the bits I don't like
  12. Pixi v3 documentation

    Hi, Is there a way to access Pixi v3 documentation please ? some v4 bugs make it's usage impossible for me, so I need to stay on v3 Thank you
  13. Is it me or have accepted updates to documentation in github not been appearing on the documentation website? For example a broken link in multi-materials was updated 20days on github but the broken link still exists on the website.
  14. There's currently a small bug on the documentation, regarding the onFire signal of the Weapon class, the order of the parameters is inverted.
  15. Phaser documentation issue

    The website is pretty beautiful but there is a problem with documentation that I would like to be solved: whenever I learn about some Phaser class I need to see both public properties and methods. But with current implementation I have to scroll through all the public properties (which may be a long list) to the methods (example: There at least could be an anchor to the Public Methods at the top of the page, but I think it would be better if there was an index of all public methods and properties at the top of a class page. Sorry if this is not the best place to post this kind of a problem.
  16. Phaser Chains updated with Phaser v2.4.7

    Hi, Phaser Chains was updated to support the last Phaser release (v2.4.7). The plugins for IntelliJ and Eclipse was deprecated. Yet you can embed Chains as a web view on them. The plugin for Brackets was updated. And we migrated from bitbucket to github. Test it online. Regards, Arian.
  17. ShaderBuilder Documentation

    hi all Member
  18. Filter Class Name Bug

    I'm not sure if this should be reported or not but on the classes documentation here: when you filter classes by name not all the classes show up E.G.1 if you type vec only SIMDVector3, Vector2 and Vector4 are shown only until you type vector3 that Vector3 will be shown E.G.2 if you type effect only Effect and PostProcessRenderEffect are shown only until you type effectf that EffectFallbacks will be shown
  19. Hello, I just noticed in documentation that when I click on a keyword the page scrolls down to it but the first line is covered by the search bar. I haven't noticed the search bar in past, so I'm just curious the scroll could be shifter a bit upwards so the first line is visible, or is it just my browser? For instance, I opened Phaser.StateManager, scroll to methods, click on "start" keyword and the browser scrolls down to an anchor but the first line I see says: "Start the given State. If a State is already running then State.shutDown will be called (if it exists) before switching to the new State.", while the first line for start is covered by search bar and says: "start(key, clearWorld, clearCache, parameter)". The same behaviou occurs in Chrome. I use latest Firefox. btw: in search bar you can click on Properties and methods and it scrolls you down to the appropriate section where the search bar covers the title of the section as well (though the title is larger so it's covered only partially).
  20. New documentation!

    Hey guys, I’m sure you already know it, but the new documentation is now officially deployed on! This version is a total rework of the version you used to know, so let me present it a little bit. Our main concern was (and still is) to create a documentation the community (YOU!) can update and modify at will. This documentation makes no exceptions, with a big new change: it is now based entirely on Github ( (and automatically deployed on Azure). This means you can : fork the repo and create your own documentation create pull request to fix bugs create pull request to contribute Clone the repo and have a local version of this documentation Everything you can think of Features: All tutorials, exporters and extensions are now sorted. We tried to keep the same hierarchy the old documentation had, but FEEL FREE to update it, or create a new one. (Don’t forget it’s your documentation!) All classes can now be tagged (example : has two tags: Node and Mesh). All classes are sorted by tags, and alphabetically ( This allows news users to easily find common classes (Camera, Mesh, …) URL are now user-friendly. You can write<className>, and it will redirect to the last version of this class (if it exists of course). Example: Links forwarding to the old documentation (example: are now forwarded to the same page on the new doc. This website is responsive, and the mobile version is awesome J MIT license, do what you want!How to contribute ? This website is an big empty shell created to DISPLAY markdown files. Each page is represented by a markdown file. To contribute, just clone the repo, update a markdown file (or create a new one if you want to add things), and do a pull request. It’s that easy ! What’s next ? My team and I and still working on this baby, so you can expect some QoL improvements soon. Stay tuned!
  21. How to read the Documentation

    Hello guys, I'm having a bit of trouble applying what I read from the documentation. For instance, I want to use the input keyboard properties of "lastChar" and "lastKey", but I just don't know how to translate that into code. This is what i have tried:;;; I tried other combinations that didn't work. Do any of you guys know how to apply the code from the docs that are not seen in any of the examples? Thanks guys!
  22. I am trying to work out how to tint a sprite in v3 as the v2 method doesn't seem to work. Where can I find the documentation on this?
  23. I find PIXI v2 documentation is way better than current documentation. What I found really useful from documentation v2: Quick search/accessBird view to all method and propertiesIs there any chance current documentation implement same features?
  24. Hello all and the main guy "rich" thank you for this wonderful framework...its been smooth sailing until I hit this terrible bump and I am beyond irate and even more I have a big project due in about 3 days... I have spent the last 2 days off and on trying to figure out why in all the world I cant get a button with texture atlas or spritesheet to work and I am at my wits end...Please help!!! What I am trying to accomplish: I am creating a turn based game project, which has a lot of buttons, which change depending on button which clicked, overstate,outstate, downstate... why is there no specific doc on this it is very confusing... By the way I have looked through all the examples on : and throughout the forum to no avail The problem when I reference the atlas key and the "framenames" in the button instance like: this.allbutton = this.add.button(680, 700, 'MainGameSprite', this.buttonCallback, this, 'AllinButton_Pressed', 'AllinButton', 'AllinButton_Pressed');the whole texture/spritesheets gets output to the screen, instead of the first frame? are the json and jsonhash files i tried from leshy and texture packer..Maybe its the json? I have used Leshy texture packer leshy output :!nwF3xKRC!h9aQIOUL3iwi6lGVHE1rrOCiF_uNBvJksPOlmlbn2vc texture packer output :!zwN0WQ4D!4r1urUSNMR_h8R5PzojyHdvRm6vtU9pcf-_Tb9Zl1yM sample json texture packer: {"frames": {"AllinButton.png":{"frame": {"x":764,"y":63,"w":164,"h":58},"rotated": false,"trimmed": false,"spriteSourceSize": {"x":0,"y":0,"w":164,"h":58},"sourceSize": {"w":164,"h":58},"pivot": {"x":0.5,"y":0.5}},"AllinButton_Pressed.png":{"frame": {"x":930,"y":63,"w":164,"h":58},"rotated": false,"trimmed": false,"spriteSourceSize": {"x":0,"y":0,"w":164,"h":58},"sourceSize": {"w":164,"h":58},"pivot": {"x":0.5,"y":0.5}}, here is some snippet of code from me to assure you that I have (or tried at least) to do everything right : ///index.htmlBasic stateswindow.onload = function(){ //inject game object into container div var game = new Phaser.Game(1386, 786, Phaser.CANVAS, 'gameArea'); //add states to game object game.state.add('Boot', xGame.Boot); game.state.add('Preloader', xGame.Preloader); game.state.add('Lobby', xGame.Lobby); game.state.add('Game', xGame.Game); //start boot sequence game.state.start('Boot'); ///preloadxGame.Preloader = function (game){this.background = null;this.preloadBar = null;//this.ready = false;};xGame.Preloader.prototype = {preload: function (){ this.load.atlasJSONHash('MainGameSprite', 'img/Slices/TextureAtlas/testpng.png','img/Slices/TextureAtlas/testjson.json');//tried both atlas and atlasJSONHash for leshy and texture packer and spritesheet this.load.atlas('MainGameSprite', 'img/Slices/TextureAtlas/testpng.png','img/Slices/TextureAtlas/testjson.json');this.load.spritesheet('cardsActions', 'img/Slices/sprites/CardActions.png', 329, 353); }} ///gamexGame.Game = function (game) {};xGame.Game.prototype = {create: function () { // this is from me trying everything including pulling out hair...... //tried //this.gameSprite = this.add.sprite(100, 200, 'cardsActions'); //this.gameSprite.frameName = 'AllinButton'; // The numbers given in parameters are the indexes of the frames, in this order: over, out, down //tried the atlas thing this.allbutton = this.add.button(680, 700, 'MainGameSprite', this.buttonCallback, this, 'AllinButton_Pressed', 'AllinButton', 'AllinButton_Pressed'); ////tried the spritesheet frame thing, but didn't make sense since I had multiple spritesheets of varying component texture sizes this.allbutton = this.add.button(550, 500, 'cardsActions', this.actionOnClick, this, 1, 0, 2); // setting the anchor to the center this.allbutton.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);}}in both cases and other test this has been my output: or in the case of the texture atlas it sprints the whole spritesheet!!? for example this example menu shows close to an in game activity : but even the documentation on this is poor eg: function preload() { // We load a TexturePacker JSON file and image and show you how to make several unique sprites from the same file game.load.atlas('atlas', 'assets/pics/texturepacker_test.png', 'assets/pics/texturepacker_test.json');}function create() { game.stage.backgroundColor = '#404040'; chick = game.add.sprite(64, 64, 'atlas'); // You can set the frame based on the frame name (which TexturePacker usually sets to be the filename of the image itself) chick.frameName = 'budbrain_chick.png'; This works in the example but makes no sense.... i have looked into almost every example out there including : phaser/ressources/basic referenced here from browsing this topic..So I took every precaution and advice about formats for texture atlas I removed "check rotation"as specified in this topic: Please solution needed Ideally I would like to use a texture atlas to fit this as opposed to several different spritesheets which become very obfuscated in terms of frames? what if you have multiple spriteshteets, what becomes of the frame numbers in different button instances? ie: //in loadthis.load.spritesheet('Actions', 'img/Slices/sprites/CardActions.png', 329, 353);this.load.spritesheet('setofanotheraction', 'img/Slices/sprites/CardActions.png', 329, 353);//in createbutton 1 = this.add.button(550, 500, 'Actions', this.actionOnClick, this, 1, 0, 2);button 2 = this.add.button(550, 500, 'setofanotheraction', this.actionOnClick, this, ?,?,? wtf???);So please if you can help solve the texture atlas issue, it will be much appreciated...I have no more hair left to pull, I will be watching this thread eagerly...thanks to the hero in advance.
  25. Got some error with intersects. Doc says it return PickingInfo with pickedPoint :BABYLON.Vector2 Must be v3?