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  2. Hi , I actually drawing a shape with each click I make. I want to fill my shape with color, How can I make ?
  3. how to draw imageBitmap object? ..
  4. Macromedia, Director, browser wars, CD-ROMs ... The 90s ... fun times! You might find "re-imagining" your game to be a better fit with new devices, tech stack, and market expectations? A "re-build" could involve extracting some assets from the .DIR files and hoping they fit the new approaches, but chances are you'd do better with the original master assets, rather than the ones imported into Director? Whatever approach you adopt would likely require the developer(s) to be familiar with both Director and HTML5 (rare). You might find this useful - a friend of mine was contributing to this project - I've not used it and I don't know what of the above it will do: I'm nostalgic towards this stack - let me know more, PM me, I can probably connect you.
  5. // hello again lads! I've got another problem. I was working on a game and I was specifically // working on a Gameplay scene and there was no specific error in the console but the physics // collider between my platform and the player wasn't working and my player fell through the // platform. Can somebody point out the mistake I've made? Any help will be greatly appreciated :) // The code from my 'Gameplay' scene: var platform; var player; class gamePlay extends Phaser.Scene{ constructor(){ super({key: 'playing'}); } preload(){ this.load.image('sky', 'assets/sky.png'); this.load.image('sun', 'assets/sun.png'); this.load.image('ground', 'assets/platform.png'); this.load.image('cubey', 'assets/cubey(1).png', {frameWidth: 32, frameHeight: 32} ); } create(){ this.add.image(400, 300, 'sky'); this.add.image(400, 100, 'sun'); platform = this.physics.add.staticGroup(); platform.create(400, 500, 'ground'); platform.create(250, 500, 'ground'); platform.create(500, 500, 'ground'); player = this.physics.add.sprite(400, 300, 'cubey'); player.setBounce(0.3); player.setCollideWorldBounds(true); this.physics.add.collider(player, platform); // not working } update(){ } }
  6. Mysteries of fortune by Kamagames (sound design and music)
  7. Super-excited to announce some new experimental PlayCanvas technology that simulates cloth physics. final_5ed7a246132aee0015b5c0af_798743.mp4 Check out the blog article describing how it was done: Just a first step - but the added realism for character rendering is superb. Let us know what you think!
  8. Yes. Unfortunately I dont have time to explain all that for 100th time, so please read threads that you find with "pixi-tilemap" phrase over this subforum. I should have created general article about tilemap optimizations, too many times that was asked.
  9. lordmyrnya

    Cells Map

    Hello. I have an idea with procedural map generation with rectangle cells (honestly, I've choosed to move from clean canvas render to PixiJS) For example I have map 100x100 with 30px cells. That means that i have 10000 rectangles and layer 3000x3000 When I starting this project on my smartphone this causes fps drop to 20-30 If i using old canvas method fps is more than 60 When I stop app with stop function fps is more than 60 What can I do if I want to use Pixi? Any way to optimization it? (sorry for English)
  10. @grosjardin The answer was posted many times: use many rects per one graphics, use pixi-tilemap, or use a RenderTexture if you have static content. Please search for "pixi-tilemap" in this subforum to look at those discussions. I'm sorry that I still didnt make general article on how to handle 100k+ objects. Yes, its possible, but nobody made that kind of article in WebGL community, there are only pieces of information across forums. No, its not possible to add a Container inside ParticleContainer, read its code and you'll see how it works. Performance means restriction on the code.
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  12. About that, do you know if its possible to add a Container inside a Particle Container ? To make the grid, looping over 250k + Sprites and adding them in on Particle Container is way too heavy. I'm trying to find a way to pack multiples 10x10 sprites in a container and then loop over that container so I can reduce the iterations. Having that 10x10 shape drawn to a PIXI.Graphics is tough to manage, or impossible.
  13. Hi! I have an old game made in the mid-90s with Macromedia Shockwave. It runs on older Versions of Windows and Mac. Now I want to bring the game onto mobile devices (iOS and Android). Unfortunately Shockwave and Flash died, and aren't available for mobile devices. I have the original .DIR files (these files include all the animations, bitmaps, sounds and scripts) and the lingo script (the language the game where written with Macromedia Shockwave). Is there anyway to "convert" such old games to a newer technology? Whats the best way to bring the old game to mobile devices? Thanks very much! Daniel
  14. I use it in vueJS , and the things are not the same if I use in plain JS and HTML.
  15. .. doesnt actually matter, zIndex is also not used. Honestly, did you look at sources of pixi and pixi-tilemap ? You should clone pixiJS locally and open it in IDE. Looking in sources of things that you use and debugging, going inside methods that throw errors might make your development process much faster. Yes, you are not supposed to do that in ideal framework, but pixi is hardcore rendering lib, there's webgl and many other things underneath, things break every time.
  16. @khleug35 is that input filed supported for smart phone (touch keyboard) or not ??
  17. Thanks Ivan - good luck with the release!
  18. ParticleContainer likes only sprites as children, not containers. ParticleContainer should be used when you dont need updateTransform() , interaction and other things and you want to go fast. In this case you want both - that's not for ParticleContainer.
  19. my custom implementation is clearRect. I dont remember where is the background color /transparency setting there. I'm in my "to heck with small pixi stuff" phase, so if you want this in 5.3.0 - try make PR Really, one week before beta-release of 3-year project, I just cant do those things.
  20. So I just write it like this : tilemap = new PIXI.tilemap.CompositeRectTileLayer(0); or tilemap = new PIXI.tilemap.CompositeRectTileLayer();
  21. Understood - though this is the kind of thing that should probably be reflected in the documentation (RenderTexture is a major feature, imo). Do you know if this is slated for the upcoming 5.3.0 release? I would think having parity between WebGL & Canvas would be critical. Anything you can share from your custom implementation? Is it as simple as removing the check for this.renderingToScreen, or will that break things?
  22. @ivan.popelyshev it is possible to: 1 -add particle container to app.stage 2- add sprites to viewport 3 - add viewport to particle container ? When I do like that I have a error in console
  23. this should work : "const texture = renderer.generateTexture(graphics);" However if you dont like antialising quality, you should use legacy, dont mind the name, canvas2d is still has no alternative in shapes quality. Its just several tens Kb of code
  24. Yep, we still dont have implementation there I use custom implementation of this thing in my projects.
  25. It works with dev version or pixi or versions before 5.2.2 , because 5.2.2 had a bug. Just remove that parameter and everything will be ok
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