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  2. I ended up solving this by changing the class to extend a sprite. So, extending the Phaser Sprite class allowed for adding instance classes (and drag events) that make everything neat and tidy: class Gamepiece extends Phaser.GameObjects.Sprite{ constructor(scene){this.render = (x,y,sprite) => {let gp = scene.add.image(x,y,sprite).setScale(1.0,1.0).setDepth(100).setInteractive(); scene.input.setDraggable(gp);return gp; }}
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  4. I have not received it yet but they seem to be an honest company, I will post the news here
  5. Haha, I will use generateCanvasTexture then!! Thank you for your time!
  6. usually, if its graphics - use generateCanvasTexture. because i dont know when you need to cache graphics without AA
  7. Mhm I understand! So when should I use which?
  8. first one uses temporary CanvasRenderer to draw graphics with canvas2d context, then makes a texture based on that canvas. canvas2d analytical antialiasing looks good. second creates RenderTexture, draws graphics there. of course its webgl if your renderer is webgl. It does not have AA.
  9. Hello I saw two different methods of generating textures from graphics object in pixi 5 WebGL: graphics.generateCanvasTexture() renderer.generateTexture(graphics) How those methods differ from each others? And which one should I use in which cases? Documentation doesn't explain it exactly. Thank you in advance for help!
  10. Thank you for all your valuable inputs. This will target to a very specific audience(reduced number of users) and I don't have any expectations regarding profit. Initially, I had in my mind some sort of minecraft viewer, which seems to be at this moment impossible. I would like to stick on panda2, so probably I'll try something using code from like Cubes 3D, Airplane 3D, Three.js & Cannon.js...
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm using the SceneManager to start a scene. I then want initialise other parts of my game when the scene has started and is is ready. I've tried this (`game` is a new Phaser.Game(config)): game.scene.start("TitleScreen"); const titleScreen = game.scene.getScene("TitleScreen"); ... but titleSceen is `null`, preventing me from attaching any event listeners to it. However, if I wrap it in setTimeout and wait for 100 ms, I can access it: game.scene.start("TitleScreen"); setTimeout(event => { const titleScreen = game.scene.getScene("TitleScreen") console.log("It works!: ", titleScreen) }, 100); This is a hack, of course. Is there some way to listen for a scene "ready" events globally like this? (outside of scene objects themselves?) Hope that's clear..? Thanks!
  12. More Art Works : Available for more art works! 2D Cartoon Art Work Game Assets Service : I can work on fixed price (based on my $14 per hour rate estimate), I do need a list of the assets to calculate. You can email me at for more details For Cost reference : Character Design : $7 - $28 (depend on details) +add $7 - $14 per animation (4 - 10 frames) (depend on details) Item $5 - $14 (depend on details) Background $14 - $56 (depend on details) Buttons $2 - $7 (depend on details) Etc. For a more accurate cost, give me a list, and I will calculate for a fix cost. If we have a deal, I will make some samples from the list to make sure you like the art style, if you approved then we move forward. etc. You can email me at for more details.
  13. Hello There, Hope you are doing well!! I'd Glad to assist you. PM Sent with details, Please Check. Very Best Regards Carter W
  14. Hello There, Hope you are doing well!! I'd Glad to assist you. Email Sent with details, Please Check. Very Best Regards Carter W
  15. @SharedDreams Do you receive payment from Gamemonetize?
  16. Exca

    Unlimited FPS

    If you find one, I would also be interested in that, though to other way (forcing browser to do rendering slower). Tried many flags but couldn't get the raf interval to change.
  17. All right, solved it thanks to your suggestions : new BaseTexture(canvas) was indeed the solution. However, I can't pass the images or canvas from the node canvas library directly, because they are not stricly speaking HTMLCanvasElement or HTMLImageElement, and so the auto ressource detector will not recognize them (went into the source code, it does an "instanceof" test). What worked was creating a custom ressource class "NodeCanvasResource" that inherits from BaseImageResource. The class itself is super simple, and just serves as a bypass of the autodetect : class NodeCanvasResource extends resources.BaseImageResource { constructor(source: any) { super(source); } } Then to actually load the image : async getImageFromCanvas(path: string) { console.log('loading image from file : ' + path) let image = await loadImage(path); let ressource = new NodeCanvasResource(image); let bt = new PIXI.BaseTexture(ressource); return bt; } As a note, this will not work without the polyfill from pixi-shim : if you don't use this code you'll get a "Canvas or Image expected error". Thank you all !
  18. IoT in Manufacturing helps in Assessing the condition of the machines frequently That will avoid costs related to unwarranted machine maintenance cycles. In addition to that, IoT enabled predictive maintenance systems by helping manufacturers collect real-time data from sensors to foresee the failure of machines and delay maintenance cyclones to reduce repair cost.
  19. Saeki Amae

    Unlimited FPS

    Hello, I have 144 FPS monitor and quite high end PC. I made the app in pixi 5 webgl that works fine for me but for others who have weaker PCs their FPS are dropping. The solution for this would be unlocking FPS so i can see for example 150-300 fps in fps counter and check each time if the change that i made improved fps or worsened. I tried to use chrome --disable-gpu-vsync --disable-frame-rate-limit but fps are still stuck at 144 hz. Does anyone know the solution for this?
  20. Princess Summer Sand Castle - Princess Fashion Dress Up Games Play It Now: Princess Summer Sand Castle celebration has started. Princesses decide to go on a trip to the beach during this bright summer. As the weather is good, the princesses want to celebrate by performing some engaging activities. Why not create some marvelous sandcastles? Every year the princess goes to international sculpting festivals. This year they have decided to bring the sculpting festival to the beach and enjoy on their own. It’s going to be an inspiration and mix of styles from the sand sculpture festivals of Brugge, Taiwan, and Boston.
  21. Hello! As in subject - in what way i can render in pixi webGl single texture possibly fastest? I know that particle container is best for a lot of sprites with same texture - how about one ?
  22. Hi, I made a 2D shooter game. I will improve it in time and your suggestions are very welcome. Play:
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  24. I did destroy but i keep getting those errors
  25. Web games have always been traditionally free, or MMO based P2W/Microtransactions. Gamers seek either the free lunchtime filler, or the long term MMO in the browser, the need for a platform specifically designated for fleshed out HTML5 games is very low. It's probably only other developers who care how it was made. As you know though, the potential to develop the game for desktop and release it on Steam is still there. Just gamer's don't care how its made, as long as it's a good game. If anything it might deter them to know it was made on web technology rather than blistering fast native technology, but that's just anecdotal. If you really want to be a hardcore platform that makes money, then I think MMO/Persistent/Mobile game is the way to go.
  26. Thanks, I even know about inheritance! But I do not understand a work with vertices.
  27. Copy source of NineSlicePlane, implement different kind of scaling
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