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  2. Understood mate, I also use *just* pixi for my project (I didn't see the point in going any further than having a rendering engine). I do hope others can provide you with experienced answers but I figure I would also provide more from my perspective. Making a game or any project from scratch without frameworks can come with loads of benefits (since we already know the downsides i'll describe just a few of the upsides) 1. Performance.. You pick exactly how your engine processes its logic. (This is why I only use a rendering engine and not a game framework) 2. Learning... You get to learn loads about making a framework or engine yourself (Before Pixi 1.0 and even the early days of popularised HTML5 games, I did a bunch of learning and made this video at end of the post) 3. Cost... Maybe the framework that does suit you costs too much, e.g. dev tooling, licenses etc. 4. Fit for purpose... Sometimes you have an idea for a project, which no framework lends itself to well. For example, you may need to run inside Linux, Unix, iOS, Android, PS4 web browser, XBOX web browser. You may want Newtonian physics, you may want it to import SVG's, you may want it to use CSS etc. 5. Complete control... This one is normally the reason used by the best developers, AAA's/AA's, financial institutes, military, etc. You have created and built every single aspect and component of your project, because it's extremely important you know exactly what every single component does. The video I put together years ago about trying out gaming aspects in HTML5 Hope this helps give you some perspective you may have not considered. Jam.
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  4. Despite the fact that I like doing it for fun, I couldn't agree more with you @Jammy, If you intend to deliver good quality products and have less headaches along the way, Phaser/Pixi+howler in my opinion are way to go. Maybe it's just me being finicky, but I'm still interested in learning from whoever went against the stream and know their reasons to do it. (I'm using Pixi for my current game btw)
  5. Hello my friends, I have been gone for quite a long time because of those bastards at making people pay for their stupid texture atlas program with a dumb gui. However, I have decided that I am not going to take it anymore. That is why I have created Rat Pack Texture Atlas Creator 100% for free. I would like to see the look on the face of the greedy red handed theiving bastards at right now. Yep, 100% FOR FREE. I feel a bit bad for, it must feel sad seeing your last slave be emancipated, leaving you all alone. AND no stupid gui, Rat Pack is for commandline only, so you can use it as quickly and easily as possible. you will not need to wait for a program to load up, just type whenever you update your sprites and it will all be there waiting for you with no messing about. TOUCH THE POWER NOW. VISIT
  6. So just tried on my tablet, and I'm able to select built items fine. Odd (but good!). Couple more issues... 1. All the menus look fine in portrait apart from the upgrades menu, which doesn't show the X in portrait mode, so can't click off of it. 2. If I use the pinch action to zoom in as much as I can, I can then press the zoom icon to zoom further into a black void. Scary.
  7. My dream is to make the Battle City game with multiplayer. I will take textures, tiles and some rules from the original games but I need to create right rules for a few teams and coop mode. I think it will be a good practice.
  8. Great little demo! I would suggest definitely making the keyboard changes as suggested by Ivan, it's a bit iffy for me. Windows 10/Chrome. I even tried to bug it out by messing around with pushing tanks into objects and everything seemed pretty solid! No issues there.
  9. Thanks buddy really appreciate the feedback! I do want this to be released for phone and tablet. So now that I can at least see it being playable on most devices, I'm going to spend a week or so really trying to nail down the UI and user-interaction aspects. My job is up in December so if i can see this version working well (being enjoyed), I might just focus on a more commercial different (or same) game in the same engine I've made. Really appreciate all your guys time spent with me on this.
  10. I don't think many people seriously build commercial games projects from the ground up with their own rendering engine. It would take just as long making the rendering engine as it would to make the game? Since your question is around commercial titles, I've never worked for anybody who said "let's do everything the hard way from scratch." it's more like "let's leverage what we can and not re-invent the wheel". Personally I've never made much money from a HTML5 game, but have made money from other games written from scratch (e.g. ), but we're not talking huge successes.
  11. That sorts out the scaling issues on my phone, and it nicely works either portrait or landscape... nice work! There's now the issue on the phone that you can't select certain things, like existing machines, or build items (tho you can open a build menu fine) The first issue is interesting, as to move the game around you have to touch the screen, so maybe it's best an existing machine info doesn't keep popping up all of the time! Maybe a question mark icon you can press which then let's you select anything on screen to view it's info? Dunno. UI's do have to be different from mobile to desktop, so it depends how far you want to take this being a good mobile/tablet experience
  12. @-AAG- I wish you good luck my friend!
  13. This is a little derivative and perhaps not the most relevant topic but it's rather just me being curious. Do any of you actually write your commercial titles from ground up1? I enjoy developing my own architectures and tackling some of the little mundane tasks that writing a game without libraries has, but also acknowledge that yes, these libraries potentially solve issues I would never imagine and in a way more skilled developers know it's best. But I'm learning, and learning is a process. Whoever enjoys making games from scratch knows the joy of it, but has any of you been brave enough to actually ship those games? I'd love to know more about your projects even if they're small! Thanks. (1): Without game and/or rendering frameworks like Phaser and Pixi. Note that I do not mention physics engines.
  14. with the Phaser 2 there gives the option: this.stage.disableVisibilityChange = true; in the init before create. in Phaser 3 i allready search a solucion the code syratechnologies works but i have very big performance problem with this the game lags.
  15. Thanks a lot for pointing this out. I've got a new build now which has started to resolve the issue for some android users, it would be great if you could try again and let me know if issue still occurs. (I do think though i have a bit of scaling work to do, but the game should now be playable)
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  17. Thanks for the lengthy and in depth reply. I understand this perfectly. I have been selling licenses to sponsors for quiet a while. But some sponsors just wont buy games made on either Construct or GameMaker. My argument is the same as above. Some sponsors just wont buy games made on either Construct or GameMaker (or similar game making tools), and I get it, they can be a pain to work with when it comes down to API integrations and such. Phaser on the other hand, even thou is a framework, it is still a more conventional way of making games. Business wise something like Phaser is better, but if you are just a hobbyist then it boils down to preference. I do this for a living. Phaser gives you a lot more control over what you are doing? it has nothing to do with code, that's for sure. I just found out something about Construct 3 that is putting me off a little, it is a service and not a product, you would have to pay monthly or yearly to continue to use it. It is a very small price but still.
  18. I want to share a small PDF booklet with JavaScript coding challenges: These coding challenges are designed for beginners and intended to offer the foundation that they may need when developing mini-games on or any other platform.
  19. 3rd Person Rail Shooter (play it) 3rd Person Rail Shooter prototype This prototype is a "3rd Person Rail Shooter". The goal is to survive as long as possible. The 3D effect, obviously, is fake. It's an endless game that end when the player die. You can use my script as you want, they are free. If you use this prototype for commercial purpose, please, change the graphic/music/fx assets I've used (these are Opengameart's assets (, for the credits see the Prototypes HUB section). I hope there are enough comments on the code. Please, let me know if you use my scripts, thanks. Download all scripts :
  20. Hi guys, I am quite new in creating 2D games with pixi&html and I need a sort of help or any resource where I can see how can I implement progress bar using two sprites (empty and filled one). Any suggestions? Thanks
  21. Textured Rectangle in pure WebGL 1.0 and TypeScript. I use glMatrix for Linear Algebra. Playground: Plunker: CodeSandbox: Source Code on GitHub (see a step-by-step instruction in the file):
  22. Hi, even Construct 2 is still very good (if you visit my website you will see) to make HTML5 games or mobile. Of course Construct 3 has a lot features and going better and better. This is a different part. This no means the engine you choose is bad. To develop a good game depends on a lot of things. And of course to sell it is another different part. Better? What are your arguments? How people can say unity is better than unreal, etc ? Each engine do great job. The only question here is: "What game / games want to develop" ? To be honest, I don't know why some people choose phaser or similar. I believe it's about code - to code something. But you can programming in Construct 3 too. I believe need to post here and a phaser developer with a lot experience to give us an explanation about phaser and what can do better. So from my experience, Construct is very powerful, so i believe if your previous engine was GameMaker a good choice is to pass to Construct 3 but as i said, Construct 2 is still very good for games. Also i believe Construct can learn it in some hours. I'm not from Construct team, i'm not doing a promo here. I work with Construct years now and this is my opinion. But of course if you like phaser, go with it. Good luck! Cheers.
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  24. Hello. I was wondering about Construct 3 and how good is it for making HTML5 games that can be sold to sponsors. I have been using Game Maker for over 12 years now and I absolutely love it and can get games done with it in no time but I really, really don't like Game Maker Studio 2 at all, I just don't. whats up with the interface and those freaking nodes? It hurts my eyes just to look at it. But GMS 1 is not supported anymore and I find myself running into frequent issues with browsers and stuff just not working out of the blue. Looking at Construct 3 I absolutely love the fact that it works on the browser. It even says I could run it on one of those cheap Chromebooks! Maybe you are thinking that since I'm willing to learn something new why not learn something better like Phaser. Well, I guess I could learn that if I really put the effort into it, but it just seems so overly complicated, everything would be all over the place instead of self contained on the one app. I tried similar stuff in the past, like Flash Punk, and it just isn't for me. Or is it? Anyways, I am looking to update myself and GameMaker: Studio 2 just wont do. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Without detail I can't offer anything but generic suggestions. FB "banning" stuff is usually because of a breach of rules, or similar claims. Yes it'll feel unfair ... but there is no entitlement to profiteer from FB's audience. How is your quiz "Viral" if it has very low players? Dwindling audience is always due to a "viral coefficient" of less than 1 - rise to that challenge and FB is a great place to be (use shareAsync() to provide relevant and fun messaging, and bots to re-engage smartly). Also remember - new privacy constraints are imposed regularly, and competition mounts daily - so legacy successes always had an easier ride to market share.
  26. Hey Uronstone, We are always testing new ways to improve the user experience in the games we distribute on Game Distribution. This week, we decided to run some tests and test games without outgoing links in order to increase: Gameplay time, game performance, ad impressions/gameplay on the games. In short, this was done having both our publishers, developers and players in mind. Outgoing links take players out of the games and it can be bad for the user experience. We are starting to partner up with some big publishers that are asking for games only without outgoing links. This was done to make sure your games are picked up by those publishers too. That being said, I must agree that our method was not the best and we should have communicated that better. Because of that reason, we are doing an internal test and currently still allowing games with outgoing links. In the future, we will create a better and more strict set of rules in order to improve on all ends. Any doubts, just shoot me a DM. Cheers,
  27. Add multiplayer to your game. This article are awesome: Real Time Multiplayer in HTML5. The article explains how to use some methods for network latency compensation. I deployed the example from the article on Heroku. You can run it in two browser windows: (It is free hosting and sometimes you need to way a few seconds when server is waking up) The article has links on another good articles about network latency compensation methods. I am rewriting the code example from the article to TypeScript.
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