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  2. More Art Works : Available for more art works! 2D Cartoon Art Work Game Assets Service : I can work on fixed price (based on my $14 per hour rate estimate), I do need a list of the assets to calculate. You can email me at for more details For Cost reference : Character Design : $7 - $28 (depend on details) +add $7 - $14 per animation (4 - 10 frames) (depend on details) Item $5 - $14 (depend on details) Background $14 - $56 (depend on details) Buttons $2 - $7 (depend on details) Etc. For a more accurate cost, give me a list, and I will calculate for a fix cost. If we have a deal, I will make some samples from the list to make sure you like the art style, if you approved then we move forward. etc. You can email me at for more details.
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  4. I so wish I found this before I figured out how to do this myself! Thanks for the repo, there are still things I can learn.
  5. Hey guys, Sorry if I went silent here. We are still facing indeed some delays in payments which should have been solved already and I apologize for the stress it is causing you. All the August payments were done for all partners. If you didn't get paid, please be sure that you fall into the minimum requirements for the due amounts. We are still improving the processes and flow and it hasn't been fully fixed yet. We were able to pay ahead the month before, but couldn't meet the deadline the month after (took us around 15 days more). We will start September payments next week and hopefully, pay you all for the earned before the end of November. Thanks for understanding.
  6. @Michela Federico you can see in this example
  7. Use this one!
  8. What I want to achieve: I want to highlight the first word of each sentence. (See the attached image) I don't want to use two different Text object to achieve this, since it would be very difficult to locate them correctly.
  9. Hi. Thanks for sharing your code. This message popped up when I tried to play the game: integer division by 0 in main.agc at line 722. Tested in Opera version 54 and Microsoft Edge 42 both running on Android 6.0.1. Regards.
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  11. fb instant build game is declared where can find alternative ?
  12. I see two ways 1. You can hack your texture that way it gives different UV's to rope. "texture.frame.x = ...; texture.frame.width = ...;" then "texture.updateUvs()" should do that. 2. Just modify the rope same way it works in our v.5.2.0, code is almost the same.
  13. Nice 👍 It's great that you open source it.
  14. Little difficulty with controls. Other then that nice game.
  15. I do see something about adjusting the "frame". But I want to use the whole texture and just offset it in the X..err.. U position.
  16. Changing Rope isn't that difficult, you can copy some parts from v5. I also had alternative Rope for v4, though without this function, you can look at it : We really cant implement everything that people want in generated meshes, and its not like they use very specific webgl stuff, its just geom, it should be easy.
  17. Looking over the v5 documentation for PIXI.SimpleRope, Texture, and BaseTexture - nothing really stands out to me that says 'HEY! Set this to offset a texture'. Any hints?
  18. Thanks - we're are still on PIXI version 4 for this project - I fear we have so many dependencies on how it works that upgrading may be impossible, I'll take a look!
  19. Ehm, it works already, look in pixi 5.2.0. In case you need more, just modify that Rope
  20. Hey guys, I'm wondering if there is a way to animate the offset position of a texture when applied to a PIXI.Mesh.rope. My goal is to have the texture "flow" in one direction. The texture in question is designed to repeat in one direction. I'm hoping if I can set the base texture to wrap along the U coordinate (using PIXI.WRAP_MODES.REPEAT), that if I can adjust the offset of the U over time, that I can effectively get the texture to wrap along the rope mesh. Where I'm running in to trouble is, based off of research so far, I don't see a way to adjust the offset "out of the box" in PIXI. Is this even possible, or should I be taking a different approach? Here's an screenshot of what I'm aiming for: Note the arcing path leading from the gorilla, going over the skyscraper, and ending at a building. This is built using a mesh rope. I think it would be cool if I could get the texture to move in one direction, similar to a tiling sprite, but along the rope. Any insight is much appreciated! Thanks, Sean
  21. It is very important to understand the application market, especially with regard to, for example, online dating applications. Recently, here for this site I was developing an application that can help them to promote their services and improve the service for the users themselves. At first they made it free, because we’ll already introduce paid functions. In your opinion, how effective is such a model?
  22. Hi, We released our new open-source HTML5 video game called: "Space Swap™". It is a reinterpretation of the classic 16Bit SNES video game "Tetris Attack". Game has been tested on Windows Edge/Firefox/Chrome/Opera & Linux(*ubuntu) Firefox/Chrome. (should also run on macOS Safari but not tested) Game utilizes the excellent "AppGameKit Classic" video game engine. As stated, the game is 100% open-source! You can play the game and download the full project at below URL link: Enjoy our work! Thanks! Jesse
  23. There's also a matter of lost packets that seriously affects TCP networking. Any lost packet induces a lag spike. There's a trick to maintain two-three websockets connections instead of one, and sending a packet into - but nobody implemented it in public, its very limited. It also requires UDP-like architecture of client/server, that's one of difficulties we're trying to solve.
  24. There are so many ways to do client prediction, that you're better using something that gives you ability to change stuff for your game
  25. Thanks a lot @ivan.popelyshev! I checked out your game! The one I want to make is a third-person space craft battle game, which is gonna be fast paced. Should I just go with the method I mentioned above (the difference should be below 0.1), or should I go with nengi. Is nengi a worth upgrade than the method I used (my method involves really nothing lol)? If yes, I would like to see any other alternatives to nengi just to have an idea (or if it is the best out of all, then I might directly use it!)
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