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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, My name is Nikky. I'm a 31 year old 2D graphic designer (vector) with years of experience, available full time for freelance work. I also had experience on making my own games for 2 years. I can do characters, items, animations, backgrounds, re-skinning, UI design, game cover, icons, logos, and any other kind of 2D art assets. My rate at the moment is $14 per hour, I can also work with a fixed price (with an asset list and a request art style). Well, I usually make deal on a fixed price after estimating the cost to the clients. Or maybe if you have some kind of budget for the art work, we can start negotiate from that. You can see some of my 2D art works for all kinds of games in https://imageshack.com/a/NSMz/1 I work fast, understand deadline, work on weekends and holidays, understand time zone deference, I don't sleep to much anyway, prefer Paypal for safe payments, not interested in profit sharing, or free works. I'm full-time freelance so my focus is on this. I can do most Graphic Art style (vector base). I usually do a test run of one or two of the clients request assets (usually clients also has a request type of style) to make sure the style, design, coolness, cuteness, etc fits them, no need to pay if the test run result doesn't fit you. But if it does, then lets do more actions! Feel free for asking me the estimate of the cost, it maybe cheaper then you think it is. You can email me at [email protected] For Cost reference : Character Design : $7 - $28 (depend on details) +add $7 - $14 per animation (4 - 10 frames) (depend on details) Item $5 - $14 (depend on details) Background $14 - $56 (depend on details) Buttons $2 - $7 (depend on details) Etc. For a more accurate cost, give me a list, and I will calculate for a fix cost. If we have a deal, I will make some samples from the list to make sure you like the art style, if you approved then we move forward. etc. You can email me at [email protected] for more details. Here are some of my works :
  2. Welcome, I am the artist Kirly Senpai!! At the moment I will only draw sprite but soon, I will draw CGs and interface (/^▽^)/ Please e-mail or private messages me if you're interested in any of my services. E-mail: [email protected] I absolutely do not work for free. Sorry (´。_。`)ゞぅぅぅ… BUT I can work for half payment up front, half payment later, or will installments, I am very flexible! The only payment method that I accept is Paypal. You can also find me in: - Artstation - Portfolio - Devianart - Anothes commissions - Itch.io - Tumblr I have no problem with the genres, I like them all! Bl, yuri, otome, etc ... It is quite cheap!! Take advantage before I change it!
  3. Hi guys! Main character in my game is this cat: Cat is composed from two parts - the torso and the head - and for each part I want to have physics body enabled, therefore I decided all parts will be inside a group. During the gameplay, I apply certain amount of velocity to the cat torso and cat then should rotate around its own axis, clock-wise and counter clockwise. I chose the approach to apply velocity to the torso and I want to position the head according the torso in the update method. Basically I want to achieve the same behaviour as Sprite.addChild() (add head as a child of a torso), but I want to do it in a group. I imagine basic (pseudo)code should look like this: export class Cat extends Phaser.Group { private _torso: Phaser.Sprite; private _catHead: Phaser.Sprite; private _torsoHeadDistance: number; public constructor(game: Phaser.Game, startPosY: number) { super(game); //torso this._torso = game.add.sprite(game.world.centerX, startPosY, "torso"); this._torso.anchor.setTo(0.5); this._torso.scale.setTo(0.5); //head this._catHead = game.add.sprite(this._torso.x, this._torso.top, "head"); this._catHead.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.7); this._catHead.scale.setTo(0.3); this.add(this._torso); this.add(this._catHead); game.physics.enable(this._torso, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); game.physics.enable(this._catHead, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); //Get the distance between both parts this._torsoHeadDistance = this.game.physics.arcade.distanceBetween(this._torso, this._catHead, true); } //This will be called when player interacts with the game public AddVelocity(angle, speed, angularVel: number) { this._game.physics.arcade.velocityFromAngle(angle, speed, this._torso.body.velocity); this._torso.body.angularVelocity = angularVel; } //Called from update each frame public UpdatePosition(){ //pseudo code this._catHead.position = this._torso.position + _torsoHeadDistance; this._catHead.rotation = this._torso.rotation; } } Basically I just want retain the same distance between both sprites in the group within the time. The problem is that I am not able to figure out the code which should be in UpdatePosition() method. I know it should be something with vectors and normalizing, but I already spent few hours solving this without success. Can someone point me closer to the solution, please? I start to be desperate... Thanks in advance!
  4. hi, is this possible to create 3d character in real time based on input height and weight like in some games?
  5. hi, i need a help. i want to clamp the player movement in certain range. how can i fix it. now i'm using following method the moveleft & moveright is a boolean function. it is working fine. but if the character repul while colliding with collider. then the character move across the given limit. how to clamp it. if (player.moveRight && player.position.x <= 42) { player.position.x += 1; }; if (player.moveLeft && player.position.x >= -42) { player.position.x -= 1; };
  6. Hello evryone, i try to better understand collisions & mehs interactions. I found this demo on the babylon.js 101 docs: http://www.babylon.actifgames.com/moveCharacter/ https://doc.babylonjs.com/babylon101/cameras,_mesh_collisions_and_gravity Is it possible to get the source code ?
  7. Hi all. For some reason my Link character from Legend of Zelda won't quit animating & switch back to Idle animation after letting go of the movement keys either left or right arrows. Also, the animation timing is off from the movement speed. What am I doing wrong here? How to fix? Legend of Zelda demo :: https://babylontesting.epizy.com/Phaser.js/legend-of-zelda-a-link-to-the-past-clone-in-phaser/ Legend of Zelda demo code :: view-source:https://babylontesting.epizy.com/Phaser.js/legend-of-zelda-a-link-to-the-past-clone-in-phaser/js/index.js be sure to copy ALL of the above line INCLUDING the 'view-source:' into your web browser Lines 258 - 408, SPECIFICALLY, lines : 340 - 406 are where this bug takes place. Thank you for helping! <3 ~M
  8. Hey guys... Especially you @Deltakosh ... I need your help... I have created a Built-In Character Controller (like the one in unity) that basically controls character movement with full jumping, falling and grounding support. Also allows complete user input control with one toggle 'player.enableInput = true'... I am have trouble with the last line... if the 'Auto-Turning' feature is enabled I want the character to always face the direction of the horizontal and vertical input... Kinda like Unreal Engine Third Person Camera usage... I am using the 'lookAt' function to do that now but it 'Snaps To' that direction... so if you went from left to right it would slap to face the other direction instead of rotating 'a it more slower' to the that direction... I don't see a lookAt speed so I don't know how to handle that... I am still a newbie so I don't know all the 'Translation/Rotation' code I could manually using to achieve the same thing... Anyways... any help on fixing the lookout issue... Again ... would be awesome... Here is my current Character Controller code for your reference, have a look... this is how you will use components in the BabylonJS Toolkit UPDATE New Character Controller Code: /* Babylon Character Movement Controller Component */ /* <reference path="{*path*}/Assets/Babylon/Library/babylon.d.ts" /> */ module BABYLON { export class CharacterController extends BABYLON.MeshComponent { public gravity:number = 0.0; public moveSpeed:number = 6.0; public jumpForce:number = 8.0; public dropForce:number = 20.0; public enableInput:boolean = false; public autoTurning:boolean = false; public rotateSpeed:number = 0.25; public applyGrounding:boolean = true; public keyboardJump:number = BABYLON.UserInputKey.SpaceBar; public buttonJump:number = BABYLON.Xbox360Button.A; public isJumping():boolean { return this._jumping; } public isFalling():boolean { return this._falling; } public isGrounded():boolean { return this._grounded; } public getVelocity():BABYLON.Vector3 { return this.manager.getLinearVelocity(this.mesh); } public getAngular():BABYLON.Vector3 { return this.manager.getAngularVelocity(this.mesh); } public onUpdateInput:(velocity:BABYLON.Vector3, horizontal:number, vertical:number, mousex:number, mousey:number, jumped:boolean)=>void = null; private _jumping:boolean = false; private _falling:boolean = false; private _grounded:boolean = true; private _turnIdentity:boolean = false; private _slerpIndentity:BABYLON.Quaternion = null; private _lookPosition:BABYLON.Vector3 = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(); private _inputVelocity:BABYLON.Vector3 = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(); private _movementVelocity:BABYLON.Vector3 = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(); private _contactThreashold:number = 0.5; public constructor(owner: BABYLON.AbstractMesh, scene: BABYLON.Scene, tick: boolean = true, propertyBag: any = {}) { super(owner, scene, tick, propertyBag); this.gravity = this.scene.gravity.y; this.moveSpeed = this.getProperty("moveSpeed", 6.0); this.jumpForce = this.getProperty("jumpForce", 8.0); this.dropForce = this.getProperty("dropForce", 20.0); this.applyGrounding = this.getProperty("grounding", true); this.enableInput = this.getProperty("enableInput", false); this.autoTurning = this.getProperty("autoTurning", false); this.rotateSpeed = this.getProperty("rotateSpeed", 0.25); this._turnIdentity = false; this._slerpIndentity = BABYLON.Quaternion.Identity(); this._movementVelocity.y = this.gravity; } public move(velocity:BABYLON.Vector3, angular:BABYLON.Vector3 = null, jump:boolean = false):void { this._movementVelocity.x = velocity.x * this.moveSpeed; this._movementVelocity.z = velocity.z * this.moveSpeed; if (jump === true && this._grounded === true && this.jumpForce > 0.0) { this._jumping = true; this._movementVelocity.y = this.jumpForce; this.updateGroundingState(); } // Apply scene gravity with drop force delta if (this._movementVelocity.y > this.gravity) { this._movementVelocity.y -= (this.dropForce * this.manager.deltaTime); if (this._movementVelocity.y < this.gravity) { this._movementVelocity.y = this.gravity; } } // Update current movement velocity with physics this.manager.moveWithPhysics(this.mesh, this._movementVelocity, angular); } protected start():void { this._jumping = false; this._falling = false; this._grounded = true; this.updateGroundingState(); this.onCollisionEvent((collider:BABYLON.AbstractMesh, tag:string) => { if (this.manager.checkCollision(this.mesh, collider, BABYLON.CollisionContact.Bottom, this._contactThreashold) === true) { this._jumping = false; this._movementVelocity.y = this.gravity; this.updateGroundingState(); } }); } protected fixed() :void { var falling:boolean = false; var velocity:BABYLON.Vector3 = this.getVelocity(); if (velocity != null && velocity.y < -0.1) { falling = true; } this._falling = falling; this.updateGroundingState(); // Update user input velocity if (this.enableInput === true) { var horizontal:number = this.manager.getUserInput(BABYLON.UserInputAxis.Horizontal); var vertical:number = this.manager.getUserInput(BABYLON.UserInputAxis.Vertical); var mousex:number = this.manager.getUserInput(BABYLON.UserInputAxis.MouseX); var mousey:number = this.manager.getUserInput(BABYLON.UserInputAxis.MouseY); var jumped:boolean = false; // Apply movement and jumping input if (this._grounded === true) { this._inputVelocity.x = horizontal; this._inputVelocity.z = vertical; jumped = (this.manager.getKeyInput(this.keyboardJump) || this.manager.getButtonInput(this.buttonJump)); } // Update custom movement user input if (this.onUpdateInput != null) { this.onUpdateInput(this._inputVelocity, horizontal, vertical, mousex, mousey, jumped); } // Update avatar position and rotation this.move(this._inputVelocity, null, jumped); if (this.autoTurning === true && (horizontal !== 0.0 || vertical !== 0.0)) { if (this._turnIdentity === false) { this.mesh.rotationQuaternion = BABYLON.Quaternion.Identity(); this._turnIdentity = true; } // Rotate actor to face horizontal and vertical movement direction this._lookPosition.x = -horizontal; this._lookPosition.z = -vertical; var position = this.mesh.position.add(this._lookPosition); this.manager.lookAtPosition(this.mesh, position, this._slerpIndentity, this.rotateSpeed); } } } private updateGroundingState():void { this._grounded = (this.applyGrounding === false || (this._jumping === false && this._falling === false)); } } }
  9. I'm writing a book about the excellent Babylon engine (in German - I'm looking for an anglophone publisher ). In this connection i've created a function to construct a simple android. Maybe someone is interested in the code. Here it is, try and improve it! android.js
  10. Hello. I'm a complete newb to Phaser. In fact, this is my first post. I have lots of experience working with animations in various platforms but never in Phaser. My goal: I want to make a character and animate its mouth in sync with a long audio clip. Basically, this character will be talking for 1 to 2 minutes at a time. The character will move and do other animations as well but the most important thing, and probably the most difficult, will be to animate the mouth for the whole sequence. My questions: what Phaser tutorials would you suggest to get me pointed in the right direction? I couldn't seem to find anything that exactly matches what I need but I'm sure I can figure it out by doing others.
  11. Hi everyone, we're team of game designers and we created site with free game assets. You can to use for commercial projects as well as non-commercial ones. https://craftpix.net/freebies/ No attribution or link back to this site is required, however any credit will be much appreciated. We update a collection every week.
  12. Hi, everyone I found Babylon js very interesting among many engines 3D. My proposal is: What if someone will create a CharacterController like in unity3d or similar engines. It could boost number of people to use this engine. Personally i thought on how it could be done, and i have already a simple logic (obviously when it comes to coding, becomes more difficult). I probably may do a scetch of class in the future in my free time (if i will have it).
  13. Hi everyone, is it any way to do character look choosing? https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/45423 Can i load this tile with characters and make it possible to choose look and them compile it in one character? I will be gratefull for every sugestions
  14. So I have this demo below before I explain what I am trying to do http://jsfiddle.net/Batzi/abs191e5/19/ So I am using the function 'moveToXY()' to move my character. Every 5 seconds it's moving towards a different direction. I am using SetTimeout() as you can see in the code. All animations are applied so everything is working as intended. In the update(), I am specifying when the character should stop (ex: if it reaches a specific x & y). However, I want to declare a predefined path such as this one var path = [[1700, 800], [1600, 800], [2300, 800]];and have my character roam around but I don't want to duplicate the setTimeout. How would you approach this problem? PS: Ignore the coordinates in path. They're out of proportions.
  15. Contact Information Portfolio: mollyheadycarroll.com Email: mollyheadycarroll (at) gmail (dot) com About Me My name is Molly Heady-Carroll and I'm an artist living in Bussum, the Netherlands. I studied at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands and have a Masters Degree in Game Art, which I received in 2014. Since then, I have been freelancing on numerous projects long-distant all over the world. In that time I have worked as a freelancer on a wide variety of games and animation projects (including animated shorts and documentaries, RPGs, Serious Games, 2D Fighting Games, Smart Phone Games, Casual Games, Flash Games, Kickstarter Projects, Card Games and Point and Click Adventures among many others). Past roles I've taken on include 2D asset artist, character/creature concept artist, 2D animator, pixel sprite artist and promotional art illustrator. (For my CV and list of clients, go here: http://mollyheadycarroll.com/about.html) Skills My am highly experienced with Photoshop, Illustrator and GraphicsGale and also frequently work with traditional drawing/inking media and watercolour paint. I am, however, a flexible artist who enjoys tackling new materials, styles and projects and work comfortably with other artists. I also have experience with Premiere and video editing. I have much experience working over the internet and take great care to communicate frequently and clearly with clients to ensure a smooth and happy working relationship. For more information, a list of clients and my online portfolio, visit: mollyheadycarroll.com Art Samples Pixel Art Character Sprites, Design and Animation My Peculiar Brother: https://www.facebook.com/MyPeculiarBrother Brock Crocodile (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=398370496) Melancholy Republic (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=403550518) Character Concept Art Creature/Character concept art, artist reference and turn sheets. Illustrations Character illustrations and promotional art What Am I Looking For? I am currently looking for mid/long-term commercial projects that I can work on part time (24-36 hours a week). Positions I am interested in are creature/character concept art for animation and games, Illustration and/or 2D videogame asset creation. Contact Information Portfolio: mollyheadycarroll.com Email: mollyheadycarroll (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you!
  16. Hi everyone, I have to code a special feature which is, I guess, quite tricky. Thus I'd like to ask for advice before diving into some "bad-patterned" solution. I have a game where a character can consume an item which will slow down time for everyone / everything except the character himself. So everything is going to move slowly around him (and animate slowly), for a given period of time. He won't get any other special bonus (he keeps moving at the same speed, jump as high as usual, only the rest of the world is affected). What would be the best way to implement this?
  17. Hi guys, I'm really new to Phaser and programing in general so I'm getting stuck really often with my first game. What I'm trying to do is some sort of a two players fighting game (this is a game for gamepads and keyboards, no mobile here). I kinda have the basics going, I mean, my characters move! But i have a list of things to do that keeps growing! Here I have my first two problems for you, kind people: Problem number 1: The thing I'm trying to do is to have my character perform a special move with a combination of buttons. I'm guessing there should be a timer involved somehow. The idea is that if you press button 1 and quickly press button 2 and 3, a special move will happen (a set of frames of my animation sheet) but if you don't press them fast enough, then you will have the animations for each instead (button 1 is used for punching, button 2 is used for kicking and button 3 for blocking). Problem number 2: How can the punch o the kick hit player 2? I have the two sprits on screen, each of them are moving but they don't hit each other. I would need to have some sort of lifemeter or something, one for each player, and a value for punching, kicking and any other special move, which will affect the lifemeter of the player being hit. Many thanks in advance! I love this Phaser engine and the community in this forum. I'm really excited with this game
  18. Hi Folks, 1.) I have the following problem(s) with this tutorial: When I play sample in the original, online, everything works. Now I have downloaded the zip folder and when I try to play it with my XAMPP on USB-Stick, the character comes only up to the yellow trees, then the background and Char remain fixed, only the cups move, scroll down. (Happens in Firefox and Chrome). 2.) the way I try the following: I want to throw out all unnecessary code and ONLY control the character, to learn. Means: Creating Court (no problem) and image (Char) load and only move the char. To understand and experiment. I have not really reached so far. 3.) It would be interesting for me as well as I, instead of the arrow keys, or in addition to other actions, other buttons like A, S, W, X can use to control! For the purposes of: if Key IsDown ... -> ... [ASCII], or something. Is there somewhere a reference / description on this? Otherwise, it will start to be fun to experiment with Phaser. I only need a few more basic things such as points 1-3, then I could imagine a game otherwise soon. I am allready working on the graphics ^^ I hope someone can give me hints to my questions^^
  19. Hi, good people! I encountered a new problem while coding my first game. First, let me explain what I have so far. It's a fighting game. I have my two characters on screen: player1 and player2. They move alright. They both have some movements in common (like moving around, jumping and ducking) and some movements of their own (a combination of keys will trigger a special move of some sort). Among other things, I have this in my code: var player; var player1; In function create() : player = game.add.sprite(18, 200, 'ciro'); player2 = game.add.sprite(618, 200, 'damian'); Finally, in function update() I have the movements of each of these characters. So what's the problem? I also have other characters in mind, with individual sprites, animations and moves (and they will share the basic moves, as well). My idea is to have a roster of fighters from where player1 and player2 will choose one each and then, in a stage randomly picked, fight each other. You know how it goes. How can player1 and player2 "choose" a character? Should I set the characters, with the sprites, animations and special moves in some sort of class or separate file and then, add the chosen one to either player1 or player2? I'm guessing I need some sort of variable there but I know almost nothing about javascript :s Help! I'm clueless!
  20. Hey folks, my name is Remus and i specialize in creating pre-rendered sprites for video games.For those not familiar with pre-rendered graphics, they are basically 2d images of custom-made 3d models. I am here offering my services to anyone interested in these sort of graphics, here are some samples of my work : Notes and TermsI don't work for free or royalties/shares.Allow a minimum of one week for each commission, excluding weekends.Prices vary to accommodate the complexity of the model.I don't do trademarked characters (Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Megaman..etc).I don't charge for the number of directions needed, can be anything from 1 to 360​. Contact PM me here, or e-mail me at valarinPath(at)yahoo.com For more samples check my Portfolio -- Remus
  21. Hi, I want to change temporary my main character's spritesheet by another one on overlap. When my character overlap a NPC, he will take his spritesheet and inherit of his animations. I tried to change it with Sprite.loadTexture, but it glitch between the frames. How can i handle this? Thank you
  22. i need to learn better character creator and frame animation for the character...like walking , raising hand (to shoot) etc. any sites you could point me to, would help. thanks.
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