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Found 81 results

  1. Hi community After an export from 3dsmax to gltf, I saw that my metallic/roughness map is to much compressed in jpeg. That create bad artefact on my render. Secondly, I saw that my color map switch from jpeg to png. I have no transparency, it's not necessary in my case. I prefer to keep a little compression for time loading reason. Is there a way to correct this ? Is it possible to add an option like a checkbox "compress", on the exporter, to not compress or compress images ? Thanks for your help. Pierre.
  2. After we select physical material in the 3D max for any mesh, it exports as "PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial". How to make sure it exports as PBRMaterial and not PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial ?
  3. Hi Blender users! We have to enhance the doc about how to get things from Blender to BJS. Here the existing one: and also some tips: Github issue can be found here: You can use github or this forum to suggest some missing parts, and you can, of course, suggest direclty here content to "copy-paste" If you prepare screenshots, please use the default Blender theme "Flatty light". --- Nota Bene: (I put here a list which will be updated to easily retrieve some tips/methods/asking) about animation, something to investigate: when animating multiple objects, use have to rename each action with objectName-Action? Another one. euler or quaternion? about animation, explanations from JCPalmer, contribution to future too. about automatic baking Blender animation parenting & pivot issue - instructions
  4. Hi, I have installed a new version of Babylon exporter using this: Max/ I upacked this, unblock, then deleted previous version and paste those dlls. Here is what I get: Exportation started Exporting nodes Exportation cancelled: External component has thrown an exception. Have you had similar issues?
  5. I tried to export unity scene from unity and enable the physics. But I can't find where babylon create the mesh in index.html that export from unity and what babylon do to recognise all model in unity scene? As I want to set the mass for each model , is there some where can find the register for all game objects ? Anyone also can explain how babylon work with the cannonjs to set the collider for each model ?
  6. Hello community We have an object ( 2 meshes ) with multi material exported with 3dsmax to GLTF format. In inspector, we saw that the exporter splitted our object to 13 meshes. One mesh for each material. Is it possible to keep the same object but with a multi material option instead ? Thanks in advance. Have a nice day .
  7. [solved] 3DsMax to GLTF : inversed normals

    Hello community We catch a bug with the last exporter version of 3dsMax ( 0.36.0 ) In fact, the normals are inversed with the stable version of babylon.js and not with alpha 3.2.0-alpha7. You can see here the result of a mesh we export today : It working on Sandbox because it run with alpha version of Babylon. @Deltakosh, about that, is it possible to add to the Sandbox an option like playground to choose the stable or latest version ? Can you fixe the exporter for the stable version ? Thanks in advance, Have a nice day
  8. If there are too many similar meshes in my scene, what do I do in unity such that when I export the scene to Babylon, those meshes are instances of one of them and not remain individual meshes in Babylon? Also if there many similar meshes in my scene, which does require separate materials, what do I do in Unity such that when I export the scene to Babylon, those meshes become clones of one of them and not remain individual meshes in Babylon? @MackeyK24
  9. I am using Blender 2.79 version and Blender2Babylon-5.4 exporter. I am getting error while exporting it to .babylon scene Attaching the blend file as well as the log file. Please help. -Ashish pump_oil_blendswap.blend pump_oil_blendswap.log
  10. Hi, was testing my personal project: a low poly mesh with a few actions exported using the b2b exporter v5.4. The animation range in the start frames are off by 1. My actions start from frame 1, exported babylon file shows frame 0 and testing confirms the animation when triggered doesn't loop nicely. Currently, the mesh has 4~5 actions, project upon completion should have a few hundred or so. Just curious, is this bug from the exporter or blender ? Should I start thinking about coding a fix when ImportMesh is called from babylon ? Or is this like a quick 2s fix on the exporter ? Pls do not tell me that I have to edit it manually... Thanks for reading and hope it helps, cheers
  11. Hello! So this is weird.... I've got a rigged character in Blender that I want to duplicate so that I can animate a scene with two characters interacting. The issue I'm having is that when I duplicate that mesh in Blender (by selecting both the mesh and the armature and pressing Shift + D) and export it, the duplicated character is rotated differently in my BJS scene than it was in Blender. If I rotate the duplicated mesh 45 degrees (along the Z axis) in Blender, then export it to a .babylon file, it renders as being rotated 90 degrees in BJS. Rotating him 90 degrees in Blender gets even weirder: the mesh starts rotating along a different axis. And if I rotate him further then he starts doing all sorts of crazy acrobatics. Here's a few screenshots of what I'm talking about: Any ideas why it's rotating like this or how I might fix it? I have a hunch it's something to do with how I duplicated the mesh (maybe Shift + D was a bad idea? Is there a better way to duplicate this rigged mesh?) but I'm a newbie to Blender and BJS and I'm at a loss here. My log file didn't return any errors when I exported the .babylon file too, for what that might be worth. I'd be happy to attach the .blend and .babylon files too if that'd help diagnose it, just let me know! As a side note, I've been lurking these forums for a while and its incredible how helpful everyone here has been. Your answers on all these countless old topics has helped me get this far, I feel like I already owe you guys big time.
  12. OBJ Exporter help?

    So, with some googling i found this... the problem is, it's in TypeScript (I don't know what this is even)... I don't know how to implement this any time i try using this i get unexpected identifiers. (I also noticed this TypeScript language is really similar to c# lol). So how would i use this... I know this is very nooby but meh
  13. Hi,I have used the 3ds max exporter to export babylon meshes, but value of v in uvs data always +1. The export uvs data like the following: "uvs":[1.0,1.0,1.0,2.0,0.0,2.0,0.0,1.0,0.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,2.0,0.0,2.0...], But I need the following: "uvs":[1.0,0.0,1.0,1.0,0.0,1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0,0.0,1.0,1.0,0.0,1.0...], What should I do to fix it? Platform: Windows 10, Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 32-bit, 3ds max exporter with babylon get from github I'm hard working on my English. If I don't explain my question, the following be in Chinese: 我使用babylon的3dsmax导出插件导出了babylon的模型,但是uvs数据中v值总是+1。 导出的uv数据是这样的: "uvs":[1.0,1.0,1.0,2.0,0.0,2.0,0.0,1.0,0.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,2.0,0.0,2.0...], 我要的数据是这样的: "uvs":[1.0,0.0,1.0,1.0,0.0,1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0,0.0,1.0,1.0,0.0,1.0...], 我该如何得到我要的数据?
  14. HI everyone, my "miniexport" of a simple unwrapped model lacks in automatic texture baking, which should be possible if using cycles render. So there is the questions: What are blender procedural textures (are this the cycles nodes from the popup-menu "Texture" , like Voronoi etc. ) ? What I'm doing wrong? PS: I understand "automatic texture baking" in the sense of no manual baking and saving to disc, but exporter will do this or exports inline if this option was checked. Cheers
  15. Hi again. I make model as simple as possible. Just Basic Sphere and box colliders. I export it with ToB Exporter to get ModelFinish_Base.js. I include this in playground. I created complete playground. I include playground in attached .zip file. Because I can not save playground! Download attached file unzip and copy text from BabylonJS_ToB_Physics_Collision_Problem_Playground.js and paste it in playground and run it. I would like to know why .physicsImpostor doesn't work? Can anybody debug this and find a problem? Is there problem with babylonjs plugin, cannon or ToB exporter ???
  16. Hello all, I found this tutorial for, what seems like, a good way to create terrain textures in blender: My question is about exporting this type of texture. If you don't watch the video, what is being done is a UV Map is being created, and a material with several tiled textures. There is also a stencil layer that masks layers of tiled textures. This seems to work great, since you get the benefit of a tiled textured. My questions are about how the current Blender Export to Babylon JS (4.6.1) works and if there is another way. I have not found this information yet. 1) When exporting this type of material with multiple textures, they seemed to get baked into a [filename]_[meshName]_TEXTURE.jpg. Not ideal, but this can work for now, but I am having troubles specifying the output resolution. Is there any documentation or tutorials on this? 2) Is there a way to achieve the method above without baking the textures? Such as blending different textures, if so is there documentation on this? I'm not currently trying to do infinite terrains, so I'm trying to work within this problem set at hand. Thank you, amorgan
  17. If we model some visual models whit some tools (Bablyon,Max,Unity,....) and add box colliders around model. Is there any showcase how to do model and add colliders on model? Is there any exporter which know to export "model+model's colliders", and is there any BabylonJS importer which is capable to import "model+models's colliders"? Do BabylonJS has ONLY importers/loaders which know ONLY import/load model? Can any of this file format (FBX,, glTF, OBJ, .babylon, ToB .js....) export "model+model's collider" I would like such exporter/importer which is capable to import model_with_it's_colliders. exporter(blender,3DMax,Unity,...) importer(BabylonJS file loader) I don't want to hard code or adding colliders whit hard codeing in babylonJS. I would like to model with (blender,max3d,unity..) and than just import/load all things (model and colliders) in BabylonJS from one file (FBX,babylon,glTF...) I would like that modeling and adding colliders will be separately/independently from BabylonJS coding. BabylonJS Importer should do all for us (so importing model and setup colliders) (our final scene build in 3d modeling tool -blender,max3d,unity...) Any advice? Any infos? Any Help? Greetings Ian
  18. Ok I make two animation actions. ElevatorComponent1 (timeframe 0-240) ->Elevator1Action and ElevartorComponent2->Elevator2Action (timeframe 0-200). In Blender it looks fine/OK. Each elevator animate (loop animation of each object 1.ElevatorComponent1 and 2.ElevartorComponent2) Play look fine in blender. You can see it. (I attach blender file) I use only (Visual Location) for both animations. When I export from blender to .babylon. Exporter doesn't export as it should! Range and positions values are not OK !! WHY? IS THERE ANY BUG IN BLENDER->BABYLON EXPORTER ? (IS THERE ANY WAY TO MAKE FOR EACH OBJECT ITS OWN TIME_LINE FOR ANIMATION? HOW?) Can anybody take a look (ATTACHED FILE) and export it into babylon.js and see what is with range and positions values - is there bug??? Here is video 2017-06-26 10%3A49%3A24.mp4?_subject_uid=20766916&w=AADvbTlbugqn3hWDvW0TvcKrFlvCsAGWkYMR1IlRIqyGdg (if I export to .babylon (ATTACHED FILE) file and put load it or put in sandbox it is confusion !! @gryff @JCPalmer @Deltakosh Maybe we can fix with editor inside babylon file. BUT IF I BUILD MODEL OVER AND OVER (WORKFLOW) THAN IF EXPORTER DOES NOT WORK OK. THAN THIS IS USELESS. Is possible to fix exporter? Greetings Ian ModelFInish.babylon
  19. Hi All, We are facing a strange problem when exporting a babylon file from Max. Let us say we have 6 models. when we export, all the 5 models of the six stays intact, but the 6th model, is displaced to the top. Any reason why ? (AS shown in figure attached). 3dsmax version:2017 ,exporter_version:0.4.5 Any possible reason why ? because we are not able to identify why this model alone is displaced after exporting. Regards, Sac
  20. Hi Guys, I created this post hoping to find people interested in helping on the development and documentations of the unity toolkit. The unity editor allows to put an scene together very easy and export it all ,(lights cameras, meshes etc) with out a line of code How this works? Well @MackeyK24 started developing in visual studio the exporter tool and he saw a way to transform the camera , light or mesh from unity to babylon metadata, then later he add support for animations, splat maps painting, particles system and PBR materials, all of these trough the C# and the unity exporter. Furthermore, I join him on the project 6 months ago and I'm no as good as he is as developer but he took the time to show me and recorded videos to show people how to use it and improve it. I was not easy to pick it up if you dont have a strong object oriented programming skills winch most java script developer lack of, but this is an excellent way to learn or improve your coding skills So if you want to joins us and have some spare time to learn, please feel free to contact me, I can try to put you guys up to speed so we can continue with this great tool for development
  21. Does anyone know how I can edit the .CS files for the current Unity3D exporter and the changes applied? When I edit the .CS files it doesn't make any difference within Unity3D. It looks like I have to compile them into something. The package does not convert prefabs into instances which is a big deal if you have 1,000 trees in your Unity3D scene so I want to add these changes to it. I've tried contacting the original author of this package @MackeyK24 via forum post and private message but he seems to have disappeared
  22. Are texture atlases currently supported in conjunction with cycles baking? If i use the blender plugin that allows to map multiple objects to one atlas and then bake some lighting layers in there it renders fine in blender. The plugin apparently assigns UV maps to the mesh. After that, subsequent exports will trigger baking and it seems they try to use the existing UVs somehow and somehow the baked textures don't match or are blank. Removing the UVs then makes things work again. In general: i couldn't find any good material on how to export baked lighting (cycles) in conjunction with diffuse textures how can the UVs of on-the-fly-baked maps coexist with hand-made textures UVs? Thank you!
  23. Babylon objects to .obj file

    Hello! I need to export my objects to obj. I found an example that I could adapt. But I can not incorporate the position of the object in the scene. Any idea? note: I'm a beginner*** BABYLON.Mesh.prototype.exportOBJ = function() { var output=[]; output.push("mtllib savedFile.mtl"); for(var i2 = 0; i2< selectedItems.length; i2++) { output.push("g object"+i2); output.push("o object_"+i2); output.push("usemtl material"+i2); var g = window[selectedItem[i2]].geometry; console.log(selectedItem[i2]); trunkVerts = g.getVerticesData('position'); trunkNormals = g.getVerticesData('normal'); trunkUV = g.getVerticesData('uv'); trunkFaces = g.getIndices(); for(var i=0;i<trunkVerts.length;i+=3){ output.push("v "+trunkVerts[i]+" "+trunkVerts[i+1]+" "+trunkVerts[i+2]); } for(i=0;i<trunkNormals.length;i+=3){ output.push("vn "+trunkNormals[i]+" "+trunkNormals[i+1]+" "+trunkNormals[i+2]); } for(i=0;i<trunkUV.length;i+=2){ output.push("vt "+trunkUV[i]+" "+trunkUV[i+1]); } for(i=0;i<trunkFaces.length;i+=3) { output.push( "f "+(trunkFaces[i+2]+1)+"/"+(trunkFaces[i+2]+1)+"/"+(trunkFaces[i+2]+1)+ " "+(trunkFaces[i+1]+1)+"/"+(trunkFaces[i+1]+1)+"/"+(trunkFaces[i+1]+1)+ " "+(trunkFaces[i]+1)+"/"+(trunkFaces[i]+1)+"/"+(trunkFaces[i]+1) ); } } var text = output.join("\n"); var fileBlob; try{ fileBlob=new Blob([text]); }catch(e){ var blobBuilder=window.BlobBuilder || window.MozBlobBuilder || window.WebKitBlobBuilder; var bb=new blobBuilder(); bb.append([text]); fileBlob=bb.getBlob(); } var URL=window.URL || window.webkitURL; var link=URL.createObjectURL(fileBlob); return link; }
  24. In the image below there are 2 scenes : 1. the 3D window of Blender, 2. The same scene exported as a.babylon file and viewed in the Sandbox. The scene is a low poly "rock" and a number of instances (10) using Blender's particle system on the ground plane. The particle system is then converted to instances (using the modifier "Convert" button) But compare the rotation of the instanced rocks between 1 and 2 - they are different. I have highlighted 4 of the worst - but others are incorrect on closer examination. (D is really really noticeable!! ) Anyone any thoughts about what might be going wrong? I can provide .blend files if needed. cheers, gryff