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  2. This is a github pages with my project So, when I remove all content, add a click in all content. I will need to do all this solution? Ty
  3. @ivan.popelyshev Yeah, the answer is not for newbies, I will need to learn this to implement. (im doing this right now) Can I stay this post OPEN to make new questions when I need? TY @eXponeta for the answer! My case its much more simple than your, but I will need to learn what you say to implement. Thank you!
  4. Cool, thank you very much. Works perfect!!
  5. OK, done, npm 2.0.5 , or "dist" folder of the repo.
  6. Congratulations, you've found a bug! - compressed textures didnt handle CLAMP/REPEAT at all
  7. This is the whole application, just one html file plus two dds-files:
  8. This was developed with Pixi v4, but should still work with 5:
  9. Hey, I am Arsalan, 2D artist based in the UK, I specialise in concept-art, character design and bone animation. Full Portfolio: Some work from last Project: I am available for hire. Would prefer a remote job, but also available for freelancing. Can send me a private message if you are interested to hire me. Rate negotiable.
  10. > Unfortunately both the global setting of WRAP_MODE and the setting of WRAP_MODE on a texture have no effect: It should work. At this point i have to ask you to send me your demo.
  11. If I do not use the compressed-texture-plugin, but only PixiJS version 5 and use png files instead of the dds files, the problem does not occur. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" /> <title>PixiJS v5 Compressed Textures Bleeding</title> <script src=""></script> </head> <body> <script> const app = new PIXI.Application({ width: 1024, height: 512 }) document.body.appendChild(app.view) new PIXI.Loader() .add('photo1', './1.png') .add('photo2', './2.png') .load((loaderInstance, resources) => { const texture1 = resources.photo1.texture const texture2 = resources.photo2.texture const sprite1 = new PIXI.Sprite(texture1) const sprite2 = new PIXI.Sprite(texture2) sprite1.width = sprite1.height = sprite2.width = sprite2.height = 512 sprite2.x = 512 app.stage.addChild(sprite1, sprite2) app.stage.scale.set(.8, .8) }) </script> </body> </html>
  12. @dWolf Welcome to the forums! As you see, answer to your question is not safe for newbie it requires knoweldge of both how can you get data from canvas2d and webgl, and webworkers. At least its in production. If you want just a prototype with small texture - using PIXI extract plugin on renderTexture and iterating through pixels should work. Extract is bundled in PixiJS, it wont be a problem to find it. If you want to go into production and cover all the devices - well, you have to learn all those things @eXponeta mentioned.
  13. you can set breakpoint in texture setter with condition that checks null/undefined, then you'll understand how exactly null is getting there
  14. I have a JSON file generated by Texture Packer. I'm getting texture from JSON file and trying to change it then It's not working. I'm doing something like this: this._paylineAnimation = new SkinFiriLottoSimpleRope(this._animationFrames[0].texture, this._points); then with tween I'm changing the texture of this._paylineAnimation. this._paylineAnimation.texture = this._animationFrames[this._frame].texture;
  15. oh... well, the most complex game that I have made, not the most complex in the world, also has features that are not visible, such as automatic aspect ratio detection (4: 3, 16: 9, 18: 9, 19: 9); Multiple forms of control: keyboard / mouse, gamepad and touchpad. (you can play with any peripheral at any time in the gameplay) stereo sound particle system a creator of levels, (not published). multiple ads platform (admob, facebook ads and others) and.. without frameworks like pixi, phaser, some libraries to sound, bezier lines... Unfortunately, I'm not good at drawing, I hired a graphic designer but I didn't reach the budget, that's why I know about his graphic shortcomings, besides the requirement to finish the missions is not clear
  16. create a great game. (~3,4yr) Use nwjs or electron to build a build for pc,mac,ios,android,switch,xbox and sell it !
  17. Ok?!? I understand this is a perfect example of why the OP is uncertain whether making a complex game in HTML5 is even possible. "Space Jumper" may be complex to @geralsoft and there's no shame in that, but by modern standards this is not a complex game. This is a gamejam scope game - a week or less by a single pro dev? It is not representative of the multi-team feature-rich examples provided by the OP or of the upper-tier potential that web games can deliver in 2020.
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  19. Hey! In my case i use canvas 2d render for mathematics calculation and RenderTexture for view. I update image on both, but math texture is 512, when view texture is 2048. Why? Because there are some botlenecks: 1. GPU is waiting when you request pixels from GPU to CPU for calculating. I got lag about 30ms when request 2048x2048 texture on mobile, this is long time, and drops framerate twice. Reading of 512 is faster, but in some cases you can use smallest images. 2. Iteration over buffer with 512x512 (or more) pixels is very heavy. I pass this task to Web Worker. (Really i use adaptive resolution for filling percentage calc: 16x16 for <10%, 128x128 for <25%, 256x256 < 75%< 512x512 > 95%) Is best way: use RenderTexture for painting and visuallise in main thread, then use OffscreenCavas for Chrome with 2d context for percentage mathing in WebWorker directly. For other browsers use getImageBitmap or gl.readPixels, and then pass pixel buffer to worker.
  20. Thank you @ivan.popelyshev for the answer and for tell me it is possible! @eXponeta Can you share with me some example/orientation/demo to do this? Thank you guys!
  21. Yeah, i think @eXponeta solved that for his game. He can make you simple demo because his code is usually reusable
  22. Hi all. I'm starting with PixiJS now and want to know about Render () In the ScratchCard example (, its possible "paint" an image in my board, its very NICE! But, how can I watch to do some action when all image is "painted" in screen? Can I watch this? If yes, How? I want do an action when my image is all "painted" e other if my image is 50% "painted" Thank You all! ❤️
  23. my most complex html5 game
  24. you can use any frameworks or game engines that can export to various flavours of browser content (js/canvas/webgl, webassembly) to make any game. if you meant complex game-play, the only limit is the sky 😛 if it's complex content (lots of graphics, animations, music, sounds), then yeah, there are limitations on what you can achieve for web. the main limit i see is the size, but here the discussion would diverge into: would you like you game available as web desktop, web mobile over wi-fi, web mobile over mobile data? a common denominator would be to keep the total size of the game below 20MB (code + assets), but with such low size, even you optimize the living hell out of your assets (choose a base resolution way lower than 1920x1080, use dragonbones/spriter for animations, downgrade the quality of music) you won't achieve the quality and quantity of assets of any of the aforementioned games. alternatively, you can use asset bundles and stream music/sounds on demand, but then if the player plays it on mobile data, can he afford the data charges for these dynamic loaded assets? as alternative 2, you can offer your game as a pwa (progressive web app), in which case some of these restrictions can be avoided (although the support for this is not wide-spread and probably only available to newer mobile devices and mobile operating systems). the second restriction is performance for canvas/webgl, where you have to use as fewer textures as possible to keep the draw calls low and maintain a steady fps. in this case, you'll probably want only a couple of 2048x2048 textures active at a time, and as you can guess, you won't reach the same level of quality as the games you've pointed to.
  25. Hi! Some time ago I made a PoC of a game backend server. It worked surprisingly well but that's it, I never fully finished it. Now I would like to build a full featured product out of it, but I need your opinion. Thanks to this form: I’ll know if it makes sense and what you would expect from a product like this. Thanks for all the comments and opinions!
  26. Packtpub broke links like this:
  27. Unity exports to a WebAssembly and WebGL output, no "plugin" needed. But that's not to say it's ideal for web, especially not mobile web (search up Unity "Tiny" instead) Possible yes ... but consider this first ... Motion Twins' "Dead Cells" is authored with Heaps, a Haxe based game framework (which has Javascript WebGL output options). Also Motion Twins' catalog before this title was predominantly web games so they clearly have web capabilities. Therefore ... it's reasonable to conclude there's no all-blocking "technical" reason why there isn't a browser version, but there are likely many commercial or user-experience reasons why such a game isn't being published on web (yet). Same issues would likely apply / hinder any other similarly scoped game intended for web, irrespective of authoring tools? Conclusion, as always, is ** understand the audience ** ... on what platform do they want their game (big, complex, small, tiny) to be on. Or ... make web games that absolutely require, embrace and leverage the "web".
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