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  2. Ah, it was just a version using filter of the same thingie. Basically for situations where you would want to do stuff to your scene instead of a custom shader. Should maybe change the shader to reflect that more. I'll check it tomorrow.
  3. @Digital Ronin OK, its here: @Exca please fix : 1. you passed sprite as a uniform , got error in texture bind in pixijs dev version , because we changed it. I told @Mat Groves that one particular change will break all fault filters. 2. you dont use uSampler in that filter, so please use mesh-shader technique instead. oh.. actually, is that the same shader? ITs just i dont know what to do with that example, please clarify
  4. Also please take a note that I gave this answer based on very uncomplete info - usage of Pixi in environment that Pixi really wasnt created for. Welcome to the forums!
  5. First time I see this expo-pixi. Well, it looks like pixi gave premultiplied output (like it should) but webgl context is configured with "premultipliedAlpha: false". Please check that "transparent:true" is passed in options for Pixi Application creation. If its not , use `new PIXI.Application({transparent:true});`
  6. Made a pr of an example that uses multiple shaders and combines output from all of those into one. Kept it really simple, for production use you would most likely want to use a texturepool with just enough of textures to keep everything memory efficient.
  7. Tell me the solution to the problem with the display, I use React Native + Expo-pixi
  8. Awesome suggestions, thank you very much. I was aware of the texturepacker but i'm not really looking forward to create them separately. 😄 I definitely will switch on a later stage
  9. 320 line of code ! hum.. This approach would more clear for your user case. 12 line only const list = [ ['name','url'], ['name','url'], ['name','url'], ['name','url'], ['name','url'], ['name','url'], ] const loader = new PIXI.loaders.Loader(); list.forEach(arr => loader.add(arr[0], arr[1]) ) // or .add(...arr) loader.load(); loader.onError.add((loader, res)=>{ //stuff }) loader.onProgress.add((loader, res) => { //stuff }) loader.onComplete.add((loader, res) => { //stuff }) And as ivan say to you , for the best practice in (pre) loading a big selection of images You will need a texture packer software. You also have this one free Work fine in pixijs, or if you use multipack or normals (premium feature) you will need to code your own manager in the pixi loader.
  10. Hello, and Welcome to the forums! If you have many small images make an atlas with texturepacker/shoebox/"" For your knowledge, pixi loader is actually and it has a queue with 5 parallel requests. If you want better API, just pass an array to `add`.
  11. I am fairly new at PIXI.js and i like it so far, however I can't really see how to load 80+ images in a best performant and clean way. All the examples speak of the loader (which requires a huge 320 lines of image loading code) and a json file, but as far as i could find the json file only supports frames to be loaded (am i wrong?) app.loader .add({ name: 'clouds', url: 'images/clouds.png' }, function () {}) .add({ name: 'background', url: 'images/landscape/wet.png' }, function () {}) .add({ name: 'delta', url: 'images/climate/wet/w-delta.png' }, function () {}) .add({ name: 'moorland', url: 'images/climate/wet/w-moorland.png' }, function () {}) .on("progress", loadProgressHandler) .load(setup); Please advise, is there any best practice in (pre) loading a big selection of images? Thanks in advance!
  12. I have the same doubt. Is there any push notification system or the only way to notify the other user is through a new message in the chat window? What I wanted was to avoid closing the game after the user plays and reopen it again
  13. Alternatively: hack cacheAsBitmap that way it uses resolution:2 or 3 . Here's example of hack, I just CTRL+Ced some code from cacheAsBitmap and changed it to check if it fixes a bug:
  14. Use "new BaseTexture(imageBitmap)" in latest pixi (5.1 or 5.2) . Or directly "new BaseTexture(new PIXI.resources.ImageBitmapResource(imageBitmap))"
  15. Hello and Welcome to the forums! This issue is based on webgl limitations. There's no antialias in custom framebuffers. For more information, search "antialias" both in this subforum and in pixijs issues:✓&q=is%3Aissue You can find out how other people worked around it. Antialias for framebuffers exists in webgl2 and you can try to use it in latest pixi dev version. For more details on that you can read , but its an experimental feature and you better be able to hack cacheAsBitmap yourself.
  16. Yusef


    Hi, Why when using cacheAsBitmap , antialias stops working? For example, if we add graphics.cacheAsBitmap=true; to , antialias seems to stops working. Thanks!
  17. Hello. Is there a way to do same with ImageBitmap? As I can see currently it is not possible to inject bitmap into BaseTexture as a resource.
  18. Might add more planets in the future.
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  20. Alright, another year has passed, and I still consider to be in public alpha. I've decided to devote more time to this project in 2020. A lot of additional features have been added, and the player base is steadily growing. Here's a list of major changes: Settings menus have been added for video, audio and controls. Keyboard bindings/customizations. Major optimizations to the rendering code, especially the world geometry rendering. It also helps that Pixi.JS keeps getting better. The world editor has been improved. While not publicly available yet, it allows for more detailed maps to be created much faster. Several new, more detailed maps. New weapons and improved weapon balance. Numerous server optimizations, resulting in higher player cap and less data transfer. Major upcoming features include Battle Royale, which is nearing completion, the new ranking system and integration of social features. World editor screenshot: New map, more detail: Ideas and feedback are welcome!
  21. Hello Ivan, thanks for your reply. I haven't tested it yet under mobile OS. Currently I work on Chrome (Version 80.0.3987.106 (Official Build) (64-bit) / macOS Catalina 10.15. I also did a test on Firefox(73.0.1 (64-bit)) with almost same results - maybe it is a little bit smoother.
  22. I think bitmap is removed from object when texture is uploaded. Strange, i thought image decoding happens in separate thread, that was the point. Maybe its problem of browser under a mobile OS?
  23. Hello. I logged one of the textures and what I've noticed is that even if createBitmap parameter is set to true, the texture does not contain ImageBitmap object is that okay? (or perhaps it is create later?) but on the other hand in dev tools I can see that createImageBitmap is invoked - as you can see it still drops to ~14fps
  24. Look, kiwi is good but I am not sure you are it is capable to develop a game which you are thinking, but still I would suggest you to carry on and give it a try, at least you would gain some knowledge.
  25. Any other reason? Also what are the major differences between phaser renderer & pixi renderer?
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