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  2. I just finished my coloring app! Browser / iOS / Android It took a while with some years inbetween. Aaaalll the way back in 2017 I was trying to get some basic drawing going and got it working with the help of Ivan. Thanks @ivan.popelyshev ! Looking back at this example, it's pretty much the same as in the app. Thanks for the amazing library and all the support on these forums! it's been really helpful
  3. There's risk of overcomplicating things. Just use "find" instead of "from" in your original code.
  4. Perhaps the "end" of Flash will be similar to the "end" of Silverlight or Shockwave? For example, we can still install the last plugins / players if desired, they may not work especially well, or provide much modern-day utility, but for the committed die-hard it's never the "end". And there's always offline / exe / app wrapping for content providers to continue to share their content independent of browsers. Perhaps, if consumer demand warrants it, then a simpler, "HTML5 way", of playing SWF content in modern browsers may emerge (although likely won't solve many inherent usability problems). Perhaps, it'll really be the End, and nobody will mention Flash again, they will never seek to run a SWF or view a massive part of internet legacy. Blip, gone, erased. But however it plays out in 2020 and beyond the time to place commercial bets on such things was 10 years ago ... anyone with content that is predominantly SWF today has been napping.
  5. OMG, thanks bigtimebuddy You were right about my confusion. Now i do pixiLoader.add( pixiSound.default.add('explosionSound', pixiSound.default.Sound.from('./assets/sounds/Explosion.mp3')) ) and from then on I can always play'explosionSound') Do you think that is enough for the sounds to be preloaded and for the game to start only after all sounds have been worked like that?
  6. @ivan.popelyshev Hi Ivan i just wanted to tell you that it is working, thank you for your help
  7. end3r

    js13kGames 2020

    To keep the tradition going, I'm posting a new topic for the upcoming js13kGames 2020 - online competition for HTML5 game developers, where the fun part is the size limit set to 13 kilobytes. It runs yearly since 2012. We'll have the ninth edition on the exact same dates as usual - between August 13th and September 13th. There will be many cool prizes to be won. Reference topics from previous years: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Follow the competition on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  8. Speaking of Soccer game, FIFA 20 can be really the first that I'm thinking of. You can use it as your reference. Hope your game is getting better and better! If you need help with FUT Coins, you can check it.
  9. Y8, Friv, Kizi is one of the largest flash game libraries. With classics such as, familyfarm Clear Vision, Age of War and Fancy Pants, AG has been around for a long time. Flash is an integral part of early internet culture. That being said, what will happen to sites like AG after Google Chrome and other major browsers, completely stopping flashing in 2020? How do we intend to survive the inevitable Flash Doomsday event in 2020?
  10. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.
  11. If you are looking for a good HTML5 game, you can check MarketJS and Famobi.
  12. I'm running into this issue with version `3.20.1` just looking at where it's breaking: `ForwardDiffuseLightPipeline.js` ``` else if (gameObject.tileset) { normalTexture = gameObject.tileset.image.dataSource[0]; } ``` tileset is an array so the code might should be: `normalTexture = gameObject.tileset[0].image.dataSource[0]`
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  14. Hi 👋 What you need is to manage the deck in the server side as the only truth deck. Update server deck data on each player action (send player action to server) and update each player with server results (send all players the new deck). I hope this helps...
  15. Hello, in your example I guess you need to use setInteractive() before using .on('pointerdown'... About your question there are different ways you can do: Try passing it as arg to the function function makeInteractive(btn) { //use btn here... } and callit like makeInteractive(this.textBtnConnect) Or you can use arrow function and use it with 'this' const makeInteractive = () => { // use this.textBtnConnect here }
  16. Turns out, they were It actually was deceivingly simple. The PIXI code from my previous message works, but the parameter fontFileXML, which represents the fnt descriptor, has to be created as an XMLDocument (document.implementation.createDocument (namespaceURI, qualifiedName, docTypeObj)) and for fontPNGBase64String, instead of encoded PNG, just extract the canvas drawing as PIXI.Texture. BitmapFont will know how to interpret that as your custom font.
  17. Hi! Can someone link tutorials and example on how to use emitters in Phaser 3? expecially, i would like to have information about how to handle the old Phaser.Signal() end dispatch() in Phaser 3 Thanks
  18. We were awarded with the grant from the Grant for the Web program to explore Web Monetization in games. As part of that we will be building Web Monetized games, writing documentation on the process, hosting Web Monetization category in js13kGames 2020 competition, conducting Gamedev.js Survey, and writing Phaser ebook. Happy to discuss ideas and share experiences with anyone's interested!
  19. There are some news from the Firefox team about securing the Gamepad API in their browser in the coming months:
  20. I see the confusion. Sound.from isn't exactly analogous to Texture.from. Sound.from API only handles remote URLs. If you want to play a sound that's already been loaded to this:'explosionSound') Here's the documentation: Keep in mind that pixiSound.default is the same as PIXI.sound in the docs.
  21. @apocalexxnow quick (untested) suggestion ... try "find": const sound2 = pixiSound.default.Sound.find('explosionSound');
  22. Hi I am trying to preload a sound and then play it, but I'm failing miserably and I don't know what I'm missing. Can you help me? import * as pixiSound from 'pixi-sound' export class Resources { public load() { const pixiLoader = new PIXI.loaders.Loader() pixiLoader.add('explosionSound', './assets/sounds/Explosion.mp3') pixiLoader.on('complete', () => { const sound = pixiSound.default.Sound.from('./assets/sounds/Explosion.mp3') const sound2 = pixiSound.default.Sound.from('explosionSound'); // DOES NOT! // The sound plays, but it's downloaded from the url, it's not the preloaded one // GET 404 Not found error }) pixiLoader.load() Meanwhile, using the Loader in the exact same way to preload Textures for Sprite creation works perfectly. What could I be missing?
  23. Hello. I have a problem. I have a pixi-particle emitter. When I need it to start update it, I add it to game tivker. Move its spawnPos vis gsap. On the end of the tween i want to put back my emitter to its previous position, so i do the following: this.emitter._emitter.emit = false this.emitter._emitter.updateSpawnPos(0, 0) this.emitter._emitter.cleanup()
  24. > I am not even sure if this is supposed to work ... main goal of pixi is webgl rendering, not loading stuff. Auxiliary things, like BitmapText, are supported by people like you, who use them, they werent written by geniuses. You shouldn't be afraid to go into that code at least in devtools debugger.
  25. Hello everyone! This is my first contribution to this forum. Very happy to introduce myself to everyone here, my name is Marco I am GameDistribution's product manager. I am responsible for the managing and implementation of GameDistribution's Platform. Feel free to message me if you have any questions on our product's strategy, roadmap, feature-pipeline. My primary function in the team is fundamentally to keep improving our platform and working on ways to improve our services to our partners. I'm always available to listen to your feedback/questions/thoughts/musings/general chit-chat. Do not hesitate to reach out. We have an exciting (albeit long) road ahead. Linkedin | Twitter | Skype There has and may continue to be a fair weight of heated discussion surrounding our product in the past, with particular focus on GD"s payment process. Behind the scenes over the past few months, our teams have been hard at work in figuring out a way we can optimise our payment flow and to get it to a place where it can be at the shortest window possible. So I am very happy to announce that as of yesterday, we have reduced this payment window to 30 days. Partner payments is something we take very seriously within the team. Over the past 12 months are commitments to this are paying off, as we continue to work on the right platform adjustments off this community's feedback. This represent's an important milestone for us and the first of many planned ahead, with product preparations well underway to ensure that new features are being built to ensure your games are efficiently reaching the players who matter to you most, at scale. We will have much more to share to you over the coming months. Please continue giving us your candid feedback, and if you have any questions/product observations to share, feel free to contact me. All the best, Marco Frisina
  26. This is another approach I tried to explore using PIXI: public installFont(fontFileXML, fontPNGBase64String) { PIXI.BitmapFont.install(fontFileXML, fontPNGBase64String); PIXI.BitmapFont.from("custom", { fontFamily: "custom", fontSize: 70, }); const title = new PIXI.BitmapText("This is the title", { fontName: "TitleFont" }); } From the official documentation, seems like I can do something like that, using an xml string as input data and some texture. However, the engine cannot autodetect the format. I am not even sure if this is supposed to work for my particular case.
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