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  3. great game. just cant find that white key... 🤔
  4. I just now found the time to give this another try and just wanted to let you know: With the updated CDN file it works perfectly now! Thanks so much for your quick help, you saved my day! Great library and great support here in the forums. Thanks!
  5. Gilbert is only here for spamming links. ;(
  6. Not bad little game, like a gameboy color game. That boss face is SCARY 😌
  7. The episode "Mercatus Volgus Ubivis" has begun. New game features: Dogfights : Takes place during short range combat by fightercraft Thrusters, Generators and Ion Cannons : Only usable on Fighters & Interceptors Civil Markets : Similar to black markets but deal in legal goods Luxuries : Demand now based solely on each star, rather than realm Civil Defence Fleets : Replace tribute ship building. CDF's build automatically based on habitat level Monuments : May now be dedicated to science, fertility, productivity or shipping. This results in bonus output Monuments : May now be dedicated to science, fertility, productivity or shipping. This results in bonus output
  8. @Chris7197 Could you report this issue here: Thank you.
  9. @GilbertM00e The OP wants to use AdSense for monetizing his games. He doesn't want to use it for advertising. Regards.
  10. Last week
  11. its link to a file, "" is a link to our CDN . Either <script src=> it, either you can just put that piece of code in your project. You dont have to change anything else. BlurFilterPass is internal thing that was patched in that PR. It will appear in npm as a version 5.2.1 i dont know when.
  12. Hi ivan, thanks for your quick response! I'm afraid I don't quite understand. Where do I use/find this? On the Github page? Or is this an npm thing? And do I get this right that I will need to use this BlurFilterPass instead of BlurFilter then? Thank you!
  13. I don't like using adsense as a way to promote my business. I don't find it decent and reliable because lots of people use ad blockers. I decided to promote my services via instagram by making content. Its recommendation system works great after all. If you buy followers on instagram you can even expand your coverage.
  14. Hi all!!! 😋 This time I created another game with my own style (with a very small resolution, colors, ...), where we take control of a man captured by a somewhat bad alien, play with us before eating. You will have to take all the possible coins in case you escape alive and you will be a millionaire (you never escape, but you don't know it 🙄 ). PD: As much as you try, in the end they eat you 😱 Play from GameJolt!!! LINK:
  15. Good news! 1. I added game to Steam: Add Offroad Mania to your Wishlist 2. I added post to reddit, please press like (up-arrow) "Pre-release Offroad Mania: How I increased Steam wishlist"
  16. I have an application developed using the Facebook Instant Games framework and it's going well, other than the share dialog that pops up (when I call 'shareAsyc') is too big and hides the actual share button (the image that is being shared is usually quite tall at about 825px high) Is there a way to adjust the size of the share dialog? See below screenshot of how it looks- there's meant to be a Share button underneath the image but the image is clearly not being resized
  17. The fix was made in december and will appear in 5.2.1: Two ways how to get it: Use "" (map file and typings are in the same folder) Look in the example and copy the bottom part to your app (blurFilterPassApply and the hack) Welcome to the forums!
  18. Hi there, I'm totally new to pixi.js, but somehow managed to do my first steps. Now I am stuck with a problem however. I am trying to use pixi.js for an interactive slide show to blur the upcoming and previous images (as sprites). All works nicely, except that at the blur edge of my left blurred somehow some colors of my right blurred image seem to "spill" in. I am not sure how to describe it best. It seems to me that behind the scenes the images are merged somehow, then blurred all together and then cut off at a slightly incorrect position. I attached a screenshot that demonstrate the issue. Each of the sprite has its own filter (since I need to animate them independently) and the problem does not only happen between the two sprites shown in the image, but also between the other sprite pairs as well, once the slideshow moves on to the next slide. I have tried to change all blur filter settings, padding, kernelSize, quality, blur amount, nothing seems to fix the issue. Does anybody maybe know what the issue could be, and – more importantly, how I can fix it? My setup is quite complex, so I don't know what are the most relevant code snippets that would help you analyze the problem. My hope is that by the visuals of it one of you could make an educated guess about what's wrong. However, here is also the code I have in a gist, just in case: Code If there is any more information I can provide to help solve the problem, please let me know. Thanks! trych
  19. Hi. We sell html5 games. All games list here: If you interest any, just send me mess.
  20. This is a github pages with my project So, when I remove all content, add a click in all content. I will need to do all this solution? Ty
  21. @ivan.popelyshev Yeah, the answer is not for newbies, I will need to learn this to implement. (im doing this right now) Can I stay this post OPEN to make new questions when I need? TY @eXponeta for the answer! My case its much more simple than your, but I will need to learn what you say to implement. Thank you!
  22. Cool, thank you very much. Works perfect!!
  23. OK, done, npm 2.0.5 , or "dist" folder of the repo.
  24. Congratulations, you've found a bug! - compressed textures didnt handle CLAMP/REPEAT at all
  25. This is the whole application, just one html file plus two dds-files:
  26. This was developed with Pixi v4, but should still work with 5:
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