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  2. WINFIE, a most enternating HTML5 game developed by Red Apple Technologies. It has level based and single player game. To know more and play visit :
  3. so far i know, there is no setLinearVelocity in three js are you using physijs?
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  5. Hello! I'm a software engineer looking for a game/website to purchase. It should have proven profitability. For example: traffic, subscriptions, paid content, etc. and the documents to prove the history of these quantities. If you have something like this, or know someone who does, I would love to talk. I'm planning to spend anywhere from around $1,000 USD to $20,000 USD. If you're not too far outside of this range, don't hesitate to reach out. However, I'm not interested in anything that does not have proven profitability. Of course, this transaction would be done slowly and carefully using an escrow service. Any interested sellers should feel free to reach out to me to ensure my legitimacy. Thank you!
  6. You need node.js with npm to install anything like that. Internet is full of those tutorials. Google "tutorial nodejs http-server" or something like that
  7. I'm working on a personal project where a simple sprite makes its way down a path aided by a simple physics engine. I need the animation to be completely predictable so that I can set an end state (say, sprite.y > 2000) and given the same start state, the sprite will take the exact same path and reach the exact same end state every single time, regardless of frame rate or lag. This first part I've easily solved by just tying it to requestAnimationFrame and not using any delta in my calculations, thus, every frame is completely determined by the previous frame with no wiggle room and the system is completely deterministic. However as you might guess this means that if I run my animation at 30fps it will look like it's slowed down, and if I run it at 120, it looks like it's sped up. I can make it look smooth on all framerates by either imposing my own timer or actually using the delta in my movement calculations, but then the system stops being completely deterministic. What's the best way of making it look at least OK on all framerates while keeping it completely deterministic?
  8. Hello. Anyone know of examples or can point me in the right direction on getting started with a side scroll beat em game in phaser? Is the Tiled map program an option or is that out do to the nature of side scroll? Looking for that classic double dragon, river city ransom, final fight gaming feel. Thank you!
  9. Here is my latest game, Idle Brainz is an incremental game on an original theme. As standard with incremental games, the player progression continues when leaving the game. The game can run the server in the local browser (as in this demo) or it can connect to remote server. Features Original theme. Solve mini math games to progress faster (earn gold and vials). Boosters and system rewarding active players. Brainwash resets to get cumulative GIGANTIC multipliers. Can run server in the local browser or remotely. Easy hosting for any infrastructure. Optional: cloud save and syncs, leaderboards, in-app purchases. Fully responsive. Truly infinite (uses a custom-made Bignum library to handle values above 1.79E+308). Demo link: I made this game for my platform Litemint where it will be playable with cloud save and sync, leaderboards, in-app purchases including crypto, feel free to contact me if you want to distribute it (non-exclusive).
  10. @Reborned Last thing I would do: With a title: "My games got deleted after my account was marked as potentially hacked" I hope that helps.
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  12. @Noel Can't find "Contact our support team" in this page (can't find any "contact" word using ctrl+F). Only found a "Support" link that refers to the same page. In my support inbox, I have the ticket that I opened at november 14, but without any reply yet. I think the only thing that left for me is hoping that they reply it someday. Well I think there are nothing you can do anymore. Thanks again for all your efforts.
  13. This sounds promising, but as I said, I'm really new to this, I don't see a download and I don't know what to do with the text in that link, If it is pretty simple where I use this, or if you could steer me toward a tutorial, that would be awesome, thanks!
  14. Player move Player is about to be pushed on v4 branch! - -
  15. I expect the answers to be a bit biased here, but for you guys that release games for both HTML5 games for playing directly in browser (both desktop and mobile ), in Facebook Instant Games and mobile games (Android / iOS), which one was the better for you? When I say better I mean: which one generated more gross revenue ? which one generated more net revenue ? which one was easier to spread your game? what's your source of revenue? Ads, in-app purchase, exclusive / no-exclusive licenses, others (please cite them) or a mix of them? Also, I'd like to know: For HTML5 games for playing in browser: what got you more revenue? Either desktop or mobile users? How many percent of users were in desktop and how many in mobile browsers? For mobile games: what platform got you more revenue? Either Android or iOS? which platform gave you more downloads? Either Android or iOS? Are you able to live just by making games? Thank you all. Notes: There is no need to disclosure your app names nor the exactly amounts. I'm considering Facebook Instant Games as a separeted category from HTML5 games to play in browser due the fact one must have its game approved by both Apple and Google and because it will run inside Facebook's site / app. I don't care whether the Android / iOS games where made using native code or tools like cordova. What matter is that your game was published on Apple Store and Play Store.
  16. Right, the option to "Edit" is not available on posts beyond a certain age (3 months?). I'd conclude that's an admin choice?
  17. I've used a few times now. Their editors are super helpful and their support team contacts you back quickly if you have questions. This site definitely allows you to get that extra help you need to turn in amazing work.
  18. Yep, I see giant <canvas> on gucci website, and pixi 4.8.6.
  19. Alternativly I'd use the effect on just some part of the website, but them seem very eager to have the entire site affected like this gucci site but they apply images using Pixi as well. Yeah, webGL is fun. Definitely working more with it! And thanks!
  20. We know that DisplacementFilter is a selling point of PixiJS for web developers, but it actually takes time to understand how it works. its 50/50 chance whether the idea imagined by web developer, who doesn't know what WebGL is, will work. In 50% of a bad chance, and then I have to consult them that "WebGL" is not just a rich <HTML> component but a huge thing with its own rules based on low-level OpenGL ES. You can't read/write pixels outside of canvas, you can't draw any html elements inside except <image> which has to be uploaded as a texture. If you're lucky, you start using WebGL, but its nothing to be ashamed of if you're not. Welcome to the forums! P. S. you'll find something good in WebGL for next client then
  21. Greetings! Here are my newest free music tracks…just released: On my Fantasy 9 page: THE FRANTIC TOY FACTORY – (Looping) – Perhaps for the title screens of a whimsical game? On my Funny 7 page: FUNKY MONSTER MISCHIEF – (Looping) – What are they up to now? And on my Puzzle Music 5 page: WINTER PUZZLES – (Looping) – Maybe for a relaxing winter-themed game? Or perhaps something else? Have a good week…and keep being creative!
  22. Okay. That's what I feared. Thank you for answers. I'll try to figure something else out for the client.
  23. Nope, not possible with PixiJS or any other WebGL/canvas2d library. You can apply SVG filter for displacement, but it'll be very slow.
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